Only the most exceptional person would dedicate their life to inspiring and empowering others. Today we shine the spotlight on the true stars, teachers. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week several members of the KQED staff wrote messages to teachers who have inspired them throughout their lives. Teacher Appreciation Week is officially coming to a close but our love and appreciation for teachers is year round. For your tireless work and unparalleled ability to inspire we say thank you!

Know a great teacher? It’s not too late to tell the world! Simply print a color version the #TeacherAppreciationWeek sign, use a marker to write a special message and take a photo. Tweet your image to @KQEDEdspace to share!

KQED Loves Teachers 9 May,2014Jamedra Brown Fleischman



Jamedra Brown Fleischman

Jamedra Brown Fleischman is the Social Media & Outreach Specialist for KQED Education. In her spare time she enjoys most things mommyhood, fashion and pop culture.

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