Is college still worth the cost? Last week, students across the nation debated the benefits of going to college, particularly based on the current economy in our #DoNowCollege post. We asked students Given how much college costs, how much debt most students have after graduation, and how hard it is to get a good job in this economy, is college really worth it?

This past year about 23 million students were enrolled in colleges and universities in the United States, marking the highest enrollment in the country’s history. More and more students are investing their time and money in higher education in the hopes that they will have a well-paying job in the future. In fact, the College Board reports that the average difference in lifetime earnings between college graduates and high-school graduates is $800,000. However, with the growing amount of student loans for graduates and the uncertainty of getting a job after college graduation in such a tough job market, students and their families are questioning the value of going to college after all.

Throughout the week, students brought up various issues, from the intrinsic value of college to the large amount of debt many students face afterwards. Overall, students believed that going to college is still important, but something needs to be done to make it more affordable.

Affordable Education, Less Debt

Many students discussed the importance of an education, but expressed their disgust with the amount of money it costs to actually attain one.

College is Not Worth the Investment

Many students argued that college is no longer worth. It costs too much money and there is a small chance of finding a job.

College is Still Worth It

Other students argued that even with the higher tuition rates, going to college opens up more job opportunities and will pay off in the end.

College is Not for Everyone

Others discussed that students should carefully think about whether or not college is the right path for them based on what career they want to pursue and their commitment to it.

College is a Place of Opportunities

Several students discussed how going to college enriches our lives based on the opportunities that come with it.

The Importance of Education

Many students discussed that getting an education is worth the cost to obtain brighter future.

Others expressed their arguments through video such as students from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA and the Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City, UT.


Laura Robledo

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