These are bone dry times for California. Even with the recent rains, the state is still mired in one of its worst droughts in recorded history. And that spells trouble for the vast agriculture industry here. Cartoon journalist Andy Warner explains. View it as a slideshow or in full-length format below.

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SelfPortraitAndy Warner’s comic journalism has been published by Symbolia, Slate,, American Public Media, Campus Progress and more. You can see more of his work at: and

  • Christina Romero

    Your figures of *0% of water going to Agriculture are not correct. Of the 100% of water – 50% goes to the environment (rivers, streams, and wetlands) of the remaining 50% – 10 % goes to urban use and 40% goes to Agriculture. Of that 40% in the last couple of years some farmers have received 0% of their allocation and some only about 33% of the 40%. So when throwing around figures make sure they are accurate because this 80% figure that gets thrown around by the media causes a lot of problems for the people who grow your food.

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