Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from five other world powers reached a temporary agreement early Sunday with Iran on its controversial nuclear program. The deal, good for six months while a more conclusive arrangement is negotiated, is intended to curb the development of Iran’s nuclear program. In exchange, there will be an easing of international sanctions against Iran, that have long crippled its economy. Although criticized by Israel and a host other nations that remain highly skeptical of Iran’s intentions, the deal has been hailed as a historic diplomatic breakthrough, a step forward after roughly a decade of failed negotiations.

The agreement though, summed up in a detailed synopsis released by the White House this weekend, brings up more questions than it answers, namely whether or not Iran still has a right to enrich uranium (hint: depends who you ask).  Below are a series of hand-picked resources from various media outlets that help explain the agreement and where it might lead, and provide an abridged overview of Iran’s nuclear history and ambitions, and it’s very complicated relationship with the West.

1. BBC: The skinny on the deal, explained in plain English



2. NBC World News: A video synopsis

3. NY Times: An illustrated guide on the deal



4. Council on Foreign Relations: interactive presentation on Iran’s history, evolution and controversial nuclear program

Crisis Guide: Iran


5. NY Times: Timeline of Iran’s nuclear development



6. CNN: How do you enrich uranium, anyway? (Don’t try this one at home)

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