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Why is it important for boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education? What societal problems can be caused by an inequality in educational opportunities? Do you think there is inequality in educational opportunities in America? If so, what do they look like?


In many places around the world, boys and girls receive different and unequal opportunities to pursue an education. The inequality of opportunity typically has major consequences for these societies, and the individual women and men who live in them.

Research shows that educating girls has a ripple effect on their families and societies. The World Bank reports that for every extra year of education, girls’ wages can increase 20 percent. Education also helps to lower rates of child marriage and reduce birth rates, both of which have lasting positive impacts on girls’ lives.

Last year, 14-year-old Pakistani student Malala Yousafzai was targeted and shot by radical Taliban militants while on her school bus. Malala was a youth blogger for the BBC advocating girls education in her native Pakistan, and continued to go to school despite a Taliban ban outlawing women’s education.

Malala made a full recovery, and has since used her newfound fame to highlight the discrimination that girls often face when seeking an education in the developing world, and why girls’ education is so essential to the health of a society.

People of color and women have faced similar discrimination getting an education in the United States. A major cornerstone of the civil rights movement was desegregating schools in order to make sure white and black students were receiving the same opportunities for success.

In the United States today, all children have the right to a public education, but inequities in schooling still exist. What does education and inequality look like where you live?


PBS NewsHour video Malala says assassination threats can’t weaken her cause
Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani schoolgirl, became well-known in 2009 when she wrote a series of published diary articles about the right to education, especially for girls. Last October, in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan, a Taliban gunman shot Yousafzai in the head and neck while she was riding a school bus. But the assassination attempt failed, and since then she has not stopped her campaign for all children to attend school. Despite new threats on her life by the Taliban, Yousafzai is not deterred. “Now I’m living a second life. And God has given me this new life for the cause of education,” Yousafzai said to NewsHour chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner in an interview Friday.

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More Resources

The Malala Fund video I Am Malala (Official Music Video)
The Malala Fund is the official organization led by Malala Yousafzai focused on helping girls go to school and raise their voices for the right to education. This song and video is NOT politically motivated or meant to take sides with any given country or ideology. It is not meant to support US policy nor was the US government involved in any way in its creation. It is in support of Pakistan and education throughout the world. Specifically, it is simply young artists coming together from around the world with a positive message of education and peace for all.

PBS NewsHour Extra article 8 Top Resources for Teaching Girls’ Empowerment in The Developing World
October 11 is International Day of the Girl, and the PBS NewsHour is celebrating by interviewing Malala Yousafzai, a courageous young advocate for girls’ education from Pakistan’s Swat Valley. Religious extremists in her homeland use violent tactics to prevent girls from going to school. Last year, Malala was shot in the head when men boarded her school bus and asked for her by name. She recovered and is now a worldwide symbol for girls’ empowerment through education.

NPR radio segment Malala Yousafzai: A ‘Normal,’ Yet Powerful Girl
“I think Malala is an average girl,” Ziauddin Yousafzai says about the 16-year-old Pakistani girl who captured the world’s attention after being shot by the Taliban, “but there’s something extraordinary about her.”

KQED Do Now is produced in collaboration with PBS NewsHour Extra. This post was written by Allison McCartney of PBS NewsHour Extra.

Is There a Gender Gap in Education? 8 March,2017Matthew Williams

  • Brooke P.

    I don’t think there’s a huge gap in America, but there definitely is in other countries. There will always be things that’s guys can do better than girls, and girls can do better than boys. But all together it’s pretty equal. It would be interesting to see us have a female president one day though.

    • Natalie

      I agree.



  • Jayson McGaughy

    I don’t think this is a problem in America and according to this does not seem to be the case either. Also, based on the chart by 2019 there will be 3 women in a college classroom for every 2 men.

  • Markus J

    I feel that an education gap is present in countries such as pakistan. Along with many other places around the world. However what I don’t agree with is that we (as humans) should focus only on female rights. Things are far too divided as is. You have too many people advocating for to many issues. Which causes for messages like Malala”s message to get washed out

  • Fernando Gonzalez

    I don’t think there is inequality in educational opportunities in America because everybody receives the same opportunities in schools. Some people might be treated differently but this shouldn’t be the excuse to say that there are inequalities. What I think is that kids should start taking school more seriously instead of doing stuff that will not help them in the future. That way people start to see that it’s not that there are INEQUALITIES schools but that kids aren’t taking advantage of their educational opportunities.

  • Michelle Dwyer

    In America as far as I’m a where of we don’t have any inequality in schools. Everyone on America like I said as far as I’m a where of have equal education rights.

  • Andrew Johnson

    In the United States, there is little to no inequality-related issues in schools across. This may be due to how American culture is generally accepting of differences, such as in gender and race. However, in some other countries, such as Pakistan, for example, this is not the case. Pakistani culture seems based more on traditional customs, with mostly males taking part in important matters, such as government and education. Women are designated to occupations that are menial, like housekeeping. Even though equality seems like the better alternative to traditional values, it will take a long time for this message to spread throughout other countries. Even the United States had to go through this.

  • charmaine mcdowel

    In America as far as I’m a where of we don’t have any inequality in long as they get there education rights

  • Miles Orozco

    I am pro-education, for everyone. However there are some countries that do not allow people to get educated, women in particular. In America there is little to no education gap. In America, everyone, by law is required to attend school until a certain age. Whether they are learning or not is the school fault, however in other second and third world countries, like Pakistan for example, it is against certain religion traditions for women to be taught. They like to live more traditionally where the woman is entirely dependent on the man. If the woman learns, and becomes educated, she becomes independent and will not require extra assistance. For this reason alone they do not educate women. yes women should be educated, but it will take a while for rules to change, if they will change at all.

  • Bruce Wang

    I think we all have our own right to be educated. But there are some countries do not allow girls to go to school, they think that girls must learn how to be a housewife instead of being educated, it’s not right. I agree with Malala but the Taliban government want their society to be stable and don’t let Malala to speak our her own opinion. It’s not fair and it’s not humanity. Malala doesn’t afraid of the policy but she has to go to a school which is far away from her home. I respect her a lot.

    • cristian

      I agree but we should still try

  • Caitlyn

    @KQEDedspace Guys and girls should have equal rights because some girls my be better at something’s then boys are, or the boys can be better at other things than girls #DoNowMalala

  • adugan

    Here in the United States, educational opportunities are available for both men and women. This has been true for quite some time, but there used to exist a large discrepancy in the number of men and women attending university. In the past few decades we have seen this change, with more women now attending college than men. However, there still exists a gender gap – a gap in the STEM field of science, technology, engineering, and math. These important fields lack a presence of women. Many experts speculate this gap is caused by discouragement starting at a very young age. Boys play with legos and people assume girls aren’t interested in playing with similar tinker toys. Boys and girls take even amounts of math and science in high school surveys show, but somehow in the transition to university, girls flock away from STEM fields. Many say they don’t think they could succeed in such fields, although high school preparation proves otherwise.

  • Maliha M

    there is definitely a gender gap in our society. They are mostly apparent in third world countries and regions who are not supported by a strong government. America fortunately does not have to deal with this but that doesn’t mean we haven’t dealt with gender gaps before. We will always have a gender issue but it can be easily fixed with the right intentions and tools. malala is a brave representative for girls worldwide and i completely agree with the fact that we are all born with the right to be educated.

  • Nick M

    It is important for both boys and girls to receive education because gender has no effect on intellectual capabilities, and people from either gender can bring something to improve society. If there is gender inequality within a nation’s school system, that means there is a large portion of a population without the education necessary to pursue a career, earn and generate money to reinforce the economy; gender inequality can make a devastating impact on the economy. Lastly, I do not see gender inequality in America’s education system so much as racial inequality. We believe that just because we have a diverse population, we no longer have racism in the U.S. As said in an article by Suzanne Gamboa on the Huffington Post, “If attitudes and behaviors don’t change, demographics will just mean we’ll have a majority population that is low-income, improperly educated, disproportionately incarcerated with greater health disparities.” Demographics don’t need to change, American culture needs to change.

  • Amanda Snyder

    In the United States, men and women have the right for education and to go to school. In countries such as Pakistan and many others, education is banned for women. I think that education and the right to go to school should be given to everyone, whether your black, white, or a women. Malala is a very brave and courageous girl, who stood up for what she believed in. As we know, Pakistan is a very dangerous country, and for her to speak out like her father did, is a very brave move on her part. This kind of gender gap has been going on for a long time and still continues. I think that Malala is doing the right thing. As she said, the threats and the things that people are saying against her won’t make her stop. I am very excited and happy that someone like her and at such a young age spoke up and is such a big impact on people. GO MALALA!!

  • Abbie M.

    In the US, it is apparent that there is equal education opportunity for all. Although some choose to not take advantages of these opportunities, they are present. This is not the case in most third world countries though. It is ingrained in many societies that women are somehow below men and do not deserve an education. As Malala Yousafzai advocates, there is no religious basis for this gap, or at least in Islamic countries there is not. Therefore, it is the responsibility for the US and other educationally savvy countries to support that advocation of equal education and even offer opportunities for eager students to study abroad.

    • Colman

      That is exactly right to me.

  • Brandon C

    After watching Malala I’ve realized how fortunate I am to live where I do. Here in the US, gender gaps in educational are almost nonexistent (at least on the surface). This is true for almost any developed first world country. Therefore it should be our job to prevent things like gender inequality in other places who don’t have the benefits of strong, centralized government. Simply talking about it doesn’t help. I’m sure we can all agree there is such thing as gender inequality after listening to Malala, what matters is how we respond and handle it.

    • Esme

      I agree. It is important to realize how lucky we are and how fortunate we are for people like Malala in this world.

    • Daniel Bautista

      Yes, I very much agree with this. however sometimes mission with good intentions can have rather…unfortunate results. There are some who have pointed out that while others will need help, sometimes we change more than what is good, a slower pace in changing things must be taken for equal rights or benefits for others to workout. I know I just wrote that comment above Brandon’s, but I also know a pretty good example of what I’ve just explained as well: To Hell with Good Intentions, by Ivan illich.

      • Katie W-S

        (Lynn K.’s English 1 class) I agree. Daniel made a good point though. Sometimes people take helping too far. I still think it’s good to do what you can to help the world, though. We really are fortunate to have a good, equal education when others don’t. I think most people are generally just very unaware of the inequality still going on in the world, and Malala is trying to spread the awareness so something can be done about it. We should just be grateful for what we have, and try to help those who don’t have the same opportunities we do.

        • Daniel Bautista

          Thank you. To clarify, I was talking about how aid should be given slowly and carefully, as not to disrupt the daily lives and cultures of the people you are trying to help.

        • Marisa

          That is a very great point Katie. Most people form the us probably don’t know what is going on with school equality in other places(not just where Malala is from).

        • Kobe Hutchinson

          The problem is, we can not help them as much as we want to do. Blood will be shed, Al Qaeda doesn’t joke about their culture. They will fight us to the end of the earth.

      • MaggieS_


        I think its good for everyone to get a education because it gives us an opportunity to achieve what we want. Your right Daniel, Things that people think are good can go bad. In malala’s case she was doing something great but had unfortunate results.We mad a video for class that kinda talks about education and malala.

        Boys and girls sometimes don’t get the same treatment i think we have all been there before. I think that we all deserve the same respect no matter what our sex is. With out educated females or males there would be a very bias view point. When men ruled colonial times things were very one sided because the women didn’t know much because of the lack of education. I honestlly think america is not perfect at haveing a sexist education system but its better than some places. We all have the same opertunity no matter your sex. Im glad that i have the previlage to go to school.

        • Brandon C

          Although I quite agree with your statements that girls and boys have equal opportunity at education in the US some of the things you’ve said are somewhat contradictory. You say that America has an imperfect sexist education, yet you also state that boys and girls have the same education. Could you elaborate please?

    • Gian

      GianS_Per2_BoydBence I agree with you, Brandon. We don’t take the time to think on how lucky we are to have an education. Boys and girls need to have equal education opportunities, because everyone should be treated as equals. If someone wants an education, whether it be a boy or girl, they should have the right. There is gender inequality for education around the world. Others might not be able to afford good education, some don’t have access to a school, and some are discriminated for being women or their religion. There are lots of societal problems with gender inequality, and Malala was informing the world about the growing problems with education. I don’t think that there are any gender inequality for education in America, but there are more gender inequalities for other things than education.

    • Christian H.

      Per 4 BoydBence
      But we also have to look at this at a deeper level. Children, boys and girls should have equal opportunity in the world. The world needs new minds people who are creative so that the world can move foreword in innovation and success. When children and people can’t acquire the proper education it affects the future greatly. People who could become great thinkers and inventors people who could send the world down an amazing path could never even come to light and the world could miss out on dozens of things. So when looking at America and other democratic-republic nations we see that we have many opportunities that others don’t. But not even we are perfect. Our nation is inhibited by poverty, which plays a major role in our nations values which we are trying to fix. It will be some time before this issue is fixed and it will inhibit us in the future. But we will keep trying to fix .

      • Michelle Stukey

        I agree with Brandon C. Its important for boys and girls to receive equal learning opportunities in education because if in their future they want to have a job, but only boys were educated to do that job then that wouldn’t be fair to girls. It also works the other way around with girls only being educated for a certain job, and if a boy wanted to do that job, but didn’t receive the same education . Everyone should have the same job opportunities so they would need the same education opportunities as well. I do not believe that there is any inequality in education in America. I believe that everyone in America has the same education and job opportunities. If you have a good education then you have a good chance making it into a good college, then once you go to college you can get a job, buy a house, and have a family. If someone does not have a good education then they wont have good grades, not get into a good college.

  • davidjenny

    In my opinion the gender gap depends on the country. In America I don’t see a gap in education; I know girls who are smarter then me and are in harder classes. On the contrary I know girls who aren’t as smart therefore are in easier classes. But I think you would have to be an idiot to state there is no contest that in countries like Pakistan have a gap between genders. Saying it’s only a gap is an understatement. If you have someone trying to stick up for her education resulting in multiple assassination attempts I would say that people might not want to fix the gap.

  • Natalie

    I think Malala is a great inspiration. She really opened my eyes to the fact of how lucky I am to have a good education.

  • RS

    I think it is important that women get education because it lets women get better jobs.

    • Alex


  • Alex

    I think it is important because otherwise there is inequal income


    I think boys and girls are equal in the U.S.. Malala is a amazing girl god bless you

  • Hyunwoo

    It is important for boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education because it is unfair for one gender to have more power and priority and there may be a rebellion like in this situation. Right now, I don’t think there is inequality in America and the unfairness has been solved in America.

  • cristian

    I believe Malala is going to try to make a difference but right now its really hard to change her country.

  • Taylorr

    I think that it’s very important for boys and girls to get the same education because we are all equal, And we should all have the same opportunities.

  • Lauren

    I’m happy that Malala is standing up for what she believes in!

  • otto

    i think if women are not educatd than they can not put their opinion in to our sociaty… thats our loss.

  • jy

    Education equality is vital and 100% needed in any circumstance. The more people you have, the more skillsets you get and this is important in life today. Education is a human right and no one should be stopped from it.

  • Riya

    I think that it is very important for girls and boys to get a proper education because everybody deserves an equal right to learn. If this continues, no girls will be allowed to work, and still will not be able to have any respect. This is all a cycle, and it needs to stop.

  • Natalie C.

    The problem with things like “Girl’s aren’t worthy of a better education” is that the girls will start to believe it. This could be a serious self’esteem issue too.

    • Riya

      I definitely agree with you!

  • Esme

    It is important for both genders to have equal rights in education because they have equal ability to do things and learn. Problems with society like terroists will lower self esteem and cause other people to agree with them out of fear. I fell like in the US, there is not a big problem with that

  • Nick Welch

    It is important that both genders go school so that society is equally smart and caring.This is what is happening in the US.

  • Maya

    The world was ruled by men from the beginning and even today, men overpower women. There should be no reason why it is like this, and what Malala did was something many girls wish they could have done themselves, stand up for quality and women’s rights. In the future, women may be the stronger gender, but if we aren’t given the chance, it won’t happen.

  • Tessa

    It is important for girls and boys to get equal education opportunities because we learn life lessons in school as well as math and stuff. We all need the same educational opportunities so we can all grow and learn to be better people.

  • Stan

    I think that everybody boy or girl should get an equal right to education. I am very lucky living here in Palo Alto, having never witnessed inequality or segregation.Girls are just as smart as boys, and in some cases, smarter. Malala stood up for what she believed, knowing the dangers of doing so she still kept on walking, refusing to go down. Recently she was shot in the head and neck and somehow miraculously survived. Even after this incident, she keeps standing up for what she believes is right, even thought she knows she and possibly her family are targets.

    • Ellie

      I agree and don’t say the city you live in

  • Ellie

    I think that it is very important that both boys and girls receive the same educations. Even if there were just two separate schools, one for boys and one for girls, the boys would probably receive a higher education. There should always be mixed gender schools, so that both genders have a chance to achieve the same things and get the same income. I don’t think that we face this problem very much anymore where I live, because all races are treated the same. The school accounts for everyone, no matter what there race or wealth, and makes sure that there is a way for them to achieve the same amount of learning as everyone else. Any countries that haven’t already should strive to achieve this.

    • Stan

      I agree, not matter what gender or race, everyone should have equal rights

      • Ezra


  • Teagan Felt

    I think every boy and girl should have an equal right to go to school, like they do in the US.

    • Ezra

      You said it.

  • Ezra

    If kids don’t have education then they won’t have the opportunity to live and equal life. Luckily I don’t see many inequality problems in America, and I hope we don’t!

  • Milli Lu

    I think that the taliban people are really evil. they shoot people and shut down schools for personal gains and threaten those who oppose them.

  • Llewnosuke

    School is one of the most important things we have ever created, for education is the root of many things humans do today. With out school humans would not have a lot of things to day and the more people learn the smarter “Earth” will become and we need as many people learning as we can and if only boys went to school we would be missing a lot of things today in our normal life

    • Milli Lu


    • Llewnosuke

      The fact that america has both boys and girls at school is best.

    • Tyler Peery

      couldn’t’ve said it better (couldn’t’ve should be be a word)

    • Daniel-Pablo

      Well said.

  • Tyler Peery

    Education inequality is completely unfair and there is no reason to have inequality because peoples gender and race are uncontrollable.

  • Christina

    Just because someone is a boy does not mean that they are better than a girl. If you ignore what everyone looks like on the outside, and just see who they are inside, we are all equal. We deserve equal opportunities. No one should be able to say that one person can go to school and another person can’t based on their gender. I hope Malala can get her message through.

    • Soumya

      Well said.

  • ellie

    I agree with Malala it is so important for both girls and boys to get and education. This way we can all get jobs and share our ideas and knowledge. Without girls being educated we wouldn’t be able to be aware and understand the things and problems around us, or be able to help fix them. I think there is equality of education in America, all children have the opportunity to go to school and learn.

    • Christina

      I agree. Lots of great things have been made and done by girls.

  • Vivian

    It is important for boys AND girls to recieve education so that we can learn, understand, and discover new things. I think that there is an inequality in american education, the middle class or lower class families cannot afford good tutoring or houses in highly educated places such as palo alto and end up having to send their kids to a school that has less experienced, and less caring teachers.

    • Ashlyn

      Very true.

    • Allison

      I agree.

    • Micah Loebs

      MicahL_Per2_BoyBence I agree that there are gaps in America’s education for underprivileged kids, but compared to other countries, I feel we have a good situation. We at least have gender equality in schools here, so half of our country isn’t uneducated, be thankful for that. It is important for us to focus on educating the poor children, because if we make uneducated adults no one will be able to do important jobs and make money, creating more poor children and eventually it will severely hurt the entire country economically. Just something to consider.

  • Gerank Fok

    It should be very important for both boys and girls to get an education anywhere in the world, rich or poor. These kinds of inequalities can create stereotypes, sexism, and all other types of problems. And I think that there are maybe a few problems with educational problems in this country. One example that I have is that college tuitions are extremely and overly high. That’s kinda like saying “YOU’RE POOR GET OUT OF MY SCHOOL”, and that’s really not fair to anyone. But hey at least the education in the US is a lot better from a few hundred years ago where only boys went to school for a long time and girls only went to school for a few years to learn about cooking, kniting, etc.

  • Jasper Wu

    I think it is right that people should get equal amount of things. We need to get more opportunities to people like slaves. This is still happening in the U.S. right now!

  • Saki M.

    It is important for boys and girls to both receive education because gender doesn’t matter when it comes to learning. Girls can learn just as well as boys, and it is a waste to not let them go to school.

  • Nathan

    Fortunately, there are no gender gaps in education here in the U.S.. I think it is important that both genders both get shots at education, because one person, boy or girl might have the most brilliant mind of the century. However, their life-changing ideas might go unheard if they are not properly educated. Also, gender discrimination might lead to a government biased toward boys or girls, and that would overthrow our Constitutional rights, or other governments’ written laws.

  • Francis P

    I think boys and girls should receive equal education because everyone should be equal despite their gender. Education leads to better jobs in the future so everyone should be able to get education.

  • Kiran

    I believe that education is the most key part of living the american dream and life. Everything nowadays depends on being able to learn and to have a certain knowledge set.Take for example, we couldn’t have surgeons if they first didn’t learn the anatomy first. I also do believe that there is educational bias in the U.S. poorer people may be forced to leave school early to help earn money. I believe that education is a basic human right and cannot be denied, just like healthcare.

  • aviv

    it’s important for kids to get education because otherwise they would turn to crime and poverty. Equal education is also important because otherwise the uneducated would be abused by the educated

  • Ashlyn

    It’s important for boys and girls to get equal opportunities in education for any community to do well. Girls are just as smart as boys, but if you don’t educate them, you’re wasting a lot of potential. You’re also giving boys and men the idea that they’re better, which can lead to tyrants which isn’t good at all.

  • PK

    Girls should be able to go to school and get education just like what the boys get to do. When only boys get to have education we only hear from them and we only get to hear what decisions they have for our community or state, When there are girls that can help in this world but they do not have any education to help the world and it is really unfair to those that do not get there share of education. There could be a problem that could change our lives but the girl that could help us fix that doesn’t know because she doesn’t have enough education.

    • Samantha

      I agree, girls can have a better, or different point of view, and having different ideas is always good.

    • Evan B.


    • Taylor


      Girls should have an equal education because many girls have thoughts and ideas that could change the world but don’t have the means to do so. Without educating everyone the cycle of women being looked down upon and not having equal opportunities will continue across the world. In America everyone has a right to a good education, but in some areas the schools are not up to the standards they should be.

  • Daniel-Pablo

    Equality in not just education is always important and should be there. however, sometimes its not and we need to find a way to fix that.

    • Saki M.

      i agree

  • Abby

    It is definitely important that girls are educated. In Pakistan, girls are taught to be housewives and learn religion. That is good to know, but they should be educated too. Having girls be educated in the gender-biased places could potentially increase their wages by 20% with every extra year of school! Also, the rates of child-marriage and teen moms could lower for more population control.

  • Daniel Bautista

    Malala is a truly inspiring person with a brave heart and a strong mind. She has braved the worst and survived the extreme, and now she is an inspiration to millions across the planet. Education is commonly taken for granted here in the USA, and admittedly I can sometimes be charged guilty of taking it as so as well. Yet, it is a privilege, one that all humans have a right to have. They deserve to be allowed to go to school and learn about the world around them. If knowledge makes the world go ’round, then why not make it go a little faster?

  • Charlotte

    I do not believe that there is a gender gap in America, from my perspective. However, across the globe I believe without a doubt, a gender gap in education. There are far fewer opportunities for women than men, and that must be addressed. For that I believe that Malala is a great example. 🙂

  • Patrick

    I belive that her vision is right because I am a person who belives in equal rights to everyone in the world and our country.

    • Charlotte

      Really!?!? That is all that you have to say???? Wow…

      • Bridget

        said the person who hasn’t posted a comment about the article yet…

  • Justin

    In my opinion, it’s absurd why she got shot. Maybe people might of disagreed, but it shows violence, and also further raises their reputation of violence.

    • Ethan N

      You’re forgetting, these are radical religeous terrorists we’re talking about. If they think someone else is wrong, for all intents and purposes they are.

  • Leela

    It is important that boys and girls alike should have an equal chance to make a change in their society and have the same opportunities to do what they want. Girls are often still thought of as the housewives or the cooks, but what if it were to be flipped? It is true in some cases that men are better fit for jobs, but in terms of education, it is about equal. Today, some Ivory league colleges have a higher percentage of girls than boys. This shows how equal both genders are. As far as inequality in America, I don’t think there is any, at least in our area (Palo Alto). There is an option for private school for wealthier families but anyone who wants to can go to school and not have to worry about educational opportunity.

    • Sofia

      I completely agree

      • David

        I also agree

    • TrinityS_Per3_BoydBence

      I find this very accurate, and I agree. There have been many woman who have made a change in this world, and they have been right to do so. With this changing world, it’s important that we keep up. And without everyone helping out, that could cause several problems, some of which being the limit of women’s social abilities. And even in America, sometimes I feel that there may be some limits in learning if a school is exclusively girls or boys. Aside from that, I think that we are on the right path. Attached is a Prezi about Malala’s Journey and Goal.

  • ujwal

    Boys and girls are equal, therefore they should both get an equal education. In society, problems can occur if there is social inequality. For example, over population and illiteracy can happen.

  • Bridget

    Although I believe Malala is right and girls should have equal education rights, the people in the Taliban are also expressing their own opinions. I think that if they didn’t express them in such a violent and unreasonable way, people would listen better.

    • Ethan N

      The Taliban isn’t expressing an opinion, they’re forcing their morals onto everyone else. If you express yourself, don’t force people to follow you, especially not violently.

  • Asia

    I think that they need to let the girls have more power just in general. By not letting the girls get an education and a stable foundation on what they would be able to do (job wise) means that they will need to rely on their husbands or men. One reason why the divorce rate has gone up the past few years in California is because girl and women feel capable on relying on themselves. Many women don’t get out of bad relationships because they don’t have anywhere to go and not enough money to do it. All in all, I think they should give girls as fair and good education as boys.

    • Charlotte

      I think equal education is important, but shouldn’t be used as a crutch.

  • Lucas

    There is definately a education gap in america. Girls can get a way higher education in amercia since there are lots of private girl schools that have higher paid teachers and a smaller ratio of students to teachers

    • Bridget

      That isn’t necessarily true. There are also boys schools. Also, boys are more advanced in engineering, math and other similar subjects.

    • Charlotte

      Really Lucas?

  • Zach

    Everybody should have equal access to education weather they want it or not. Education will enable a better and brighter future for the world. In Pakistan, not everybody has the same access to education, and there is a particular prejudice against women. In the United States, luckily, this problem is non-existent.

  • Galileo

    It is important to be equal because otherwise boys will think they are better than girls and there will be problems. I don’t think this problem is in america very much, though

    • Guest

      I agree with you

  • Ryan E

    It is very important for people to have the same education. If they dont, people will not be able about their views in an educated way. If people are not educated, the other gender might treat them as a lower class than they are.

  • Sofia

    Giving equal education to boys and girls is very important because men and women are equal. In the US the are gender inequalities, we have never had a women president, and some schools are not co-ed. Girls should have equal salary as men. Also, educated women will have more opportunities.

    • Paloma

      I never though about it that way, but I agree with you. We have never had a women president and quite a few schools aren’t co-ed.

  • Zharit

    its important that the girls get an education and get the same rights as the boys we are all equal!

    • Charlotte

      *coughs* PUNCTUATIONNNNN

  • Kamala

    I don’t think that there is gender inequality in educational opportunities in America. However, there is inequalities all around the world. I think that is was completely unfair for her to get shot just because she stood up for female education.

  • Soumya

    I think that EVERYONE deserves an equal education. Everyone thinks differently and without the opinions of women, our society loses more potential. Without education opportunities, our world will collapse.

  • carlos

    it is important that every one get education because it will affect there hole life.

  • Meera

    I think that it is very important that girls should receive just as much education and access to schools as boys do. I didn’t realize that there was such a big gap between girls and boys getting education in Pakistan. I know that here in the US, most of us get to go to school and get educated. After listening to Malala, I have learned that many of the girls in her hometown couldn’t go to school because socistal problems like poverty and inequality.

  • Mia Gerson

    i think that the government should let girls have an education than not be educated at all and don’t know anything that’s like math,reading,writing and music if they don’t have those then they couldn’t do great things like use music and speak a different language.Plus the government doesn’t like girls have much knowledge than men.

  • Henry Zhu

    It’s strange that different people can have completely different interpretations of the holy Koran. The Taliban thinks it means male supremacy while Malala belIves it means equality for all. I would like to the the excerpt that they are debating over because it must be a very interesting passage to be interpreted as polar opposites. Malala is so admirable, she is not afraid of the threats the Taliban are making and continues to fight for what she believes in. She is very well-spoken and so much more mature than her age would imply. I think in our modern age of science people should not people because of religious reasons, and not use religion as a justified of inequality and government policy. I think the Taliban will regret threatening Malala, and I think based on our historic background women will eventually gain the right to go to school and other rightsr that they do not currently have.

  • Dianna Urzua

    For years women has received not enough opportunities in education and the work force. During the most recent years more opportunities has risen up for women but still not enough to fill that gap. Its important for both boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education because it help give equal opportunities in life for both genders. Both in social class and in the work force are effected by education opportunities. If a girl received the equal opportunity like any other guy they will have more chance of a future. It will help them especially to bring the birth rate down. I believe there is inequality in educational opportunities in America because after they finish college most likely a guy will get a job and a promotion.

  • David

    I think it’s important to have equal education for both boys and girls. I don’t think there is inequality in America except for the Civil War. This cause the North to stop slavery causing the South to attack and the Civil War started. If there is an inequality in the U.S, this can cause people to go on strike and cause the economy to sink.

    • Alvin Dean

      I really think that is true because America does make it harder for girls to get an equal education because girls want to learn as much as boys so America should at lest give them a chance to that’s why i really did like what Malala did so lots of love to Malala

    • JoelR_Per 3_BoydBence

      I agree with you but i want to bring up a new point…

      Boys and girls need education because both genders have opportunity to make an innovation. Like Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper. Both genders need an opportunity because maybe they might invent something in the future. Many problems have emerged because of education like the most reason one about Malala. America has come a long way starting with the change from the civil war. Now many different people can attend the same school.


      I am Malala:

    • Kobe Hutchinson

      There is not much discrimination to girls in education in the US, but there is plenty right after, when women are trying to get careers

  • Samantha

    I think it is important for girls to get educated because, girls are capable of things boys do, and I think they can do a better job even. It is prejudice to say that boys are better then girls.

  • Robert Vetter

    Boys and girls should receive equal education because they can get a good job and help the community they live in. Not very many problems will come with educated people, but those people could help fix those problems. I don’t think we have had inequality in education in the US since segregation has been abolished.

  • William c

    I think that Woman should be educated because they have rights too and they are equal to men. we are all people and gender shouldn’t change that. people are the same and it makes no sense to stop education.

    • Eric

      oops i did a typo stuff

  • Colman

    With more education there is more opportunities that we have more technology from smarter minds or new ways for everything to be better. In some ways girls are better then guys, and in some ways guys are better then girls, It’s really an equal situation.

    • ClaireB_period2_BoydBence

      And also girls and boys will learn more, but only if they have a fear opportunity to attend school.

    • Emily

      I agree with this statement. Not everyone is going to be equal. Someone is always going to be better than you. But that doesn’t exactly have anything to do with gender. Some things, girls are better at, & other things, boys are better at. I agree that it is equal.

      Although, It is very important that all genders get equal eduction because if we have equal education maybe we could be equally good at things. Not that some people being better is a terrible thing, for it creates diversity in our society.

      If we don’t all have equal education then it would probably create sexist remarks claiming the male sex better.

      I don’t think there is too much of education gaps relating to gender. I think the only thing is really the sexist jokes. Nothing really relating to education.

  • Paloma

    It is important for girls and boys to receive not just education, but equal rights in general. If you think about it, there had been so much done for women by women activists in the US – in 1920 women got to vote – but there is still much to be done in the rest of the world. Malala is one of the people who is fighting for what is right. Her society is one of the extremes of social unjust, the US, I believe, still has that, but less extreme. In education, I think that there is not as much inequality, but it is still there, and still a problem.

  • Eric

    I think that the pakistan terrorists are wrong because they are just following their own opinion and using “religion” as an excuse to show they are right.

  • Evan B.

    I think that it is important for both boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education because everyone should be equal. People should not be discriminated against because of stuff that they didn’t decide such as their gender. Many societal problems can be caused by inequalities in education such as: men getting higher pay than women. This is a problem because women will be more likely to stay in a bad relationship, so that they can get the money that they couldn’t earn themselves because of their gender. In my country, America, there is hardly any gender gap in education, but there are gaps in education because of the amount of money that people have. Poorer people sometimes get less of an education because they are more concerned with supporting their family than education. On the contrary, people with more money tend to concentrate more on their educations. People with less education usually get low-paying jobs such as fast-food workers. This traps people with lower pay with less education forever because they stay poor. Overall, I agree with Malala on her stand-point on the gender gap in education in Pakistan.

  • Sebastian

    The United Nations should definitely do something about this. In general women’s right needs to be enforced in many other countries.

  • Javid

    It is important for people to get education so everyone has a fair chance at good jobs. If you don’t have a good job it is much harder to live a good life. If everyone gets education then everyone will have a fair chance.

  • Dylan

    I think that there is a lot of gender equality in Jordan, but not everywhere.

  • naomi

    Girls and boys should be able to have an educated life because girls and boys should have the equal to learn things and not just have boys learn and not have girls learn anything. Yes and No some places in the USA don’t have equal opportunities there is an equal opportunities in Palo Alto because if there wasn’t I wouldn’t be here to learn in school. At Jordan Middle School it looks like there is equal boys and girls to be able to learn.

  • Sebastian

    The worst part, is that the Taliban is using “religion” as an excuse to get support and commit violence.

  • Sam

    I think it is really important for women to be educated. They could save the country, or the world. What if Obama had to make a decision that would determine the fate of the country. A woman could advise him to make the right choice and save the U.S.A

  • Mele Kailahi

    It is very important that both boys and girls get equal amount of education. It is like without a woman and a man you can’t reproduce. Women have different abilities that are needed everywhere and if we can’t get that opportunity to get equal amount of education, then men can’t discover what women have in mind that can be much more useful. Women deserve as much education as men.

  • Rebecca

    I think it is important because both girls and boys have a great impact in a country’s society. It will be harder for girls to communicate and live in the public. Here in the United States, every thing is fair and look at the amazing country we’ve created. I think it is very important for girls to go to c=school and have the same rights as boys.

  • Ryan

    IT is important for both boys and girls to get education because if one gender dose not get the same opportunity’s they they are relaying on the other gender for every thing there is a little of this in the us but its agenst the non welthy people

  • Emily

    It is important for boys and girls to have an education because there is no difference between the genders. People think women are just for cleaning up around the house but they can do so much more. Girls can be just as educated if they get the same amount of a learning oppertunity. I across our would we do have a gender gap because there are way more jobs for men than for women

  • Philippe

    It is important for everyone to get education opportunities because it helps eradicate ignorance which is an oppressor’s greatest ally. In the United States there is equal opportunity for both genders which helps keep the U.S. rational.

  • Grace Rowell

    I think its important for both girls and boys to have an education and girls have chances to have the same opportunities as boys. Although there isn’t much of a gender and education gap in America, it IS a raging problem in other countries. Malala is a great example for girls who don’t get to have an education. She doesn’t simply talk about it in just her country, she makes it a definite topic in the world today.

  • Allison

    I think it is important that girls get equal rights in education because there is nothing worse about one or the other. Girls aren’t any worse than boys and can learn just as well.

  • Alyssa

    it is very important because so what if there is a different gender, it doesn’t matter. Girls and boys should be able to go to school. If this continues then it will just be the civil rights movement all over again!!!

  • Kristy L.

    I think it’s important to be equal for boys and girls because life isn’t fair and have to try to accept people for that receive equal education. Girls always work hard while the men relax.

  • sean.leonard

    Equality in Education is important, and I’m glad the U.S. has this. It is a shame that some countries don’t have that equality, but at the same time, it took a while for the U.S. to get to that point too. In a way, the U.S. is no more invested in equality then being ahead of the curve. This is in no way a bad thing, but it gets you thinking doesn’t it?

  • Alex M

    Everyone deserves equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. Educated people help better this world with their knowledge, and being forcefully uneducated just forces them into a worse life as well. There is no reason or excuse to say certain people don’t deserve equal educations. The same opportunities need to be available for all.

  • Nikki J.

    There needs to be equal education for all. If more people are educated then the economy and nation prosper because there are more educated people to take up more jobs. In America, I believe we do have equal educational opportunities yet sometimes men get better jobs just because they are men. Once gender barriers are broken down, I believe that worldwide we can eliminate gender barriers if we educate everyone and not just the men. Here Malala speaks on the Jon Stewart show.

  • Jasmine Masih

    It is important for boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in educating because I honestly do believe that God created us equally. Problems that can be caused by an inequality in educational opportunities would be regressing the women’s rights movement. I do not the there is inequality education wise in America. However, I do believe in the occupation environment there should be more equality! This article that I have linked shows the impact Malala had on the world of education. People like Malala make me proud of my roots and make me proud of being from Pakistani descendent!

  • Jae Hun

    I believe that there still is inequality in educational opportunities. In certain part of Africa, some girls are not allowed to go to school, instead they are forced to clean home and cook foods. Girls should have more power in our society because you don’t see a lot of girls being a CEO of a company.

  • eli.park

    i think descresion against gender is as bad if not worse than rasistim. Malala yousafai is setting a good example for girls out there who need education and do not want to be separated because of gender.

  • Jordan Yu

    Boys and girls should receive equal opportunities in education because everyone is equal and should have the same rights. Everyone deserves equal opportunities. I don’t think there is much inequality in educational opportunities in America. It seems like just about everyone is treated the same in regard to education. If someone isn’t getting a fair education they should speak up not only for themselves but for others too, like Malala did. It is very important that girls should be educated. A PBS article said, “When girls are allowed to go to school, they have a significant impact on their family and community.” If girls had the same education as boys in places like Pakistan, families might be better off money wise, with the women of the household getting better paying jobs.

    PBS NewsHour Extra article: 8 Top Resources for Teaching Girls’ Empowerment in The Developing World

  • Nora M.

    I don’t think gender gaps in education is a major problem in America, but in other places like Pakistan (where Malala is from) it is clearly a big issue. There is no reason why boys should receive a more extensive education than girls because we both have the same capabilities to perform the same jobs (that depends on the job, but for something like sciences, men and women are both equally capable of doing the same job). If there is inequality in education it would form a large social gap between men and women, and men would end up having every high position in the real world. I believe that would be unfair and women and men should represent equally in the world, seeing as we are equals.

    It is curious though, that even though women in America now have the same education opportunities as men, women still represent a small percentage in the scientific field. In 2012, researchers at Yale concluded that women that are hired for
    scientific positions get paid, on average, a salary $4,000 less than
    that of a man’s, even if they both have the same amount of education. According to astrophysicist Meg Urry women often quit the road to becoming a scientist because of the “slow drumbeat of being underappreciated, feeling uncomfortable and encountering roadblocks along the path to success.” So although gender gaps in education in America are nonexistent, gender gaps in the workplace are drastic.

    Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?

  • Griffen Vo

    It is not just important that both genders, it is a necessity. You cannot willing exclude fifty percent of the population from basic educational rights if you expect to advance as a society. If women are not given the same basic rights and education as men, then it can easily lead to sexism and women being treated as inferior. Because if people are not treated the same legally then they won’t be treated the same socially.

    Countries without an unbiased education system such as Pakistan are a good example of this. Luckily, it has been getting better for them recently, still though, “Last year, a task force of public and private sector officials declared the state of Pakistan’s system of education to be in an “emergency.”

    I feel that there is a sparse amount of sexism in the United States but that it is nothing compared to that of the sexism faced in the middle east.

  • Mike Phan

    Without education we wouldn’t have electricity, clean water, technology, and transportation.

  • Mike Phan

    If boys and girls don’t have equal opportunities in education, everything would stay the same.

  • Reginald mosley-moon

    I think that everyone should have the right to go school and that people around the world should also get equal rights to go to school as well.

  • Luca S.

    I think it’s important to have equal education for both boys and girls. People should not be discriminated because race or gender. In countries such as Pakistan and many others, education is banned for women. I think that education and the right to go to school should be given to everyone. If more people are educated, then more problems can be fixed. One example of inequality in America is that for women get paid 20% less than men do.


  • Lloyd Shearer

    I believe that America does not have a gender segregation but between classes. The rich districts will be able to have nice schools and the poor districts will be stuck with little education. Since this country is becoming equal to all, clase segregation might disappear in the future.

  • Christopher Boyd

    I think the USA does not have gender segregation between clases. We all are required to have an education. I feel bad for other country’s that have gender segregation. I feel like there should be a world wide law about this.

  • Jacky

    It’s really important that we have equal education for everybody. The current world is facing a lot of problems, we need more educated people to solve the problems. We cannot solve all the problems by just men, so we also need women to support us. There’s a lot of people who support equal education. Check out this link to see them

  • Abigail Yager

    It is important that we have equal education between genders. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you should be allowed to study what you want and have the education that you want. Some boys are better at things and some girls are better at things. Girls and boys should be allowed to learn about what they want so that they can get a job that they love later in life. It shouldn’t matter what gender.

  • Tino Mahoney

    It is important for both genders to go to school for many reasons, the main one being education and off reasons being things like Social interaction and ability to asses situations. If they did not attend school, they would lack this, and most likely lead an un-beneficial life. Unless, however, they are heiress, where they wouldn’t really need it because they would have their life set. But yes, it is important. I haven’t really encountered where I feel one gender is getting a more and better education but that doesn’t make me feel that it is not going on, I’m sure there is tons of cases of something like this. But definitely, work, women get underpaid a lot compared to men in tons of jobs not all. So I think that’s a big inequality issue.

  • ClaireB_period2_BoydBence

    Its important for boys and girls to go to school because they need to learn and they will have an equal chance to get a good job and provide for their family. One inequality that people have to face in education is the SAT. It does not show actually how smart you are, but how you might secude in the future. In America inequality is also like the SAT.

  • brian l

    @KQEDedspace It is important for men and women to have equal rights in education because it allows women to gain power and solve problems from perspectives that men wouldn’t see. In America people with more money have an advantage when it comes to educational opportunities because they can go to some better schools that require you to pay more #DoNowMalala

  • Sarah C

    Lynn’s English 9: Malala had a good point. Education opportunities should not be limited by gender, race, etc. Everyone deserves a chance to learn.

  • Kai Sugioka-Stone

    I think it’s critical that boys and girls get equal education, because their education is what’s going to help them advance in life, and if one gets more help than other, one gender could get something like advanced classes while the other was dragging behind. For example, consider the following quote to see how critical education is; “When girls are allowed to go to school, they have a significant impact on their family and community.” Societal problems it can cause can be things such as boys picking on girls because they don’t get as much education as them,or instead lead to angry mobs of mothers and fathers since their child isn’t getting enough education. Men currently make more than women in the daily life,making it highly unfair for women all across the state.

  • Bethany Kharrazi

    (Lynn’s English Class) I think that it is important for boys and girls to have equal opportunities in education because if you empower kids (boys and girls) to learn and be educated, once they get older and need to start their own life, everyone will have equal understanding and knowledge of the world. At one point in the video, Malala says that school is not only where you learn math, science etc., but it is where you learn what the real world is like and how to participate in it and how to get along with others. I think this is an amazing point that she made.

    When Malala said, “I want eduacation for your children as well, and I’ll tell him, ‘that’s what I want to tell you, now do what you want.'” I was blown away. It is unbelievable how strong she is and how she is able to stand up for everyone’s rights. Let alone recover from a gunshot through her head.
    The amount of disrespect, everywhere in the world, is excruciatingly disappointing. I am really ashamed to say that this is a big problem and it is an issue that’s too huge to ignore.

  • Sayuri F.

    The reason that Pakistan has not developed as strong of a government as the U.S. is only because of the cultural differences caused by our differences in development. Pakistan is a third-world country, strictly speaking, and the United states is a first-world country. But the citizens of Swat Valley are incredibly fortunate and lucky to have Malala as an inspiration to them, even if she got shot and has to live abroad. By sacrificing herself, Malala has made abundantly clear the reasons why education is so important for both boys and girls. Without equal education opportunies, people will not have as clear of an understanding of justice and peace and the balance is completely lopsided. In my opionion, there is no inquality in educational opportunities in America, but there is inequality in job wages and that is nearly as bad.

  • Tallulah blue

    After watching Malala’s interview I have realized how lucky I am to be in the U.S. I am a girl therefore if I were to be Malala’s next door neighbor I would have to deal with the same sexist and gender gaps. Even though I do not live in the same country as Malala I still feel that there is somewhat of a gender gap at schools in some parts of the U.S. I feel though I have no right to complain because I have everything that Malala doesn’t have, an education, safety, and not having to worry about walking to school without having my life at risk. Malala has showed everyone that education for both girls and boys are extremely important and that there should be no such things as a Gender Gap. There will always be inequality in a mans and woman’s education, career, rule, and even their lives. The reason why is just because some country’s still have certain religion’s and beliefs about how men are supposed to the one going to school, then getting work and making all the decisions for his household and country. While a woman is supposed to for her life learn how to cook, clean, obey, and make kids. I believe sexism, gender gaps, and equality between different genders is most common is still developing and third wold countries like Malala’s home. I think that people like in first world countries that have no danger in trying to stop gender inequality should do something. After seeing this interview I am touched and want to help girls in other countries who are less fortunate then I am and have to put their life at risk just to take the bus to go to school.

  • Tina T.

    I think girls and boys
    should receive equal opportunities in education because it should not be inequality
    opportunities, they all can have opportunities and success in their life and should
    have the same rights. A lot of societal problems can be caused by inequality in
    education like the men getting a higher pay than the women because of
    education. Women can get 20 percent increase if they were educated. Malala
    stated that parents don’t send their kids to school to get educated because
    they don’t think if it’s important or not which is very bad because it can
    affect their future. Malala said “They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed,”
    and “The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions.
    But nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness
    died. Strength, power and courage was born” which she said to
    stand up for girls and herself for not having education in Pakistani, and brought her more strength than
    weakness. In America I think there isn’t much inequality in education because
    girls and boys have the right to go to school. If they really can’t afford to
    pay for insurance, then they have a less opportunity of going to school and getting

    Secondary Resource :

  • Devin H.

    I think ­­­that both boys and girls should have equal opportunities to recieve education because everybody has the right and deserves to be
    educated. Especially in society today, being well educated opens up great opportunities
    to become more successful in life; But if one does not have that proper education,
    they won’t encounter those same opportunities. That is why education is why education
    is considered the key to success. An inequality in educational opportunities
    could greatly impact the way society runs. If only one group of people could
    get education, that group of people would become successful and powerful while
    the other group would be isolated and treated much differently throughout that
    society. Today, I think the US provides equal education opportunities for all
    people because according to the link below in 2012, 71.3% of all female high
    school graduates went to college while 61.3% of all male graduates went to

  • Koii B

    It is important for both genders to get equal opportunities when it comes to education because of many, many reasons. If girls don’t get an equal opportunity when it comes to education they won’t have a chance to learn things that everyone needs to know to be a functioning citizen of the world. By getting a good education you gain the tools required to pursue your dreams and interests. lack of academic skill is only one problem that comes from unequal opportunity. In countries where there is unequal opportunity I believe the first step is making sure the education is equal. I am extremely lucky to live in the US where there’s very little inequality but if I had to name one form of it I would say it’s the amount of women compared to men in America’s political system.

  • Liona L.

    One of the most important investments a country can make is education. Education is fundamental for a better future and for reducing the rate of poverty. Through education, students are able to apply their knowledge and skills so that the human community can thrive as a whole. By giving both boys and girls equal opportunities in education, the country would become prosperous. By giving an individual an opportunity for education, it may result in raising income, improving health, promotion for gender equality, and reducing poverty. If all students in low income countries left school with basic reading skills, there could be a 12% cut in global poverty. Educating females is fundamental to growth and development because learning enables people to more productive and happier lives. Research shows that by providing females with an extra year of school, their individual wages can increase up to 20 percent. Educated female population increases a country’s productivity and economic growth. I believe that America has equal educational opportunities for all genders. According to the U.S. department of education data, females, on average represented 56% of students going to college. This shows how America provides equal educational opportunities for all genders.


  • MichaelRichie

    It is crucial for both genders to receive equal opportunities in education because in modern times, most girls are being presented with lower pay, and less education than boys in some third world countries. Societal problems that can be caused by an inequality in educational opportunities can be anything as light as protests, or to as harsh as Malala’s unfortunate event. I do not think there is an inequality of education in America, to the extent of my knowledge.

  • MichaelRichie

    It is important for boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education so both genders have a fair chance at a good future. Societal problems are very likely to happen because of the unfairness, which can range from a light protest to a situation as tragic as malala’s shooting. I do not believe that there is educational inequality in America, but woman have tended to get lower pay than men.


  • Jessica Nguyen

    Why does your gender even determine the level of education you receive? All people, no matter what gender, deserve proper and equal opportunities in education. Being provided an education is a leading step to accomplishing one’s dreams; it offers a wide array of choices that guide you to a successful and pleasing life. No one should have that taken away from them.
    In order for a nation to develop and a society to grow, boys, as well as girls, must receive the right to an equal education. Through education, people gain the knowledge they need to survive in the real world. How they choose to use that knowledge is up to them, but nobody should be kept away from this advantage. Both boys and girls have the capability of achieving the same success, so why only give one the upper hand?

    Many females all around the world would continue to be viewed as inferior to males unless there is something that can be done to change that. Receiving equal education is only a part of that change, but every step towards the right direction counts.

    We cannot completely escape from inequality, even in the “free” country of America. There is still inequality in educational opportunities in America but it is not due to gender, but money. Students who can finance their education are provided quality education that can easily lead them to success. But those with low-income are
    having their opportunities cut back, causing achievement shortfalls and achievement gaps.
    Malala’s story really inspired me and touched my heart. She was only 14 years old, as I am, and risked her life to go to school. But what is really unfortunate is that many kids in America will do anything to get out of it.

  • jiahao S

    It is very important for boys and girls to receive equal different
    and unequal opportunities in education because people should not be discriminated because race or gender and I think
    everyone deserves a chance to learn also education opportunities should not be
    limited by gender or race. Malala yousafai is a good example for girls who need education.

  • Dimitri

    I believe that everyone should have an equal right to education regardless of gender. We live in a society that grants his kind of equality. Now we jut need to get other countries to do the same so everyone can have a voice in their government. Installing republic in these types of middle eastern nations is the key to accomplishing this goal.

  • Ellie Teare

    Personally I think it’s very important for everyone to have a good education, without it, we are really just setting ourselves up for failure in life. Usually the only way to get a career and get ahead in life is by having an education. Thusly, women and minorities whose rights to education are taken away need to speak out because nothing is going to change if we don’t do something about it. In the article 8 Top Resources for Teaching Girls’ Empowerment in the Developing World”, it says that if you educate girls, they can “earn up to 25 percent more and reinvest 90 percent of her income in her family.” Isn’t that what our world needs? More educated people to keep it running. So why are we taking this advantage away from people?

  • Fletcher S.

    I think everyone deserves equal opportunity no matter their race gender or sexual orientation. This gender gap is evidence of the patriarchy in the world, and it needs to end.

  • Justin Stewart

    I feel that in the U.S., when it comes to consumerism and media, there is almost nothing but sexism, but educationally, we as a country offer the same amount of learning to be had and discriminate more on the basis of income. It is important to have equal education for both sexes because males and females think and solve problems differently. If everyone is allowed to be educated rather than a select group of people, there are more to choose from to gain the best of the best in the working field.

  • Kyle Lintao

    This makes me feel very blessed that i live in the US where there is nothing holding anyone back from an education. The segregation of females in third world countries are something they have to get over just like we did. In society, without an education, women cannot support themselves. The fact that this girl is making a change in the world is remarkable. Her faith and drive to make a change is unmatched. Even with these obstacles she is an inspiration to us all.

  • Allen Z

    In the 21st century everyone should be able to set their self up for success and the first step to success is Education but this gender gap is just discrimination against women and it needs to stop. In society there might still be a higher status for power and intelligence, this causes people to sabotage and be a dictator like Malala case. That was in Pakistan though. In America we have open and equal opportunities for all genders and races. I think that this should stop and we should all be equal. (Malala’s Case)

  • Madison S.

    Yes, I believe gender based inequality in education is very present and affects a massive amount of the world. I have come to understand how unaware people seem to be about how many families are affected by this injustice. What Malala has done is moving and needed for more people to relate and grasp the living conditions. We have so much and these messages of hope I believe will lead to much action. This oppression has gone on for too long. I can see Malala as our “infinite hope,” (I am Malala) and the step forward to a progressive future. The world is growing and nations need to see “the smarter the girl the stronger the world…” (I am Malala).

  • Reginald mosley-moon

    “People of color and women have faced similar discrimination getting an education in the United States.” We have seen the change in America since education laws have protected women and education.. I believe that all women should have the same legal protection for education that men have.

  • Andrew Ortega

    I think there should be equal education for both genders because everyone deserves to have the same education. Even though in some countries woman can’t have an education like Pakistan, I think that everyone in every country should have an education. I think that if women in other countries had an education then they would be paid equally just like men. Also i think that every gender should have a gender gap.

  • Marisa

    Lynn K’s class: I think this is wonderful to have such a young girl stand up for other girls around the world. I think she is an inspiration to other young women. The fact that she was the youngest nobel peace prize nominee is astonishing. When Margaret Warner asked her what she thought about the people that hated her I think Malala had a really great answer. She said I try not to think about the small amount people that hate me and instead I think about the millions of people who love me. This truly shows an independent smart girl!

    And my second source is…

    Malala Yousafzai: A ‘Normal,’ Yet Powerful Girl an NPR news story.

    Quote: A year after being shot, Malala is clear about her goal. “I speak for education of every child, in every corner of the world,” Malala says. “There has been a discrimination in our society,” which she believes must be defeated. “We women are going to bring change. We are speaking up for girls’ rights, but we must not behave like men, like they have done in the past.”

    Quote: Yousafzai has this advice for parents of girls around the world: “Trust your daughters, they are faithful. Honor your daughters, they are honorable. And educate your daughters, they are amazing.”

    • Kenyon Shutt

      I agree. I think it is amazing how powerful Malala can be with her words. I never really understood gender inequalities in education that went on in Pakistan and neighboring countries until I heard Malala. The reason why she thinks the Taliban is doing this is very powerful- she says “Education is the power for women and that’s why the terrorists are afraid of education. They do not want women to get education because then women will get more powerful.” I think that this quote rings very true because of the top-heaviness of the Taliban. According to Malala, Islam says men and women are equal, and when the Taliban came in and prevented female education, violence and hence paranoia for loss of power came up very strongly. This article made me feel so lucky we have so much in America.

      Lynn, I don’t know how to cite youtube videos. I got my source from… at 1:34

  • Camille

    I agree with everyone else in that I think that everyone deserves equal education, despite our differences, such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ect. On The Daily Show Malala was talking about how taking away education from women is a way of having control over them, and I see what she means. I think in the United States today there is still sexism, although it isn’t as much in schools as it is in society and like Justin said, in the media. Education is power, and the more empowered and smart people we have walking this earth, who know how to live with all the important skills school teaches you in addition to the academics, the better off we are as a human species. Some people don’t even identify with a gender, so what the heck!

  • Daysia Adams

    Okay so let me just start off by saying that this article really was deep for me. I am a 15 year old girl and even just hearing Malala Yousafazi talk about this about almost made me cry. I believe that we in the united states are fortunate to have free education and rules put in to place that make sure that young people are getting an education. This article proves how fortunate we are but at the same time a lot of people here in the united states especially the city i live in , Oakland, have a lot of human sex trafficking going on when it comes to young girls. Many girls are being snatched up and taken at ages as low as eleven and twelve. These girls are being stripped of there education and there childhood not to mention their future. Gender gaps aren’t really as relevant in the U.S. because equality is really important here . Here we have public schools meaning that our schooling doesn’t cost. But if there is a private school that requires costs and that is by choice if parents can provide there children with that. I honestly can’t believe that I had no clue that all that stuff was happening in Pakistan because I really do believe that girls play a big role in our society and I just don’t have any tolerance for ignorance like what is happening in Pakistan. Its crazy that the government and army haven’t taken any action on this because I mean terrorists are killing these young girls just because they don’t believe that they are necessary. That’s crazy to think that these girls are sent to school thats IF they are actually going to school with the risk of them being killed by the talaban and terrorists. Malala Yousafazi stated that many girls don’t go to school because of ; poverty, child labor/trafficking, parents not knowing the importance. I can’t imagine the fear that has been instilled in to these girls and there parents. Education isn’t an option it is a necessity in this world in order to get anywhere in life. I believe that Malala Yousafazi should be commended for her activism even after being targeted already and getting shot. She truly is a hero for all the girls of Pakistan. Not only does she represent the girls in pakistan, but to girls all over the world that are going through things that disable them to go to school. The biggest issue here is the lack of parenting and kids dropping out of school or just not caring about there education . This is caused by a lack of expectation from there parents . I don’t think the kids here in America realize how fortunate we are to have such a good education where we can speak freely even on topics like this. I have to say that as a girl, I couldn’t imagine having the fear that the girls in Pakistan do . I hope that everyone who has read this article especially girls realize that we are truly blessed to have a country that actually cares about our education to the point where we don’t have to worry about situations like this happening .With that being said I believe that, we must do whatever we can to also help these girls who aren’t as fortunate as we are. Its one thing to talk so much about it but to do something about it no matter what it is just making people aware of what is going on at the most is something we could do. Malala is a great figure for all teenage girls all over the world who are going through these difficult situations and as seeking to make a change and put it in there own hands. Remember that she is only 16 and yet she is being known and recognized all over the world for her great work that she is continuing to do. On this link that I found , it stated that , “A girl’s education is about more than just the individual; it is about the future of her family and her community”. That quote proves that females are depended on a lot and she is highly relied on because most girls become very successful if they pursue their own education . I hope that more people will become aware of these situations and realize that we truly are lucky . Thank you to Malala Yousafazi for being such an excellent role model and activist for girls all over the world! I loved this article !

  • Winnie Zhou


    One of the biggest problems I think this world deals with is differentiating the education between boys and girls. I mean, shouldn’t everyone deserve a chance of equal education. In my opinion, I think everyone no matter whether you’re a girl or boy, you have the right to a good education. Having a good education can really set a good future which made lead to helping others greatly in the choice of your field study. In particular response to this article, girls should have an equal education compared to boys, because in the article, “Why is it important to educate girls”, the spreading of prosperity and influence when girls go to school makes the ripple effect. The ripple effect is how girls can not only affect their own individuals and their futures, but also their families’ and communities’ futures. People who don’t have the foundation of a good education or education at all results to social problems such as not being able to support their individual families, most likely not setting up an education for their own future generations, and possibly sending the next Nobel Peace Price winner to a different direction without an education. As far as I know about elementary, middle, and high school, there is no inequality by law. But I know that just because it’s equal by law in America, doesn’t mean that school administrators can’t pick on individuals throughout the nation. As for college, I don’t think education opportunities are equal. I think many colleges use race and background as a factor for college admissions which we know as Affirmative Action. This way, many people who are minorities do get priorities of admission of their choices of colleges. Though I think this benefits me, I don’t others who are majorities to have a smaller chance in getting accepted to the colleges they want. Education for girls is very important, and I hope many parts of the world who isolate girls from going to school consider what I have said.

  • Martin G.

    I think it was really bad what happened to the girl. She was only trying to get education. I think this is wake up call for all the other countries who are outlawing women’s education. Having women being equal to men should be a basic human right and sexism is as bad a racism. Luckily there isn’t any thing like that in America(I hope).

  • Gabriel Llamas

    I think we are lucky to have small education gaps based on gender. I think both boys and girls should receive equal rights in education. i believe her life is still in danger but it is a little peculiar that she isn’t afraid of death. I understand that she escaped death when she lived after being shot in the head. She was obviously very lucky but I do not agree that she is living a second life. She is living out her life and making a difference.

  • Drake H

    Malala is an incredible woman that is doing a great thing. Standing up to her societies beliefs amongst all odds is making her cause stronger day in and day out. I feel very fortunate to live in America where everyone has the right to go to them same school as the people you live near. Education is so important and will never be perfect but this is a huge leap in the right direction. The current district system set forth in America is not perfect but is much better than our previously segregated schools where the quality of education changed. In my personal town there is one middle school that is better than the others because it receives more money comes from the families that live around it. In an interview conducted by Diane Sawyer from ABC News, she interviewed female Muslims that were saying because she wasn’t covered up she was being slave to her own desires. Although we have to respect people’s beliefs my question is when do we draw the line as a society.

  • Glen Taggart

    I think all the gender inequality, especially so in in some of the second and third world countries is just absolutely terrible. In the United States, however, I think there is little to gender gap here, which is a really awesome thing. It seems that there are movements starting to fix this discrimination against women in these countries. There is a lot of evidence (unsurprising) showing that educating women leads to improved conditions for everyone.


    This article,

    • KaraP_Per2_BoydBence

      I agree with you Glen. I think it is
      very important for boys and girls to receive an equal education. It is not fair
      for girls to get less of an education or not an education at all. If women
      don’t get the same education as men then the women can’t get jobs and if they
      don’t get married they will be poor their whole life. I am glad that at least
      where I live in America I feel I am treated equal to am man. I am very
      confident in my abilities at school and I am thankful to have an equal
      opportunity in my learning as everyone else my age. Please watch this video, it
      is about Malala and education rights.

  • Rudi S. S.

    Lynn’s English 9 Class
    Other than obvious physical differences both men and women are exactly the same. We come from the same species and we share similar thoughts and goals. With all of these similarities why don’t men and women get similar treatment. Many people will have many explanations and excuses, however in my opinion these are but words. Everyone, it does not matter who you are or what you look like everyone deserves the same treatment, the same education and the same opportunities. As Malala said in her interview with Jon Stewart (Very funny and inspiring by the way) “How is there any difference between me and the Taliban” Just because the Taliban is bigger, stronger, and better armed does not mean that they deserve any better education than anyone else.
    Even though children in America have it much better than in Pakistan there are countless studies about education and employment issues in the United States. no matter where in the world, Pakistan, the US, or India this is a big problem that needs to solved, and these first few steps made by an amazing girl are only the beginning.

    • Brent L


      I like points that you brought up. I think it is important that men and women get the same educational opportunities because like you said we are all the same other than some minor differences. We are both perfectly capable of the same things. Some societal problems come from differences can come from not having equal opportunities for education. Stereotypes could arise from it like “women aren’t as smart as men” because women don’t have the same opportunities to learn. I do agree with you that there are problems with equality in America I don’t think that it’s an educational problem, I think that comes down to employers more because a university will accept a woman just as easily as it will accept a man. I actually made a presentation for my class about education in the middle east that might interest you or other people on here.

      • ClaireB_period2_BoydBence

        I agree, but girls and boys should get an equal chance at education because they want to do what they love and sometimes it involves going to school. Mabey their true talent has to go through school before they achieve their element. Some problems that are involved in schools around the world is that they don’t have an equal chance, like malala. She got shot in the head because she wanted to go to school like normal kids, but was not allowed. Some problems like this in America could include the SAT because it is an unfair chance for kids to show their talent because it is a timed test. If it was not timed or if it included your high school grades, it would give kids a better chance to get into the college they want to get into.

    • Rachael P. 2nd BoydBence

      Rachael.P 2nd BoydBence
      It is very important for girls and boys to have the same opportunities in education. If everyone had the right to education then people would be able to be who they are wanting to be. They can do what they love and not feel like they are incapable of something that they didn’t have the right to in the first place. Education is a person’s choice it shouldn’t have to be a right, but in some countries it is. When someone feels strong about something they will do almost anything to get their point across. For example, Malala, she fought for the right to go to school. When the government heard about her speaking out they came and shot her. She is still fighting for women’s rights to go to school and get an education. She won’t let anything stop her, and others won’t too! It can be dangerous with protests, speaking out, and riots but, it gets the word out and helps other people be aware of what’s going on. In America we all have the right to go to school. We al have the choice between public and private school as well. The only real problem we have is everyone having the money to go to college, but luckily we can get a scholarship. Please look at this presentation to learn more about Malala and why it’s important for everyone to have an education.

    • Avalon C.

      I completely agree. Its not fair to treat someone different because of anything. We are human beings and deserve to be treated as equals. Its entirely not fair for someone to be denied an education because of their gender, skin color, or anything. We should be supporting everyone and giving them what they deserve instead of shooting someone for wanting to learn. It should be a human right to learn. We should allow anyone who wants an education, to have one.

  • Aitor Iriso

    I think that boys and girls should have equal education opportunities because there will not be an imbalance of boys to girls. If one gender is more fortunate and fit to make a living than the other, the ratio of boys to girls will become improper which will lead to a decrease in population in some countries due to war and tyrants. We need to make sure that the gender gap is fixed otherwise the human race might die off because we’ve tried so hard to put down other humans. I think power shall not be used against our own race because everyone is equal and we as a nation have to be aware of that. I think America doesn’t have an inequality in schools but there are still small battles being fought between men and women and stereotypes emerge leading to conflict. We must educate all humans equally and stop the gap because if we work together as a race, we are unstoppable on earth and we can reach for the stars. One of the biggest gaps in the U.S. is the demand for equal pay between men and women:

  • Billy C.

    Malala’s story is indeed very amazing and she displays a large amount of courage when faced with even life threats. Despite how she describes the beauty of her home, Swat Valley, she lives in a very volatile or unstable part of the world and as Jake Ng said earlier it really makes you value the fact that you live somewhere safe and secure. Here in the States, compared to Malala’s situation, our problems with education reside in funding and how to motivate people to learn. I don’t think there is problem concerning equality in education concerning gender as far as I have observed but we do have Affirmative Action. A person’s acceptance shouldn’t be determined by race, but by qualifications and proof that they have what it takes. Everyone should be motivated to learn and become educated because you’re building the foundation for your future in school. I agree with Malala, education is very important. Sometimes I am frightened by how much your life can be determined by the actions you take or don’t take to better yourself in these few years of learning.

  • Lily K.

    Malala Yousafzai is a hero. Her fight for women’s rights in Pakistan is truly inspiring and the fact that she is willing to face the Taliban for her cause makes her even more heroic. After watching interviews from both the PBS NewsHour and The Daily Show, I’m beginning to understand just how important equal education is for not only the U.S., but other countries as well. It is truly a necessity to have equal education opportunities not only for politically correct reason, but also so everyone can have the chance to do what they want to do, and be successful. In Pakistan, the Taliban are slaughtering girls left to right just for their fight for equal education. This is an example of societal problems caused by inequality in educational opportunities. If you create an unequal balance of anything, there will always be one voice that fights to have equality, and soon that voice will grow louder and louder with others chiming in to fight for the same rights that other people have. With these voices growing louder, such as Malala’s voice against that Taliban, “higher authorities” (quotes because they make themselves high authority) will soon have a revolution on their hands which is yet another societal problem for the authorities only (revolutions are a good thing for those fighting for their rights). I believe that there is inequality in education in the U.S., such as the race being taken into account in college applications, but not to the same extremities as in Pakistan and other second/third world countries. With problems concerning sexism all around the world, we have to work together to fight off sexist views and replace them with thoughts of equality for everyone. It’ll be a long, hard fight, but as more and more people joining the fight for equality, we’ll start moving in the right direction.

    The Daily Show:

    • Tyrese Sales

      Yes, but due to my uncles program Its sealing up

  • Jackie C.

    It’s definitely very important for both boys and girls to receive equal opportunities for education. A lot of what we know feeds back into our decisions, without education, a lot of decisions are made without women. Women may be considered “less than” men, or not as “smart” because they never had the opportunity to get educated. As Malala said on the Daily Show, “Education is the power for women, and that’s why the terrorists are afraid of education and do not want women to get educated because then women will become more powerful.” As far as inequality in educational opportunities in America, I’m not sure. Where the part of America I am from, girls and boys do receive equal educational opportunities but I don’t want to generalize that for all of America. Although, I do doubt in everywhere in America there is equal educational opportunities for boys and girls.

    Secondary Source:

  • Michael P.

    Equal opportunity in education for boys and girls is very important, and I am very fortunate to live in a country where education is available for most. When a girl is educated, she spreads her prosperity to her family. The education of women not only affects them, but can also influence the future of their families. Prosperity in life is hard to achieve without education, and taking away a child’s education can take away their future. In Pakistan, girls are risking their lives just to attend school.

    In the U.S., I believe that the inequality in education is due to race and/or wealth, rather than gender. Affirmative Action in college admissions already gives a greater opportunity to students based on race. College tuitions also
    force many poor students to work multiple jobs in order to afford education.

  • Avery Andrews

    I think that access to quality education is one of the most important things that a child should have. Without education, you have a far lower chance of getting a job. Luckily for us, the U.S.’s education system is pretty equal and accessible. But unfortunately, it’s not like this in the rest of the world. In countries like Mali and Niger, over 83% of the population ages 23-27 hasn’t been educated for over four years. That needs to change. Some people think that things like warfare and healthcare policies are more important than education, but that is just not right. Education is the future, and if we have no future, then why focus on the present? More money needs to be put towards schools and less towards big guns and bombs!

  • Sophia Moore

    I think that a main issue with equality in education is representation. Historically, men have been the fortunate gender and dominated the world of scholars. Due to the fact that women were being deprived of education, they were also excluded from the government because they were not seen as intelligent enough to make important decisions. This is a bit of a paradox because they would have been significantly more intelligent had they been allowed equal education, but I digress. Without a strong feminine position in governments, or any feminine position for that matter, women became underrepresented. An underrepresented group of people can be easily suppressed and controlled which is what we have seen happen to women across the globe in history. What I find very wonderful about Malala is that she is stepping up, even as a young girl, to be strong opposing figure who will fight for her beliefs and represent all other girls in want of learning like herself. This establishes her as a leader, inspiring other young people. A prime example is a Junior named Arooj who stated in her article about Malala, “What was Malala’s crime? That she wanted to study? That she spoke the truth? I don’t understand.”

  • Alfonso H.

    After malala speech/interview I notice that we who live in american are in a society which doesn’t discriminate by gender. For education all genders who wants to go to school should be allow and shouldn’t be discriminate because your a girl or boy. People thought about men at top for a long time while girls at the bottom but we are now in the future and understand to give all genders and people the equals rights to have an education. In america there are equal rights for all people to have a education and tries to make sure people gets all the rights same as the next person. At the we have to make sure as a society to make sure we don’t just support no inequality in america but to help others outside of america.

  • Brendan M

    It is important for everyone to have equal access to education because no matter your gender, race, or anything, everyone can still make a huge difference in the world. Anyone could grow up to cure an extremely deadly sickness, completely independent of their gender, and they would need access to quality education to be able to do something so amazing. If there is not equality in education, it raises the kids with a mindset that there is some invisible line between the two genders, and this is never a healthy thing for someone who’s mind is still being created


  • Caroline H.

    It is important for boys and girls to have equal opportunities in education because women are just as smart as men and without an education you are at a disadvantage because you won’t have as good of a chance to get jobs and you won’t be paid as well. Women not getting an education would have a very high impact on women’s ability to support themselves, they wouldn’t be able to get a job and wouldn’t be able to buy their own necessities and home. At the top of the article it says, “Education also helps to lower rates of child marriage and reduce birth rates, both of which have lasting positive impacts on girls’ lives.” Which shows that if women are educated it helps prevent child birth while girls are young, making girls’ lives more open for them to do what they want to do. Not having an education could back girls into a corner, they could be financially unstable, and can’t get a job which would make it very hard for them to go to school because they might not be able to pay for it.
    I think that in American there isn’t an attitude that girls being educated is bad, but I think that there are still a lot of people who think that boys are smarter than girls and are more capable of getting a good job and good education. Some people’s attitudes towards girls being in school also affects how well they do in school because there has been a study that shows that if you tell a girl that “girls are worse at math than boys” before she takes a math test then she’ll probably do worse because she has the idea in their head that they can’t do math, even though they can. (Study by Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In).

  • Jordan

    It all comes down to a basic fact: There is no superior girl/boy mind. A girl has just as much potential to be intellectually evolved as boys do, and this should seriously be taken into account when “distributing” education. In the US, gender gaps in the form of educational access don’t exist. More countries should realize that women have just as much potential to be successful in a field as men, and rearrange their educational resources as necessary. More women working means more jobs which means more resources for the rest of the world.

  • Rowan SS

    Both genders deserve equal education because they are both people. Why should one get more than the other even though the only thing truly different are body parts. Inequality in education can not only make it far more difficult for the party to get good jobs but it also sets people into the mind set that those people are worse and less intelligence. as the U.S. being a 1st world country there is almost no if any gender gap and the ones that could be are working to being fixed. as said by Malala’s father each gender have the potential to be great.

  • Guillermo Ruiz

    i think that in the united states there is not a gender gap in education. But i do think that they’re things that can set females back in education that don’t apply to males such as teen pregnancy. i do think that there is a gender gap in education in most parts of the world not allowing females to get an education is one of them or restricting their education.

  • David Ayarra

    I cant disagree with this. Both male and female, color doesn`t matter, they all deserve education. The Taliban follow their old religion, and are not changing, their country would be better if they allowed different genders have equal education. Malala is a brave person, who continued going to school, even though she recieved a warning from one of the most dangerous terrorists.

  • Sandy Evsanaa

    I don’t think there is a gender gap in the US at least. Girls outnumber boys in colleges. I don’t know if the real reason for this is the effects of feminism or affirmative action. What i do know is that there is a gender gap in jobs, especially in the science and technology field. And let’s not forget the worldwide statistics on how many girls attend school in countries where conservatism has an iron grip. This gender gap issue goes back to gaps in first world countries and third world countries.

  • Megan L

    It is extremely important for boys and girls to receive equal opportunities in education because like what many have said “education is the key to success”. Throughout history, men have always been the superior while women were the inferior. Whether being able to vote or simply getting a job men always had the upper hand. However, if women back then did receive education like such of a man, imagine how much the world would change? More women would be in different fields that were once impossible to achieve and women would no longer be the inferior. Education should be equal to all no matter what race or gender. Like said in the article when a girl is educated she not only benefits herself and provides a better future for herself, but also to her family and the communities.

    In the United States I do not think that there is a gender gap because half of the population in college are women. However, we do have the Affirmative Action, which benefits an underrepresented group. To me this is a good thing, but also a bad. By benefiting an underrepresented group it gives them a better chance of being able to create their future after finishing college. On the other hand, one should not be judged on race, but their ability to take on the task. All in all, like what Malala said education is really important because one’s future is at stake.


    • CJ

      CJ B.Period 2 BoydBence
      I agree with Megan L. Because girls deserve a
      chance to show their knowledge in thinking, guys aren’t the only smart
      ones.Like in Malala’s story the girls were only aloud to cook and take
      care of the children, but Malala wanted to be a doctor, not wasting her
      life doing nothing.
      So she stood up for us girls and got shot by Taliban in 2012. Which means as along
      as the girl is willing to work hard to become more than a cooker and the
      then they should be aloud to show their brains off. Research shows
      that inequality in educational opportunities for girls has a negative
      effect on their families and societies.The World Bank reports that for
      every extra year of education, girls’ wages can increase 20 percent.
      Education also helps to lower rates
      of child marriage and reduce birth rates, both of which have lasting positive
      on girls’ lives. I believe, inequality in educational opportunities
      exists in America. Here is a exert from John Jackson: “A new Scott
      Foundation for Public Education report, “A Rotting Apple: Education
      Redlining in New York City,” reveal that the communities where most of
      the city’s poor, black and Hispanic students live suffer from New York
      policies and practices that give their schools the fewest resources and
      their students the least experienced teachers. In contrast, the
      best-funded schools
      with the highest percentage of experienced teachers are most often located in
      the most economically advantaged neighborhoods.”

  • Kristy L.

    Investing in girls is both smart economics and the right thing to do.
    Educating girls is one of the strongest ways not only to improve gender equality, but to promote economic growth and the healthy development of families, communities and nations.
    Despite tremendous progress in getting girls into school, the global community must commit to making sure education counts and that it reaches the most marginalized girls who need it the most.

  • Ameena H

    I believe that it is very important for people to get an education no matter what gender they are. The girls who won’t be able to get an education will have to rely on others to live. Shouldn’t they be able to support themselves? I am very thankful that I live in a country where gender does not matter to getting an education, and I wish that every girl or boy that wants an education will be able to get one while being safe. I look up to Malala because she is such a strong and fearless individual. Malala received many threats to stop going to school but she continued going because she wanted to have an education. And even after getting shot by the Taliban she continued to fight for what she believed in. “I believe that death does not want to kill me, so how can the Taliban kill me. I must not be be afraid of death I have seen death. And that has made me even more powerful”

    • Kyasia Thompson

      I agree with Ameena because I think it’s very important that females have the same and equal rights as males especially when it comes to education because you can’t even make it far with just your high school diploma but not having any background of school at all it’s ridiculous.I think being a female or male doesn’t have anything to do with having or not having an education. It’s sad how Malala had to get shot in the face for people to start paying attention and standing up for her. But I love how she kept fighting and pushes her way because she wanted her education so bad and no one could take that from her.

  • Gavin Maxwell

    The gender gap in education is existent but is growing ever smaller. Malala shows us that women just as much as men need this right but unfortunately they are being given nothing. Without equal education this world has is and will continue to be a patriarchy, and we need more level headed people not just men. but because of this gap women have little to look forward to. We need to give them something to look forward too.

  • Matthew Cunanan

    Gender does not matter at all when it comes to education. Both males and females need education. Education is simply very significant to everyone. Malala shows to us all that women really need their education as well as men. Once again, education is simply too important for everybody, regardless of gender.

  • Kody B

    I think it wrong to limit anyone education wise. The more educated people are, the more things can be done for the world’s future. We all rely on the younger generation, including our generation to worlds needs. To replace the people who have retired and played their role. Telling a gender or even a certain race to stop learning is a very bad idea. What will the uneducated do instead? Without jobs what can they do for money? Become janitors or even criminals because they have no other choices. Things can only get better with education.

  • Johanna Skarbek

    I think it’s important for everyone to get an equal opportunity for education because you never know who could be the next Steve Jobs and create a huge innovation in the world. By educating people, it’s giving them a whole new opportunity for jobs and money. When women aren’t able to get as good of an education, they aren’t able to support their families as well which can cause dispute and arguments. I think America tries to get equal opportunities, but does not always work out. They provide us with public school which is supposed to be free and payed for by taxes, but if you can’t afford a house, then you can’t necessarily get as good of an education. Like in poorer areas, their education may not be as good because they don’t get as much taxes to buy supplies for their school. I think bullying can also be a factor in this. If someone if getting bullied for being a different religion or something, then they may not do as well in school. They’ll have the same opportunities, but may not use them to the best of their abilities.

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  • Maddier_Bence_Boyd

    I believe that this statement is very true and I agree that women she get the same rights but getting the same education as men do. Like they said “we are all the same other than some minor differences”. I think that women should she the same education as men because girls should have the right to learn and have the right to get a job and learn the things that men learn. I believe that women like Malala should stand for her rights. She showed people that she wasn’t afraid to get the education that she wanted t the point where she even risked her life to have an chance to learn and have the opportunity to get a job and make something of yourself. she wanted to stand up to the law were you weren’t allowed to go to school and learn the basic stuff that we learn in the us for women all ages

  • Alex_Bence_Boyd

    I believe that education equality between males and females is important because females have more potential to do awesome stuff for this world. With the strict laws on women education and more protesting there will be a lot more killing. I do not know of any unequal opportunities in education in the USA

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  • Kobe Hutchinson

    Lynn’s 9th grade Class
    Yes. In many countries, there is a gap in education. But there really shouldn’t be. This is one of the reasons i am personally not a religious person, Its because it degrades certain groups of people as “inferior” or somewhat similar to that. Here in the US, the degradation women happens after education and starts more with college and more after that. Men get payed more than women or get the job faster. Anyway, this is wrong, girls of certain religions or societies that don’t get Education should get it. But I am afraid that we can not do anything about it…….

  • Clare R

    Let me just begin with saying that Malala is remarkable. I watched one of her many interviews, and her thoughts on education and equal rights are so inspiring. I am very grateful to live in a country that has equality between boys and girls when it comes to education. But I do think that rights for women are still lacking. After looking at some charts, men get paid a lot more than women. Women of every race only get 77% of what most men earn. And all races get paid different amounts as well, even though both genders and all races get an equal amount of education. It is very important for everyone to be equal. Women in other countries are being deprived of too much. Malala is standing up for our current issues, and making a difference in this world. Hopefully everyone, who hasn’t already, will eventually come to their senses and listen to Malala.


  • Eli Solomon

    It is very important for everyone to receive equal opportunities in education. It is important because everyone has a different background, different thoughts, different ideals, and different experiences of the world, all of which should be shared. With more education comes more chance to share one’s opinion and views on the world. Someone working as a clerk at a department store for minimum wage, for eighty hours a week, would obviously have less of a chance to express their opinions about the world than a senator who has a graduate degree in Political Science. There is definitely inequality in educational opportunities in America, but the biggest factor isn’t gender, its socioeconomic status. There is a perfect, linear correlation between family income and SAT scores, with richer families having higher scores.


    This, of course, reflects success in classes, and college admissions. In the top, most selective colleges, 74% of those admitted are in the top quarter income level. Just 16% of those admitted are in the 2nd quarter, 7% in the 3rd quarter, and only 3% in the bottom quarter.


    Connected to all this, of course is the fact that more years of education relate directly to annual earnings.


    What I’m trying to say here is that because of this economic gap, people who grew up poor stay poor. And they have kids, and they grow up poor, and they stay poor. The cycle continues, on and on, with virtually no hope for the future, and It doesn’t help that college is so expensive. This is a major problem, and one we will need to combat some time soon.

    -Eli S, Lynn K’s English 10 class.

  • Lauren G

    There is most definitely a gender gap in education around the world, and I believe even in America (but to a much smaller extent). In other countries, Malala’s case is typical, but in America there could be a gender “favoritism” in the classroom, or especially in cases such as PE and after school sports. But no matter where you live, gender gaps in education can cause major issues. If our society only allowed boys to become educated, then the boys grow up to be men, and then the make the decisions about only allowing boys to go to school. So, in the end, it is a males-ruling-males society, and where does the woman come in? They are still at home doing nothing and feeling worthless. I believe that all humans should have the same opportunities as any other human, and that includes opportunities in education.

  • Breanna Dean

    This article is so crazy. I don’t think that its fair in any case to treat anyone differently no matter what city they live in. For these girls in Pakistan to be treated like that is completely unfair. They are the ones who should be upset. They are forced to work to bring income into there families and they are being able to go to school. This in no case would fly here in America. I’m happy that we are lucky to even be able to go to school on a daily basis because a lot of kids are less fortunate than us and we need to be grateful. Malala said in her interview ” How is there any difference between me and the Taliban”, fact of the matter is that there isn’t any kind of difference between the two. We as Americans need to do something to help those people in Pakistan. Those young girls deserve an education just like any one else.

  • Avisha sabaghian

    There are many gender gaps in both modernized and developing countries. Obviously all gender gaps aren’t necessarily educational but education has been an important factor in our lives ever since WWII and the realization that in our modern society, we need education to live a modern life. Also prosperity and change come from intelligent minds. There is no use in ignoring the fact that even in our current society, even in the US, men are the leading bodies of not only the government, but about everything else. That is only due to the fact that women have not been given the same opportunists as men have been given. In my opinion, we need to understand that a healthy society requires education and reason on both gender sides. Women should not, and cannot be denied the right of education. This goes both way of course. Be it for men or women, we must come to realize the importance of equal opportunity.

  • eli.park

    i think your gender should have nothing to do with your education.the fact that some countrys in the middle east do not allow women to come to school and be educated shows how blessed we are to allow everybody to be educated and to learn.the fact that this girl is coming out and speeking about it reminds us about how lucky we are and her story being told around the world.

  • Cristiana maddison

    I completely agree. Its not fair to treat someone different because of anything. We are human beings and deserve to be treated as equals. Its entirely not fair for someone to be denied an education because of their gender, skin color, or anything. We should be supporting everyone and giving them what they deserve instead of shooting someone for wanting to learn. It should be a human right to learn. We should allow anyone who wants an education, to have one. Alot of children abuse the school system that is offered to them in the United States,and in other parts of the world we have children dying and fighting to go to school and have an education and i believe that is not fair! Just because shes a females does not mean its okay to kill her for standing up for believing that everyone deserves an education because in my eyes shes 100 percent right. I believe that the no child left behind system and rule should be carried through out the entire world. I think it would make things around the world way better and it would avoid anything like this to happen again.

  • I feel boys and men are afraid of girls going to school. They may already see an upsurge in the numbers of women in power positions and fewer men. The belief boys should be strong allows much more aggressive treatment from one year of age onward along with much less kind, stable, verbal interaction – much less mental/emotional support for fear of coddling. This is creating many many failing boys. The belief girls/women should be protected is creating many good things: much more kind, stable, verbal interaction and much more mental. emotional support from infancy through adulthood. These two very different treatments are creating two very different outcomes in the world today. If we want to protect our girls and give them more education, we need to really begin treating our boys with much more kind, caring support from infancy. We want our boys and men to have a chance to compete in society. Today, boys and men see the information age and education as a very big threat to their lives and esteem from many more successful girls and women. We must provide the same support to our Male children from infancy also. If we do not, those boys, later men will, in the future, simply take our cake and eat it, leaving very few crumbs for us afterwards. This is why the raw power, anger, fear, and force we are creating in boys and men cannot be allowed to continue, for they will surely put all of that vast power to work against us later. We must provide our Male children with the same care and hope we enjoy. We must remove the false teachings of genetics and we must remove the false idea that stress only occurs during situations. The more harsh treatment we are giving Male children from infancy creates much higher amounts of average stress from the treatment given to make them tough. We must think much more deeply here.



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