Are American workers in need of a raise? Last week, students across the country debated about whether or not the minimum wage should be increased in our #DoNowWages post. We asked students What is an appropriate minimum wage for where you live? In other words, what is the basic amount of pay per hour that a worker in your city would need to earn in order to make ends meet?

The federal government set the minimum wage at $7.25. Yet, many wonder if $7.25 is sufficient enough for people to live in America’s current economy. While Washington has been arguing about raising the federal minimum wage, 21 states have raised their minimum wages above the federal rate of $7.25. The central concern that keeps politicians debating in Washington is how the change will impact the economy. Supporters dispute that raising it will lift 900,000 people out of poverty, while opponents believe the increase will lead to 500,000 unemployed workers.

Throughout the week, students discussed the risks and benefits of raising the minimum wage. Several students explored the topic more in depth by pointing to news articles, while others created infographics to support their position. Overall, students believed that the minimum wage should be raised, depending on how much it costs to live in each city.

Raise it!

Students argued that wages should increase so families can support themselves.

But How Much?

Many proposed how much wages should be increased.

Don’t Change it

Other students argued that the minimum wage is fine as it is.

What Will Happen?

Some questioned how the raise would impact the economy.

Get Better Jobs

Others talked about how minimum wage jobs are not meant to be careers.

Let the Cities Decide

Students also argued that each city should make their own minimum wage based on living costs.

What About Your City?

Students also discussed what the minimum wage should be in their own cities.

Check out the amazing infographs students from Texas created in response to this week’s topic.

We Need A Higher Minumum Wage 8 March,2017Laura Robledo



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