Laura Robledo

Laura Robledo studied English at UC Berkeley. When she is not reading, looking up new music, or running half marathons, she loves to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Five Activities to Stay Creative This Summer

Looking for ways to spark your creativity this summer? Check five of the greatest Art School hits, which include artists such as cartoonist Thein Pham and multimedia artist Meryl Patakay, and discover new ways to expand your creativity.

Positive Discipline Encourages Students to Work Harder

Last week, students questioned what is the most effective way teachers should address disobedience in school in our #DoNowDiscipline post. We asked students, Explain what discipline looks like at your school. Are you more likely to change your behavior after receiving negative punishment or reinforcement and rewards for taking positive steps?

Unidentified Internet Users Pose Danger

With a simple click, the internet allows us to connect with old friends from high school or maybe even research information about March on Washington for class, but could the internet also be a dangerous place? Last week, students across the nation discussed how the internet can be a useful, but also a dangerous place in our #DoNowInternet post.

Eight Helpful Videos that Explain Conflict in Ukraine

Confused about the conflict in Ukraine? Shortly after the Olympics, the crisis in Ukraine escalated to a breaking point. The media flashed images of protests in Ukraine, reported on the latest developments in Crimea and even highlighted the growing tension between Russia and America. But what exactly does it all mean? Explore these eight short … Continue reading Eight Helpful Videos that Explain Conflict in Ukraine →

Green Spaces Brighten Up Communities

Do you think green spaces are disappearing in your neighborhood? Within the past couple of weeks, students across the nation discussed the importance of creating and preserving green spaces in our #DoNowGreen post. We asked students, Are there areas in your neighborhood that could or should be transformed into green spaces? Or, are there existing green spaces that should be preserved? Take a picture of one of these spaces or simply take a picture of plant life growing in an unexpected area.

Abstract Animation with Jodie Mack

Experimental animator Jodie Mack produces colorful films that have been shown around the world. Brimming with humor and energy, her films focus on discarded materials such as fabrics, posters, photo negatives and other everyday objects that people often overlook.

A Map of Where Felons Can Vote

The United States implements the strictest felon voting laws in the world. As of 2010, the government denied 5.8 million Americans the right to vote due to criminal activity. Explore KQED’s The Lowdown’s interactive map that shows felon voting laws in each state, along with a percentage of the population in each state that has been impacted.

E-Cigarettes Need More Regulation

Within the past couple of weeks, students questioned if e-cigarettes should be regulated more by the government in our #DoNowECigs post. We asked students, Should e-cigarettes be regulated in the same way as traditional tobacco and conventional combustion cigarettes? Why or why not?

Unlimited Donations Means More Corruption

Do you think money plays a large role in politics? Last week, students discussed how much an individual could donate to political campaigns in our #DoNowCampaign post. We asked students, Is money a corrupting influence on politics, or merely an expression of free speech? Should there be limits on how much individuals and organizations can give to political candidates? Who will benefit the most or be hurt from new rules that do not limit how much money a person can give to candidates?

A Visualization of How Much It Costs to Live in California

Living in California may cost you more than you anticipated. Currently, the minimum wage in California is $8, but research shows a California resident needs to make $11/hour to pay for basic living expenses. Explore these interactive infographs created by KQED's The Lowdown, with the help of Amy K. Glasmeier, an urban planning professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that show estimated monthly costs of basic expenses and the annual income needed to afford these expenses in different households.

Graffiti is an Art Form Only in Certain Cases

Chances are you’ve spotted the bright, vibrant colors out of the corner of your eye, splashed across the wall by graffiti artists for everyone to see, but are these pieces a form of art or an act of vandalism? Within the past couple of weeks, students across the nation discussed the value of graffiti in our #DoNowGraffiti post. We asked students, Describe the graffiti you see in your community. What stands out to you about it? Take a picture of graffiti art in your town and tweet it to us with your thoughts. Is it valuable? Do you want to see more or less graffiti in your neighborhood? What makes graffiti “good” or “bad”?

An Interactive Explainer about the Minimum Wage

Is it time for a raise in America? The hotly debated question of whether or not the federal government should raise the minimum wage has reached Congress once again. In the meantime, many states and cities have taken the issue into their own hands by setting their own minimum wage.