During the past two weeks, students across the nation discussed whether or not the government should invest their time and money into creating the Keystone XL pipeline in our #DoNowKeystone post. We asked students, Do you think the Obama administration should approve the Keystone XL pipeline? Why or Why not? What information should be considered in making this decision?

The Keystone pipeline transports oil from tar sands in Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Tar sands are a mixture of sand, clay, water and a thick form of petroleum. Recently, politicians proposed to create a new line, called the Keystone XL pipeline, from Alberta, Canada that crosses through Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska to meet up with the current pipeline in Steele City, Nebraska. As a result, environmentalist, politicians and the oil industry have been arguing about the proposed pipeline, pointing to how it will impact carbon dioxide emissions, climate change and American energy independence. Supporters state that the Keystone XL pipeline will increase jobs and reduce America dependence on oil outside North America, while others argue that the pipeline will threaten the climate and increase America’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Students tweeted back and forth about the risks and benefits of the project, often supported their opinions with news articles and memes. They discussed how Keystone XL could decrease America’s dependence on oil, but could also damage people’s health and the environment. The majority of students agreed that the health risks and damage to the environment outweigh the benefits of the project and therefore, the pipeline should not be approved by the Obama administration.

Let’s Approve it!

Some students discussed that the proposed pipeline is a good idea.

Don’t Approve it!

Other students discussed that the pipeline is a terrible idea.

Too Many Risks!

Several students argued the pipeline causes too much damage to the environment and people’s health.

Companies Looking For Profit

Many students debated that the pipeline was only a way for oil companies to get more money.

Let’s Look for Alternative Fuel Instead

Several students discussed how America should focus on finding reusable energy.

Check the amazing memes Sports Medicine students in San Francisco created in response to this week’s topic. Here are a few to look at:

Keystone XL Pipeline Will Cause More Harm Than Good 8 March,2017Laura Robledo

  • Raymond Del Colle

    “Is it too hard to go to the moon, eradicate smallpox or end apartheid? Is it too hard to build a computer that fits in your pocket? No? Then it’s not too hard to build a clean energy future, either.” http://clmtr.lt/c/FC20fz0cMJ



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