Last week, students across the nation debated on what they believed causes crime, and how some cities manage it better than others in our #DoNowCrime post. We asked students Why have some American cities been so much more successful than others in reducing violent crime? Is it a result of certain policing strategies, local economic conditions, the availability of community and social services, or other less obvious factors? Has there been a change in the crime rate in your community?

In the last two decades, crime rates in America have significantly declined, especially in several urban areas. For example, crime in New York City dropped by more than 60 percent since 1995. Mayor Bloomberg, along with the chief of police, stated the drop in crime can be attributed to the controversial policing technique known as “stop-and-frisk.” However, a clear reason for the drop in crime remains unclear. Many criminologists point to a wide variety of factors, such as community strategies or demographics.

Throughout the week, students pointed to several factors that not only contribute to, but also lower crime. On the whole, most students agreed that some cities experience more crime than others based on the availability of resources such as community support, funding, education and police.

Stop and Frisk May Lower Crime, But At a Price

Several students discussed the constitutionality of this policing technique, and whether or not it actually stopped crime.

We Need More Education

Many students pointed to limited educational opportunities as one of the causes for crimes.

Unemployment Fosters Criminal Behavior

Students also argued how unemployment can encourage some to turn to criminal activity.

The Crime in My Hometown

Many students analyzed why their own towns have crime.

Crime Has Not Decreased

Students also discussed how crime has not decreased and will always be a factor in society.

Strong Law Enforcement Helps Reduce Crime

Several students discussed the importance of a police presence in the community.

We Need Support in the Community

Students stressed how crime can also be caused by how much or little support people receive.

Slam Poetry about Crime

Listen to some great slam poetry about crime by Calrie Garza and Lawson Zandi from New Tech High @ Coppell in Texas.


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