Should water be free for everyone? In the past few weeks, students across the nation debated about whether or not water is a right or a commodity in our #DoNowWater post. We asked students, Should we consider water as a commodity, available only to those who can pay for it, or as a right, freely available to everyone to use (and to waste)? Why?

Water is one most essential resources for mankind as it provides life on earth. However, only 2.5% of the world’s water is freshwater, and most of that water exists in glaciers and ice caps. As more and more companies and individuals use water, and due to global warming, our water supply has dwindled. In fact, the drought in California may leave some cities in the state without water. As a result, this scarcity forces factories, farmers and individuals to compete for this important resource. Some argue that placing a price on water encourages people to conserve. Others, however, believe making water into a commodity will only give the wealthy an advantage.

Students discussed a wide variety of points within the last two weeks. Some students proposed that we need to pay for water to preserve our limited supply, while others argued that it’s wrong for only a select few to have access to this precious resource. However, although many expressed their concern about conserving water, the students believed that water should be a right. Everyone should have access to water, not matter their ability to pay for it.

Water is for everyone!

Students argued that water is a right, and should be easily accessible to everyone.

But we need to pay for it

Some students believed that water should be bought in order to preserve it.

Might it be both?

Other students discussed water is a right, but we still need to pay for it to conserve our limited supply.

What else can we do?

Others proposed alternative plans to regulate water.

Clean Water!

Some students focused on the importance of clean water.

Also, check out the creative animoto videos students from Coppell, Texas produced in response to #DoNowWater.
Here is just one example:

One student even created a slam poem. Check it out below.

Water is a Right for Everyone 8 March,2017Laura Robledo



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