Everyone wants to leave behind a mark on the world. For the past two weeks, students discussed what they wanted to be remembered for or what ways they wished to impact the world in our #DoNowLegacy post.  We asked students If you were king or queen of the Universe, what message would you leave behind that would become your legacy for centuries to come? What are some of the major accomplishments you hope to achieve? What will you do to make the world better?

In 1879, a clay cylinder was found in Mesopotamia, inscribed with the accomplishments of “Cyrus the Great,”  the King of Persia in the 6th Century BC. Inspired by the Cyrus Cylinder exhibition, Art School featured artist Ala Ebtekar worked with students at the Asian Art Museum by asking them to discuss what they would engrave on their own Cylinder. Ebtekar, along with his uncle Ata Ebtekar, collected the recordings of students’ responses, created an audio track that was pressed onto wax cylinders, and played the responses out of a gramophone at the museum. After this one night event, Ebtekar created the cylindr.us website to continue the discussion about legacy.

Students thoughtfully discussed ways they wanted to be remembered such as creating peace in the world or making people smile. The majority of students wanted to make a positive impact on their friends and families.

Social Goals

Many students proposed specific issues that they wanted to help change for the better.

Helping the World

Other students wanted to create peace in the world.

Being Yourself

Several students discussed how they wanted to inspire others to be confident.


Some students wanted to inspire the world with their music or artwork.

Finding a Legacy

One student commented on how her legacy is yet to be discovered.


Many students wanted to be a positive role model in their family.

A Friend to All

Others discussed their dreams to make people smile and be a good friend to others.


Laura Robledo

Laura Robledo studied English at UC Berkeley. When she is not reading, looking up new music, or running half marathons, she loves to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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