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Who is to blame for the government shutdown? Did several groups of people contribute to it? What should happen now?


“Of all the responsibilities the Constitution endows to Congress, two should be fairly simple: to pass the Budget and to pay America’s bills.”

President Obama spelt out these duties of Congress just hours before the government officially shut down at midnight on Monday when the fiscal year ended. The shut down will continue until the President signs a spending bill.

Under the Constitution, Congress must pass laws to spend money and if Congress is unable to agree on a spending bill, the government does not have the legal authority to spend. Congress can pass a continuing resolution (CR), a temporary measure that authorizes government funding, and a continuing resolution has been funding the government since March 28 until it expired on September 30. But if the President and Congress can’t agree on the spending plan, government shuts down.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress are in a stalemate. The Republican-controlled House has passed a spending bill that maintains spending levels, but does not fund the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. This is the sticking point for them. Republicans are adamant that the health plan is bad for America and the Democratic Senate insists that the healthcare program be fully funded.

So roughly 800,000 federal workers will not be paid or furloughed because of the shutdown. As “non-essential” federal employees they can work no more than four hours on shutdown-related activities before being furloughed. Federally funded tourist spots close; that is museums and monuments in Washington, national parks and the National Zoo. Services such as the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, and the Internal Revenue Service shut down, and Americans who rely on unemployment and other loans or benefits would see their payments delayed since the Treasury Department can only pay bills it can afford from daily tax revenue.

However “essential” workers continue to work and be paid; those “deemed to perform emergency work involving saving lives or protecting property, including military service, law enforcement, or direct provision of medical care,” as explained in a PBS NewsHour Extra piece about what you need to know.

This includes Congress, and the President who will be paid during this period. In California voters approved Proposition 25 in 2010 which means that if state legislators fail to pass a balanced budget on time, they don’t get paid. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer has repeatedly proposed Congress be subject to the same rules and their pay docked if they don’t do their job.


PBS NewsHour video Government Shuts Down, Affecting Millions – Sept. 30, 2013
With just hours left before a government shutdown, House Republicans passed another stopgap funding bill that included provisions to scale back the Affordable Care Act, despite the Senate and the president’s refusal to support such a plan. Gwen Ifill reports on the day’s back and forth leading up to the budget deadline.

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More Resources

KQED’s The Lowdown post Closed for Business: 7 Great Resources Explaining the Government Shutdown – Oct. 2, 2013
Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings at the dinner table and your mom warned that if you couldn’t get along then no one got dessert? That, in a nutshell, is essentially what’s going on with the federal government shutdown — the first in 17 years — that began October 1.

PBS NewsHour Extra article Need-to-Know: Government Shutdown! – Sept. 30, 2013
Political negotiations over the government’s budget in Washington, D.C., are at a standstill, with Republicans in Congress threatening to shut down the government unless President Barack Obama agrees to defund the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as “Obamacare”. But what exactly is a government shutdown and how does it happen? Here’s your need-to-know guide.

New York Times post Government Shuts Down in Budget Impasse – Sept. 30, 2013
Includes a video of Obama addressing the nation along with an interactive timeline entitled The Back and Forth Over the Shutdown.
A flurry of last-minute moves by the House, Senate and White House late Monday failed to break a bitter budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law, setting in motion the first government shutdown in nearly two decades.

Who is to Blame for the Government Shutdown? 8 March,2017Maxine Einhorn

  • Brooke P.

    The shutdown is because of Obama. It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican, or if you like him or not, Obama is cause. If you look at the votes, THE MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY is against Obama Care, but Obama just keeps pushing it, along with his supporters. He doesn’t understand that we don’t have the money for this! He’s like a teenage girl with a compulsive spending problem.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Heh, like the last sentence…

    • Melanie Ramsey

      Did you do any research to back up your argument? It seems as if you are making claims without any specific evidence to support your claims.

      • Dimitri

        Obama’s approval rating is 37%. That should say something about what this country thinks of him

    • William Cisneros

      How do you feel about the Affordable Care Act then?

    • iromano

      Let’s remember that a year ago Mitt Romney ran for president on the platform of repealing the Affordable Care Act. He lost the election. It wasn’t a biased polling of the population. It was a national presidential election. The American people chose to elect a candidate who would fight for universal health care, and Barack Obama is upholding his campaign promises.

    • Nick M

      I’d like to supply some facts concerning your views. According to The Morning Consult, “a new survey of 1,976 registered voters finds that only 33 percent believe that the health law should be repealed, delayed, or defunded. 29 percent believe that ‘Congress should make changes to improve the law,’ 26 percent believe that ‘Congress should let the law take effect’ and see what happens, and 12 percent believe that the law should be expanded.” As for being Obama’s fault, Obama is not directly involved in the shut down. The people responsible for standing firm on keeping the Affordable Care Act in place is the senate. You do make one salient point: “we don’t have the money for this”. I agree, and so do the statistics: “Almost 20 percent of Americans, or more than 40 million adults, can’t afford or access needed health care…” (ABC News). So no, the majority is not “against” the Affordable Care Act (the proper term), the majority of the country supports making small changes to give it a chance; no, Obama is not responsible, the government shutdown is in the hands of Congress, specifically whether the House or the Senate can agree; and yes: a large population of Americans can’t afford health care, therefore it is our responsibility to be good citizens and help out our fellow Americans.

    • adugan

      Let’s remember that a year ago Mitt Romney ran for president on the platform of repealing the Affordable Care Act. He lost the election. It wasn’t a biased polling of the population. It was a national presidential election. The American people chose to elect a candidate who would fight for universal health care, and Barack Obama is upholding his campaign promises.

    • jy

      I saw a segment on CNN where they would ask random people on the street if they like the ACA or ObamaCare more, and people replied the one that they liked more – except they’re the same thing! So as far as the knowledge of our country, those surveys mean absolutely nothing.

    • RS

      I disagree. Obamacare is going to help many people in the US because tons of people don’t think they need healthcare coverage, but they do. The shutdown has caused many people to temporarily lose their jobs. A lot of government “non-essential” departments aren’t getting funded and staffed.

    • Zach M

      How can you blame one man? The House and the Senate have more pull in passing the budget plan. Although Obama has the power to over rule them, it is the rivalry between the House and the Senate at this point in time.

  • Andrew Johnson

    I believe that the Democrats were the main contributers to the government shutdown. Since most Democrats support the passing of Obamacare, this caused tensions with the Republicans, the majority who disapprove of the law. Because the Democrats were bent on passing this law, while the Republicans didn’t want it, debates on the proper funding for this law were created, none leading to a solution.

    • Adam Orla-Bukowski

      It was passed, but it has been Republicans who demanded that obamacare (which is the law) not be funded. Not really the Democrats fault for making the law, it’s Republicans fault for fighting it over 48 times.

  • Amanda Snyder

    I believe that the Obama Care should not be pushed any further. And Brooke is right, the majority of the country is against Obama Care, so why keep trying to put it out there? A lot of people right now are without paying jobs. They say they can come to work, but they can’t be paid. And a lot of people are not being able to go to the jobs because of this problem. I think if this keeps going on, our country is going to go further down hill.

    • jy

      You need to take into account that there are also millions of people without health care, and if a life-threatening medical issue comes into play for them, then we can’t just let them go.

    • RS

      Just because people won’t agree doesn’t mean an idea should be shot down. There are many people without jobs and health insurance. It may not effect you but it effects millions of other people.

      • Karli N

        Because of the Senate and House’s inability to come to an agreement, people are without jobs already. So either way, there will always be someone without jobs or health insurance.

  • Chandler Ewart

    I believe it is Obama’s fault as well. He has put us into such a deep debt its no wonder the government shut down. More people are opposed to Obama care than people who want it. I have friends who’s parents aren’t working now because of the shutdown and Obama’s irresponsibility.

    • Melanie Ramsey

      Do you have statistics (a graph, chart, or numbers) or a research article to back up your assertions? Also, the Legislative Branch controls the $$$, not the Executive Branch.

    • iromano

      First of all, President Barack Obama is not directly responsible for the government shutdown – the shutdown is entirely the product of a lack of bipartisan compromise in congress. Both Republicans and Democrats are equally accountable, however. The American people voted into office a president who was very open about his plans for the American health care system, therefore Speaker Boehner’s claim that, ““The American people don’t want Obamacare” is completely bogus. So while it is fair and just that the Democratic party refuses to compromise regarding the Affordable Care Act, compromise of some sort needs to be made. Petty party politics should not infringe on the day to day running of this American government. While the house voted unanimously to pay furloughed workers once the shutdown comes to an end, this shut down remains absolutely preposterous. 800,000 people are without work and thousands of museums and national monuments are closed. Effective government depends entirely upon compromise, of which we are seeing none. (

      • Alex P

        I completely agree with you! Enough American people voted President Obama into office, that enough should of known what his plans for health care were. Also, as you said before, President Obama is not directly responsible for the shutdown, it’s merely the result of lack of communication and compromise within congress that needs to be resolved.

        • iromano

          Exactly. Before anything productive gets done in this country, we need compromise. It is politicians duty to do what is best for this country, regardless of whether that be in alignment with their personal political ideologies.

  • Xavier Dickinson

    I think that the government is to blame for the government shutdown because if the government would have came to an agreement about how to use the money the government would not have shutdown. If the Democrats and the Republicans just came to an agreement about how to spend the money of the United States of America this would not have happened because everything would be just fine. It is not fair to the thousands of people that are not working because of the shutdown, and don’t get paid because they are not working because of the shutdown. So we as the people of the United States should come to an agreement on how to use and spend the money so that people can go back to work and the government can reopen.

    • RS

      Be more specific, what part of the government?

  • Steven Diaz Hernandez

    Its the republicans they just wont budge just ask Ron Stewart or several other people look at this link think it will be the end of everything and it will kill us all its just health care who even likes them I might be biased but look at the republican presidents hint hint George W. Bush.

  • maria

    Who is to Blame for the Government Shutdown?

    I think we should blame the Republicans because they are the one’s that are stubborn that the health plan is bad for America, but the the Democratic Senate insists that the health care program will be fully funded. Another example is if the republicans don’t agree the 800,000 federal workers will not be paid or fired because of the shutdown, but the “non-essential” federal employees get to work at least no more than four hours due to the shutdown although it isn’t fair for the people that work for the government they should partially get paid so that they can feed their families. In addition, funded tourist spots are closed like museums and monuments in Washington, national parks and the National Zoo. Conclusively, Americans who rely on unemployment and other loans or benefits would see their payments delayed since the Treasury Department can only pay bills it can afford from daily tax revenue. One thing that is not shutdown is the people who perform emergency work involving saving lives or protecting property, including the military service, law enforcement, or direct provision of medical care still continue to work.

  • Rubi M.

    I would blame the President and the Congress for the government shutdown. Why? Well the reason the government shutdown was because the President and the Congress didn’t agree on the spending plan for the Obamacare. This affects a huge amount of people because they won’t get payed and they now have to stay home. Or people that were planning a trip to The Grand Canyon or Yosemite can now not go because its closed.Here is a percentage of how many people think it’s Obama’s fault, republicans fault,both their fault, or don’t know

  • Alejandro Medrano

    I think the republicans are the ones to blame for the government shutdown. They are trying to get rid of obamacare. They won’t agree with anyone just to get what they want. This government shutdown might last a while just because of the republicans.

    • RS

      I agree, the republicans have to become realistic and realize that the senate will not pass the bill if does not comply with what they want.

  • Abraham Garcia

    I think that if the government agreed on how to spend the money they wouldn’t have to shut down.So,I think that it’s the government’s fault that they are shutting down. I don’t get that if they were going to lose there jobs why didn’t they agree if they knew they were going to lose there jobs. I still have some questions like what happens if a meteor is coming to earth and NASA is not working what will happen? Will there be Mahem in our city’s? Will our nation become like in Hunger Games

  • Abigail Yager

    The government shutdown is caused by a lot of things, however the the primary reason is Obama. If he didn’t keep pushing the Obama Care, the Congress wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation. Obama Care may seem like a good idea at first, but nothing is free and some one has to pay for it eventually and that some one is the government. Unfortunately , our government just can’t fund this and I think that Obama needs to let it go because look at where it’s gotten us; government-less.

    • Nick M

      The Affordable Care Act is already law, so I don’t think you can call Obama’s support for it “pushing Obama Care”. I believe it is called “supporting the law”.

      • Dakota J

        This is a great point.

    • Jackie Morgan

      If you agree with the Affordable Care Act or not, it is a law. It has passed all the branches of government required to become a law. Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and it was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. In Section 7 and 8 of the Constitution, it outlines that it is Congress’ responsibility to decide and pass a budget. Obama is only involved in the process when he sends recommendations to Congress on what should be spent in the next fiscal year. So according to the laws, Obama has done his job and Congress has not.

    • jy

      The House Republicans aren’t in a difficult situation; they just are to greedy to spend money on Americans that can’t afford healthcare. And by the way, it’s not just Congress; it’s the Republicans.

  • davidjenny

    I think there is plenty of blame to go around. Even though are getting most blame is blame to go around But they are not getting off scot-free according to a recent CNN poll 57% of American’s are angry at how Democrats reacted and 53% are angry at how Obama reacted. Since I work at a day-care I see this behavior all the time the Democrats are angry at the Republicans, and huge majorities of Republicans are angry at Obama and Democrats. Just like when a couple of kids get mad at another kid because he got to go on the swing before he did. These group of men and women are supposed to represent us and we are in a lot of trouble if they are acting like a bunch of kids.

  • William Cisneros

    Many are uninformed about this government shutdown. First of all, It is not only due to the Affordable Care Act, but many other factors have contributed. Secondly, Obamacare/ ACA has already been implemented. The shutdown did not occur because of disagreements only on the passing of the ACA. It shutdown due to agreements on this fiscal year’s budget as a whole. The House is frequently rejecting the president’s budget proposals and this has put a gridlock in our government. The highlight of the shutdown is on Obamacare because the House is trying to use the budget to delay the Healthcare Act by one year. As of now, the House and Senate have yet to come to an agreement, but when we do, the Government will reopen.

  • Abbie M.

    Although Obama is pushing for the Affordable Care Act to remain in the budget, I find it a bit irresponsible for both the Senate and the House to drag out the government shutdown for this long; they are paid a pretty penny to make sure this does not happen, to keep the country running smoothly. All in all, the shutdown did not happen solely because of ObamaCare (which is the same as the Affordable Care Act); the House and Senate could not agree on a budget for the year, thus the government shut down. It is unfair to say that this shutdown is a direct response to ObamaCare, seeing as though this health care program has been in action for the past four years. It is the House and the Senate’s “fault” if it is necessary to point a finger at all. The shutdown is a direct consequence of the lack of the bipartisanship in the House and Senate, not ObamaCare or President Obama himself.

    • Ezra


      • Dakota J

        I totally agree with this.

        • Daniel Bautista

          Also agreeing on this.

    • Evan B.


    • Wyatt S.

      You made a valid point. The one big factor with this, is that Obama Care is a big problem for the shutdown though.

    • Avalon C.

      I completely agree, I think that the only ones to blame in this situation is the House and the Senate. Their main job is to keep everything together and intact and this government shut down didn’t happen because of all the Obama care arguments.

    • Gabriela V

      I agree with you and I believe that The House and The Senate are the ones to blame in this shutdown. The reason the government shut down isn’t because of the numerous disagreements on ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act. I’m also agreeing on how you said you can’t blame it on ObamaCare because it has been going on for only four years so it’s not completely fair to say it’s due to that. 100% agreeing on your comment.

    • Katie W-S

      I completely agree. ObamaCare is not completely to blame, though it may have played a part. The cause of the shutdown was probably a combination of things, ObamaCare being one of the least. You were completely right about the House and Senate being slightly irresponsible and mostly to blame. I think people are just generally doing too much finger pointing though. Who started it is not the biggest problem right now.

  • Victor Herrera

    I think the Republicans are to blame for the government shutdown because They pulled a filibuster when Ted Cruz was unwilling to yield the floor so the vote could take place . The Republicans are unwilling to compromise for instance the Senate wanted to finance the government without policy reductions but the Republicans wanted a major hit to affordable health care act .the house of represantives is run by the republicans are the only ones against the affordable health care act. The speaker of the house who is a republican said “I’m not going to negotiate” . What we should do now is not pay Congress or the president in till the goverment is back running like it should . We have to look art the Whit elephant(the republicans) in room and say they are to blame for more infomation look at (😉 also (ttp://

  • Fiona Boomer

    The Affordable Care Act has been passed. It is no longer a question of whether or not our nation can afford it, it is a question of establishing a continuing resolution regarding the government budget. It seems as if Congress is using negotiations regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as leverage to get what they want: the defunding of Obamacare. Because Obama was not willing to drag unrelated matters into the budget argument, and Republican Congress members were not willing to let it go, the government shut down. The government shutdown has caused more harm than predicted. Important government organizations, including the FDA, the EPA, the CDC, and NASA have temporarily shut down, furloughing employees without pay. Is the prize of this debate even worth the fight? Some would argue it isn’t, especially if the Republican party emerges victorious. Despite their minimal gains, they will be credited with the government shutdown- their losses will triumph their gains.

  • Natalie

    I think that the National Parks should remain open, as well as citizens jobs! Just because the government is having an issue with each other, doesn’t mean it has to effect Americans who have no part in this argument . Let the government do whatever they want to as long as it doesn’t cause us problems.

    • Alex

      This is true but something must shutdown until both sides reach an agreement.This is unavoidable until one side folds.

  • Alex

    I believe that the house is mainly to blame for the shutdown, as they seem unable to to perform their most basic task without tying in totally different issues. This is just an example of a lack of bi-partisanship in the government.

  • Hyunwoo

    I think it’s the House and Senate’s fault because this shutdown has been going on for way too long, and their job is to keep this from happening. It would be unfair to say that it’s all Obama Care’s fault because this health care program has been going on for the past four years.

    • Alex


  • jy

    I think the House Republicans are being too unreasonable. Health care is a basic human human right and everyone should be able to have it, regardless of wealth. We know someone going through bad leukemia, and without healthcare, the bill would be millions of dollars. Why should an American not be able to have coverage?

    • Ethan N

      Because both parties are taking the extreme sides, not finding a middle ground. They don’t want to compromise, and thus about half the country disagrees with Obamacare.

      • David

        I agree with you. I think the Republicans should jest accept Obama Care

        • Dylan


      • Paloma

        True. They need to compromise.

      • Robert Vetter

        I agree. I think that they should both try to compromise on one solution, and then the economy and the rest of the US can get back on track.

        • Dylan


    • Dimitri

      Yes but it isn’t a basic human right. The basic rights entitled to you are stated in the bill of rights. No where does it say that the government has the right to take excessive amounts of money hard working Americans and redistribute it help the poor. This country was established as a Capitalistic Republic and not a communism. If you want communism go to Cuba or China or Vietnam.

      • jy

        I’d be interested to see if you’d change your mind if you saw someone in a fatal condition – who doesn’t have the money to afford care. What would you do then?

  • RS

    I think congress needs to come together to pass the bill. Right now, the government is shut down and many people are not getting pay. It might not effect kids but it really effects adults. The leaders need to pass this bill!

  • Riya

    I think that it is the House of Representative’s fault that that we are in the government shutdown. They should do their job because everybody already approved the Obama are law.The government should just agree on putting Obamacare in the spending bill, and stop the shutdown. This should not affect us!

  • cristian

    The senate and house started this issue and is becoming a bigger problem until we help.

  • otto

    I think the house is responsible for the shutdown. the reason i think think this is because they make the disitions for the president… The house is made up of mainly republicans so its their fault!!!!

  • Tessa

    I think the House of Representatives had to do a lot with the shut down. I think they need to come to a better solution, to help people, that makes themselves and everyone else happy rather than doing something that gets many people fired.

    • Natalie C.

      Actually the people aren’t fired, just temporarily out of pay. But I completely agree

  • Taylorr

    I think the blame is on the republicans. It could be one or more groups It doesn’t really matter, it’s different for everyone. To me me I think that it’s one group. Now I think republicans should allow Obama Care.

  • matthew downey is the bomb

    I think the house needs a better solution

  • Natalie C.

    It is the House’s fault, because their job is to pass the bill. One could argue that it is the Senates fault, but everybody agreed on Obama Care a long time ago and all of a sudden the House is like “Oh, actually nevermind”. The problem is, even though 400,000 government paid workers are not getting paid, the House is still paid. I’m sure that if they didn’t get paid, they would be more worried, so that is my solution.

  • Maya

    This is a situation in which there are many ways one could look at it. Though people may have many different opinions, there is actually only one real cause to the shutdown. The reason that the government shutdown is because the house still doesn’t want to pass Obama Care. The law has actually been passed by the Senate which means that there is no reason why it isn’t an actual law. So in this situation, I think that the House is responsible for the shutdown. The government shouldn’t have shutdown over a decision that has already been made.

  • Andrew Cote

    I think that they should just except Obama Care

  • Lauren

    I think the House is to blame. They need to agree on a way to continue funding.

  • Ellie

    I don’t think that any one group is responsible for the shutdown. Both sides are trying to stand up for what they believe is right, but they are both being too stubborn. The government will stay shutdown until one side agrees to compromise, so we can only hope that that will happen soon.

  • Stan

    The house of rep is to blame. They are refusing to fund ACA, & are no longer paying all government workers. A shutdown is taking place. I believe quality health care is a basic human right, and ACA is a plus and should be happening.

    • aviv


      • Kiran


  • Nathan

    I think all parties are responsible for the government shutdown. As to what should happen now, either the republicans or the democrats should let the other party have their way. They can always revisit the issue and make other conclusions, but now the main goal is to get the government back on track.

    • Ellie


  • Tyler Peery

    I think both parties are responsible because both sides aren’t agreeing on a budget, but the the while thing has gone too long.

  • Vivian

    I think that the House of Republicans are mostly to blame. They should not be blackmailing the senate or the president to get what they want. I think in a way the Senate contributed by denying the House of Republicans, but I think now the Republicans should stop trying to change the laws.

  • Teagan Felt

    The House of Republicans are the ones to blame because they refuse to fund Obama Care and won’t pay any government workers. I think that the House of the Republicans should just trust the Senate and the President because they have more power and it is causing too many problems.

    • Wyatt S.

      Obama Care wasn’t a good idea in the first place. I don’t think its fair to blame the Republicans for doing the right thing.

      • Dimitri

        I agree, Obama Care is the first step toward communism, and that sure worked out for the USSR

  • Abby

    It’s not just one groups fault. Neither side is willing to negotiate on the case, so they are not going to get anywhere. For example: the senate is rejecting budgets. Both groups think they are going to wait for the other side to give in, but clearly that’s not going to work.

    • Paloma

      I agree with you. It isn’t just one group, it is multiple and they need to reach a compromise soon for the sake of the US.

    • Dakota J

      I believe that this is all revolved around Obama Care.

    • Alex Poland

      I completely agree with you. In addition to them waiting for the other side to give in no one is benefit from the prolong wait. Everyday Americans aren’t able to visit National Zoos are even the National Mall at this point.

    • JunjiYang

      I agree, if both sides can take one step back, it would be easier to figure the problem out.

  • aviv

    house of rep is guilty. this law was passed several years ago and NOW the start crying. Also these guys are getting paid while mostly everybody else is getting furlonged! I have a little message for them. Put down your little baby diapers, lay aside your little baby foo-foo, and DO YOUR JOB!

    • Kiran

      lovely, just lovely. Nice Aviv

      • aviv

        thanks, it’s a quote from a video game

      • Jasper Wu

        Good Kiran

    • Jasper Wu

      I like it!

  • Jasper Wu

    I think everybody is to blame for the government shutdown. The Republicans and the Democrats contributed it. The government shut it down and the house members still get paid.

    • Tyler Peery


    • Saki M.

      I agree too. But the House is mostly to blame for.

  • Saki M.

    The House is to blame for the government shutdown because they are refusing to pass the ACA. The Senate is right; the ACA has already been passed.

    • Kiran


      • Ezra

        Very true

    • Ezra

      Yes, quite

    • aviv

      well said

    • Ezra


  • Ezra

    The Republicans are wasting the public’s and the governments time. They should let it go, after all life isn’t fair (last time I checked).

    • aviv


      • Kiran


  • Francis P

    I think the house is to blame because they are the ones disagreeing to pass the budget.

    • Saki M.


    • Ezra

      I agree!

  • ellie

    I think mostly the house id to blame for the shutdown, but the senate isn’t exactly innocent either. It is the houses job to pass a budget, and the need to do it! You were elected for a reason, do! However the senate could do a better job negotiating with the house. The senate now needs to grow up and, also they senate should take this to the supreme court as blackmail.

    • Kiran


      • Ezra

        The senate is a tiny bit involved, but not a lot

        • Kiran

          sort of

    • Zach M

      Both the House and the Senate is to blame in this situation.

  • Christina

    I think that the House is to blame; they should let the senate pass the ACA. We voted for it, and now it should be a law. Most of America wants Obamacare, but still the House is complaining about how it shouldn’t get passed. Why didn’t they being this up BEFORE the law was passed, or, even better, before Obama’s re-election? Just let it go! We need our government to just agree and move on, or else our country will go into really, really bad debt. They need to stop throwing temper tantrums at each other, pass the bill, and keep going!

    • aviv


      • Ezra

        Very true.

    • Ethan N

      All that needs to happen is a change to ACA. If the Republicans oppose certain parts, you can change them. All that needs to happen is an end to the shutdown.

  • PK

    I think the house of Republicans are just thinking kind of about them self. They are being really unreasonable, They are getting payed still while some people that work for the Governments are getting no money. Its not fair for people that are very sick and they don’t get any coverage, rich people don’t need the money. I think the House of Republicans should just get it together and stop acting like little children. Soon we will run out of money and it will be all their fault.

    • Ezra

      I agree. The republicans are just crying and want there way.

      • Kiran


      • Patrick

        yes but it is the senates job to agree with the house

  • lindsay

    I think that the house of Representatives needs to lower their demands but at the same time the senate needs to be more flexible. I think the senate and house of Representatives and the senate are both to blame for the government shut down. To solve this they both need to compromise so the government can get working again and the workers can get paid again.

    • Tyson K

      Exactly right. They need to think about what is best for the people of the United States, not just to satisfy themselves.

      • Randall

        yeah well obama mama needs to get impeached

  • Tyler Peery


    • Ezra

      Not true at all@

    • Tyler Peery


    • Soumya

      True. In eleven days if this isn’t solved we won’t have any money for the next fiscal year.

  • Llewnosuke

    I say that the house of rep is all to blame for, because they are the ones not agreeing

    • Ezra

      Well said and I agree!

  • Milli Lu

    I think that the senate, house of representatives, and president are to blame for shutting down the government over a disagreement and mostly the house of representatives for holding the budget hostage

  • Ashlyn

    I would blame the House. The whole country already passed Obama Care so it’s dumb that the house is trying to blackmail the Senate and the President. It’s the Houses job to pass a budget that includes Obama Care, so if they aren’t doing their job, they shouldn’t get paid.

    • Asia

      I agree with you. Also the government officials get special packages so, its like someone is offering something better and they are rejecting it.

      • Preston K.

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. If the people want Obama Care then why isn’t the house listening to the people. Isn’t that why they were elected in the first place. Our Government needs some serious revamping.

        • BC

          The problem with Obama Care is it costs the government money, and money is a huge problem in America, hence why the government is currently shut down.

          • BC

            Until America’s economy is a lot more stable and in much better condition than it is today, I don’t think Obama Care is an option. Obama Care needs a stable platform(budget) in order for it to work without causing our country to worsen its debt. Passing Obama Care is like building the Pyramids upside down, no stability at all and ready to crash at any second.

    • JunjiYang

      Agreed. The house doesn’t really think the people’s ideas.

    • Jae Hun

      I agree with you. House and senates are the ones that should be in c harge of these problems and making fair decisions for everyone.

  • Kiran

    The republicans and the house is to blame. Their job is to pass the budget, but they have not. Think of it this way, a little kid( house republicans) lose a race against another kid, they go sulk in the corner and don’t agree to anything. The republicans are blackmailing the entire united states. Why do you think that we don’t have a republican president? It’s because people DON’T LIKE their ideas. The republicans need to put down their baby bottles and get in the game.

  • Daniel-Pablo

    I think the house is to blame. Obama Care was already passed and that’s that. So why isn’t it just that?

    • Skye

      i agree. The parties should not even be arguing because it has already been done.

  • Charlotte

    I think that it is everyone’s fault. The Republicans and Democrats are being too stubborn to compromise. They need to put their big boy/girl pants, and do their jobs for the better of our country. I also think that it is wrong that the House and Senate shouldn’t be paid, given it is their fault.

    • Bridget

      It’s kind of sad when 7th graders can even see that this is wrong.

      • Charlotte


    • Karli N

      Amen. Couldn’t have been said better!

  • Justin

    The House is to blame. The law has already been passed, and I think the House is just being silly. The House needs to stop playing around.

  • Lucas

    the house is just being dumb and they should finally agree. The ACA has already been passed the house better agree because everyone else is not being paid except for them

    • Tyson K

      Exactly, like kids fighting over a cookie, no one wins.

  • Patrick

    There are three groups to blame in this The president,the senate,and the house of represenitives. The president and senate are not willing to negociate. The house is shutting down the government.

    • Ethan N

      The president is willing to negotiate, but nobody else does.

      • Skye

        I agree, but why hasn’t obama stepped in and done something about it. He is the boss, the leader, he needs to take control.

  • Galileo

    I think the house of republicans is to blame because they are not passing a budget because of something that is already a law. And nobody federal is payed but them.

  • Bridget

    The House shouldn’t bring the budget into the mess of Obamacare. They don’t really have anything to do each other. The Republicans are also kind of abusing their power. While they are arguing, Americans are living unemployed, and they are still getting their salaries.

    They’re being pretty childish, like two siblings that are mad and shunning each other. Kids are taught not to fight and to get over their differences and find a solution themselves. We’ve voted for these people because we believed they would be good- it’s time they proved us right.

    Although I don’t support Obamacare, I still think that the House is being unreasonable.

    • Ethan N


  • Ethan N

    It is partially George W Bush’s fault, as his wars depleted the budget and left Obama scrambling to fix it, while everyone blames him. Also, the Democrats can raise the bar for this issue and try to compromise, because the Republican’s aren’t gonna budge. However, the shutdown needs to be resolved. These guys shouldn’t be paid, because they’re not doing anything but appealing to the Senate’s decisions hour after hour, like a spam email that just sends the same message every hour, on the hour. They’re not doing anything.

    • Bridget

      I agree that they shouldn’t be paid until they solve this. However, there is nothing we can do right now.

  • whit

    The house is to blame. But the Federal(AKA democrats) government shouldn’t be invading everyone’s personal life.

    • Ethan N

      The Democrats shouldn’t oppose the House full force, just find the middle ground.

    • Ryan E

      Excuse me, but the house is in the federal govn’t, so you should say “Senate”

  • Leela

    I think that it’s the House’s fault since they are basically bribing the Senate to get their way. Although the Senate should have compromised when they passed the law for Obamacare, that is done and it is now a law. They can’t go back. It is not all the House’s fault, but they should not be forcing them to do something.

    I also think its unfair how they are getting paid through all this. They don’t have pressure to solve the problem, and both of them could just sit there forever while other people are struggling to get another job and be paid. This reminds me of an argument between two 8 year olds, and both are two stubborn to give in.

    • Bridget

      What can we do about them getting paid? Doesn’t the House of Representatives control the budget/salaries?

      • Leela

        I honestly don’t know… but its unfair..

  • Zharit

    I think the persons who is blame is the house of representatives because I think that they just don’t want to make a little money for the other things that are also necessary for the goverment and those other things are also really important.

  • Mallory

    Well, I think that it’s the Republicans fault because ObamaCare has already been to the supreme court! So, why are we even discussing or arguing about this? I do blame both sides partly because shutting down the government is a horrible solution. But come on, ObamaCare is already a law! Leave it alone!

    • Mallory

      house of representatives not republicans

      • Bridget

        you can edit your comments….

  • Zach

    I think the House of Representatives is at fault in this situation. They are holding the economy “hostage” because the senate won’t compromise in a law that has already been passed. They should see that there is little to be done on the topic. The Senate demanding for money from people with unstable jobs may not be right, but there is nothing the House can do now.

    • Mallory


      • Ryan E

        For sure.

  • Ryan E

    I think the house is to blame. This an an act passed to prolong the ACA, not related to it. Cutting all funding except essential funding. Apparently them sitting and doing nothing all day is “Essential”. There is a LAW for the ACA, passed in the Supreme court. The house is holding the Economy for ransom. This is a immature act of the house, but the house is not 100% to blame. The senate barley denied the house of the act that they proposed, but it was a very close vote, so it is only 1% of the senate’s fault.

    • Bridget


  • Meera

    I think that it is the Republicans fault because they are not able to compromise with the Senate and pass the budget. I mean the government has already passed Obama Care and the House is refusing to their job. I think that since the House is not doing their job they should not get paid and be the ones to get blamed.

  • carlos

    the house of republicans are to blame because they feel like they can put there problems in our hands and can just change are lives and they still get pained

    • Tyson K

      It is both of the Republicans and Democrats faults. They need to come to an agreement, one side cannot force the other to agree.

  • CL

    I think it’s both the House and the Senate’s fault. Health care is a basic human right, because everyone should be able to be healthy no matter how poor they are. So the House shouldn’t have declined it when everyone else had agreed on it, but the Senate shouldn’t force people to buy something if they didn’t want to.

  • Iliana Torres

    “Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings at the dinner table, and your mom warned that if you didn’t get along then no one would get dessert? That, in a nutshell, is essentially what is going on with the federal government shutdown – the first in 17 years – that began October 1st. Only instead of a bunch of whiny little kids kicking each other under the table, insert a gaggle of squabbling elected officers arguing about Obamacare, and replace chocolate cake with – oh I don’t know – little treats like national parks and NASA, and you’ve pretty much nailed down the current meltdown in Washington.” That’s how Matthew Green explained the government shut down for his article for KQED on this recent tragedy that has struck the U.S. yet again. But who really is to blame for all of this? In essence, Congress. Both the Republicans and Democrats are not looking for a compromise. What sucks the most is that they’re getting paid and still “kicking each other under the table.”. I think we all have opinions on what should happen now. Most of us agree that they should stop acting like those little kids arguing at the dinner table. But I also think that they should – once it opens again, or now even – they should pass a law like Proposition 25 here in California, that if legislators fail to pass a budget on time they won’t get paid. Nobody wants to go without pay, so that will be enough motivation to get them moving again if this ever happens again, just like Barbara Boxer has proposed.

  • shellesea frazier

    i would blame all, the house, the senate, and the president. they all contribute to the problem and should be able come up with a solution that best fits the country because they all have a say and control it. its falling apart and all they can do is fight and shut down. obama care was passed so they should just drop it and do something with the budget before things get any worse if thats even possible. they are all grown ups that have huge responsibilities. they need to get it together.

    • Skye

      I agree. They all need to step together and fix the problem. They know whats best they are just being stubborn and wont let the other person win. Whose the real bigger person..?

  • Lloyd Shearer

    @KQEDedspace I believe both houses are at fault. Communication is a key requirement for a government to run and the houses are not doing that, resulting to a shutdown. #DoNowShutdown

  • psychoman23

    It is all the republicans fault


  • psychoman23

    It’s true

  • psychoman23


  • Zach M

    No one is to blame but the House and the Senate. They can not reach a formal agreement on this budget plan. Why blame President Obama? If the House and the Senate can’t agree, you can not blame the President of the United States. It is the rivalry between Democrats and Republicans, who are now showing their “power” because THEY shut down the government.

  • psychoman23

    you’re cold patrick

  • psychoman23

    you’re really cold

  • Tyson K

    I think both the House and Senate are to blame here. It is up to them to come to an agreement on the budget plan. Each is so set on not letting the other be right that they cannot come to a compromise. I think they need to stop being little babies and just come to an agreement.

    • Kenyon Shutt

      Exactly- I can’t understand why the members of congress can’t see how irresponsible and childish they look from the eyes of citizens. They can’t seem to get that nothing has ever happened or will happen without some sort of compromise. In my opinion, both parties are to blame because neither will see the bright sides of the other’s propositions. I think if they just quit stopping up the entire country with their lack of responsibility by not being so selfish and actually speaking with the other side, everything would turn out fine.

      • Aitor iriso

        I think that the speaker of the House is the main reason the government can’t decide on a federal budget. The House continues to pass small spending bills that are mostly benefiting the essential work force such as the military and government officials. The toss back between the spending bill for Obama care is becoming more strained than how it was before and the turmoil caused is affecting leaders in both the House and the Senate to become more absurd. Republican Ted Cruz from Texas spoke for 21 hours and 19 minutes attacking Obama’s health care laws which led other republicans to rise up. John Boehner is a pro war republican who wants to fund the military and kill Obama care and he should be kicked out of office before he causes more anarchy

  • Paloma

    I think that both sides are being stubborn and refusing to reach a compromise. I think that a few Republicans have made all the Republicans look like that is what they want. This is sort of setting up America for failure. I think that the best way to solve this is to leave ACA as it is, and pass the budget. A government shutdown should not be a solution to a couple people being stubborn. The House is also to blame for this, they should be more responsible and pass a budget that includes the ACA.

  • David

    We should blame the Republicans because they shut down the government and stopped paying the government workers. More than one group contributed to it but many Republicans didn’t accept Obama Care because they think they will lose money off of it. I think the government should accept Obama Care even if they don’t like it and want to get rid of it.

    • Karli N

      Both the House and Senate are to blame, not just the Republicans. It’s not just one side that can’t come to an agreement…. it’s both.

  • Robert Vetter

    The Tea Party Republicans are just throwing a temper tantrum because they don’t want Obamacare in action. The Tea Party Republicans and some others are contributing, so they should take the blame and not be paid. I think they should realize that having Obamacare is better than people having no health care at all.

    • Dylan

      The tea party is it’s own group. There is no such thing as a “tea party republican”.

  • Dylan

    I think that it is the Rebublicans fault. Because we would not have the government shutdown if it was’nt for them

    • Zach M

      It is both the Democrats and Republicans fault, because the House and the Senate can not to come to an agreement.

      • Dylan

        Well why can’t the Republicans just except the fact that the Democrats are done with it.

        • Colman


        • Dylan

          Done with what? Do your homework?

        • Zach M

          Where is your proof for this?

    • Dylan

      Way to back up your opinion man…

  • Preston K.

    I think the real question here is when can congress stop acting like a bunch of babies and come to an agreement. I think everyone is to blame for the government shutdown. Lets fact it, if the President is Democratic and the house is Republican then absolutely nothing will get accomplished. Which is exactly what is happening right now. I think we need to elect a party other than Democrat and Republican. I don’t know if it would solve the problem, but we clearly need to try something different. Didn’t Obama get reelected because of Obamacare. I think the house needs to look at what the people think and not follow what their party thinks.

  • Dylan

    Both the house and the senate are to blame. You can’t just blame republicans or democrats. Its the whole government. The Government obviously doesn’t care about the citizens of the United States, they would rather shut down and be stubborn than try to get a deal done… It makes me sick. Our government is not looking out for our best interest at all. Everybody in congress needs to be fired because they aren’t doing their job. We should stop saying the national anthem. It’s saying we support a country who doesn’t give a crap about it’s own people. Call me crazy if you want but try to prove me wrong.

    • Randall

      nobody is being redundant!!

      • Dylan

        Randall go back to louisiana

    • BC

      You can’t blame the whole government when it is not the whole government’s job when it comes to the budget. In the Constitution, it states that it is specifically Congress’s job to deal with the budget. So saying that its the whole government’s fault is saying that every person in that system had something to do with the shutdown, and I’m pretty sure that most people in the government had anything to do with this because it is not their job. To say it is Congress’s fault I can see because it is listed in their job description but saying our entire government is quite a stretch. Also, saying everyone in Congress should be fired is also a big stretch. There are probably some people in Congress that are fit for the job. But the problem is that they all have a big problem that makes the agreeing hard, they are humans and they have personal opinions. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have personal opinions. If you were to go out and take the same amount of people that are in Congress(535 to my knowledge) and ask them a question that is currently in Congress such as Obama Care and then give them all of the economy facts they need to know. If you were to do this, you will see there are different opinions. No matter where you go, this will happen. They aren’t being stubborn at all, they are just feuding over opinions. They also wouldn’t prefer a shutdown, they have to work a lot more to fix this. Also, its not this Congress’s fault. This is something that takes time to happen. This is something that is gradual and it just happened to be now that it is such a big problem. Also, you have no idea what the National Anthem means if you think it means what you just said. It symbolizes what our country was founded upon, the freedom and liberty we live in.

      • BC

        Yes, I called you crazy.

  • Alex M

    While all parties are somewhat to blame with refusing to negotiate, the main problem is the house republicans trying to stop ObamaCare. ObamaCare has already been passed, so the house republicans are just having a tantrum in a futile attempt to stop it. This unnecessary shutdown is only hurting our country and thousands of people in it, so the best solution would be to leave the Affordable Care Act as it is now and continue funding the Government.

  • Nettie

    I think both parties are to blame. Obamacare has been a very controversial issue since it was first proposed, and considering that both the House and Senate have been arguing about this for months a decision should have been made a while ago. Either a compermise should be made or the bill should be thrown out because the people of the US have no control over the House or the Senate and its not right people don’t have jobs and things are shut down because the people that do have control are not doing their job. Both parties and the President are to blame in this situation. They have jobs and they should do theirs because it is causing problems for people that don’t have control.

  • Colman

    The House and some of the Republicans need to suck it up and stop acting like babies. They need to accept the fact that it’s not happening and they aren’t going to get their way. It’s either they don’t suck it up and the government stays shut down (which no body wants), or they suck it up and it goes back to status quo.

    • Alex P

      I agree with you completely. They need to start making decisions now rather than later. In the end, the everyday Americans are the ones who are suffering the most from it.

    • Wyatt S.

      The lack of decision making is rather annoying and unhelpful. They need to just make up their minds like you said. It would just help future problems from coming out.

  • Dakota J

    The government shutdown is caused by a lot of things, however the the primary reason is Obama. If the President didn’t keep pushing the Obama Care, the Congress wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation. Obama Care may seem like a good idea at first, but nothing is free and someone has to pay for it eventually and that someone is the government. Unfortunately, our government just can’t fund this and I think that Obama needs to let it go because look at where it’s gotten us; no where.

    • Zach M


  • William c

    The house are the ones that started this because are having a temper tantrum because they don’t want Obama care. If i remember when i had a temper tantrum I would just get punished and grounded. (i never won)

  • naomi

    The Republicans are threatening to shutdown the government. Mostly Republicans and no other were blamed for shutting down the government. Republicans should just forget everything and just said okay we don’t have to shut down the government.

    • Nettie

      Would you just say okay and give up on something you believe in? The House has just as much of a right to argue this as the Senate. I personally agree with the House and they obliviously have a reason for fighting and shutting down the government. Both parties are to blame and a compromise should be made. The people should not being playing the blame game because nothing will be accomplished by that.

  • Evan B.

    I think that both the Republicans are to blame for the government shutdown. However, I believe that the Republicans are most guilty because they are basically blackmailing the Democrats. They should stop the babyish nonsense and fund Obamacare (ACA Affordable Care Act).

  • Jess

    I think the Democrats should get the blame Obama care is a law

  • Philippe

    The house started a government shutdown because they think the affordable care act is a waste of money. How is helping someone with a lethal disease a waste of money? The House should send the bill with the ACA to stop this nonsense

  • Rebecca

    I think the House of Representitives are to blame for most of the government shut down. The House would not pass a budget to support ACA, which is already a law. But The Senate would not accept the budget the House passed.

  • Karli N

    In all reality, the House and Senate are to blame. Because of their inability to make a decision, many people have lost their jobs and money. To me, that’s being selfish.

  • Emily

    I would blame the House of Republicans. I think the Republicans should be blamed because they are the ones that will not agree with having the law of Obama care. The Republicans should agree with the president because so many silly problems are happening.

  • Samantha

    I think the blame should be on the republicans. The republican are being very stubborn and should not have shut the government in any case. That in any case seems to be a bad idea. Besides, the law was supposed to be passed already before.

    • Nettie

      Just because the law was passed doesn’t mean that a budget plan was decided. This is what is being argued not if we should fund it or not. Maybe the Senate should be more open to adjusting the plan and the house should be more accepting. Both parties are to blame.

  • Randall

    Think about this, the United States is losing all kinds of money from closing the parks, zoos, museums, monuments in Washington. Does the House of Rep. control our income? Are we just going to let them disagree? The president should have some say in what our country needs. The bodies of Sgt. Patrick C. Hawkins, 25; Pfc. Cody J. Patterson, 24; Sgt. Joseph M. Peters, 24; and First Lt. Jennifer M. Moreno, 25. They died Sunday in the Zhari district of Kandahar Province when axis attacked their unit with explosives. The poor families can not even get funded for them to fly to Delaware to collect there loved ones, and the government has always paid for them in the past. But it is so messed up the way our country has came to. The house and congress needs to come togetheer with the president and sign the bill, so our country does not lose anymore money then what we are already in. GET IT TOGETHER AMERICA!!

    • Zach M

      Too bad they planning a budget for money we do not have.

  • Grace Rowell

    I think that is dumb that the House is trying to scale back and repeal Obama Care because it is already a law. Everyone thinks the fight is between the Democrats and the Republicans, but I think there is some dispute in the Republican party. The House is basically throwing a temper tantrum, and its not working. They are costing the United States thousands of jobs, and if they plan to have this going on for a year, its going to be a disaster. But, they can’t. The government thinks that they have enough money to last until October 17th or a few days after, but then the debt is going to default and the U.S, is going to lose a lot of money.

  • Patrick M

    I think both the Democrats and the Republicans are to blame for the government shutdown because they both aren’t doing anything drastic to solve the problem. It makes the country think that their government doesn’t care.

  • Eric

    I think the Republicans are wrong. They think that they are saving money by stopping ObamaCare but with the government shutdown, they are losing lots of cash and lots of people with government jobs are being laid off and some unfortunate ones have ro work and no get paid.

  • carrie

    I think that its stupid to say that “No special treatment for anyone we all live under the law equally” I thought that comment was stupid because not everyone has health care and so in that reason not everyone lives under the law equally and also I believe that the law really does not matter if someone is in pain or has a disease.

  • Mele Kailahi

    It’s all the House of Republican’s fault!! It’s their fault for not passing the law. This is very unfair because a lot of people aren’t getting paid. Plus, the majority of the U.S. already voted and we shouldn’t have to wait for the law to get passed if the House of Republicans doesn’t agree.

    • Nettie

      I completely disagree with the fault being put fully on the house. There needs to be a compromise, the argument is not if the law is passed its how much money will fund it. Don’t put the blame on one side when there are plenty of other elements that come into play.

  • Allison

    I think the blame should go to the House because by rejecting cheaper healthcare, they are just taking away everyone’s right of healthcare who can’t pay for it. However, I think they are taking too long to agree on this problem because it should be obvious that healthcare should be a basic human right.

  • Zach M

    Why plan a budget for the money we do not have in the first place?

  • Skye

    I think that both parties are to blame. They are being stubborn and will not come to a compromise. Obamacare has already been passed so why are they still arguing? The government being shut down is not fixing anything, its effecting those who don’t deserve it. They need to get a grip, and do it fast. Its only going to get worse.

  • sean.leonard

    The republicans are to blame for this shutdown for being so stubborn and pig-headed. If my memory is correct, Obamacare was already passed, so it’s pointless to debate over this, especially if it’s causing the shutdown of the government one way or another.

  • Wyatt S.

    The House and the Senate are both to blame. Our country can’t have a steady agreement on all things, and this is where the problem began. We can not blame one single group for this but we can blame it between the both of them. Obama Care is not a great idea but they came up with it for a reason. Now, they need to just learn to agree on what is right and wrong about it.

  • Sarah C

    Lynn’s English 9: If I was obsessed with politics like my parents are, I’d probably be worried about what would happen without an active government. I don’t really get the whole government shutdown thing, though. I don’t see much point in shutting the government down because you dislike one law.

  • Marisa

    Lynn K class:
    I don’t get why the government wants to shut itself down. That is a horrible idea. All of the people working for the government, or even government owned parks, or buildings are out of jobs. But of course they still think that the military is important so they don’t shut it down. I mean out of all the things that the government would shut down the BEST thing would be the army. Why do we have to do this? Why is our government to spread out to even vote on one tiny little thing? What is our world coming to?

  • Bruce Wang

    I think I would blame them both, the republican and the democrats. The government shut down in my opinion was because they wanted to play a political game. “They just want to against to each other.” my parents said. They do not care if it’s good for us or bad, they just want to deny each other. The Obama-care will be good for us although it might cause a lot of money. But they don’t agree with the high budget and finally cause the government shut down. I think the government does not take responsibility for us. It’s not a good government.I don’t think it’s time to play such a political game now, they should draw together and solve the shutting down government problem itself.

  • Kristy L.

    I think Republicans are the one who blame the government to shut down. Yes, several groups contribute to it. Since the government shutdown over ObamaCare, I think Obama and congressional Republicans will now engage in a public debate over who is to blame for the government shutdown that started at midnight, with each side planning to blast the other and try to force and try to force concessions by getting the American public on their side.

  • Griffen V.

    I find it a childish response by the GOP to try to pass a bill that does not fund the affordable health care act. The affordable health care act has already passed in to law and the fact that the House of Representatives would rather have the government shut down then have something that was put in law funded is sad. The most despicable thing is that congress is still getting paid their salaries during this time, along with their benefits which include: “The Capitol subway system and a gym for members of the House of Representatives.”

  • Sebastian ACLC

    I think that the reason of this event is the republicans dont want Obama care acts to be passed so they are delaying it and causing the shut down, that is my theory

  • Aria-Grace B.

    i personally think that the republicans are the ones to blame for the shut down because they are the ones that kept pushing congress to push obama care a year back. i think mostly the republicans are the ones to blame for the shut down but i do think that both partys did play a large role in the shut down. if it was a perfect world the governemt could come back and give people their jobs again and alot of other things that were shut down due to the government shutting down can get back in running, and maybe there could be a conprimise like push obama care only 6 months back instead of an enitre year.

  • Jordan

    I think that the government shutdown is a complete waste. I mean, the whole issue about deciding on a spending plan is not at all valid. America isn’t by any means out of its massive debt. Any money we have that isn’t being diverted to education and other REASONABLE purposes should be used to pay off debt. I think both the House and Congress is to blame for the whole “shutdown” for not seeing the mountain of debt America has buried itself under. The government should never have shut itself down, and now lots of people have been thrown under the bus. Think of all the people on the International Space Station. They can’t get home directly from space, because America’s no longer sending ships to get them.

  • Koii Benvenutto

    I believe that the Tea Party’s choices in this situation are a bit like a toddler not getting exactly what he or she wants. They have cut so many government programs just to keep one thing from happening. At this point both sides need to compromise to get anything done but the choices made by the Tea Party have been ridiculous!

  • Sophia Moore

    The government shutdown is happening the after the Senate already passed budget so the fact that the House is trying to negotiate now does not make sense. What is there to negotiate about when it has already been passed? I agree with another comment I read that it is irresponsible of the House to drag on the shutdown. I also think that playing a spoil sport after the fact is only causing grief to the American people. Many people’s lives have been altered for the worst because of it, this is not what we need. I thought one idea by Mathew Green, of what was going on was comical, yet an accurate description. “Only instead of a bunch of whiny little kids kicking each other under the table, insert a gaggle of squabbling elected officials arguing about Obamacare, and replace chocolate cake with — oh I don’t know — little treats like national parks and NASA, and you’ve pretty much nailed down the current meltdown in Washington.”

  • branden

    i think that the republican party was to blame for the government shutdown since they were making a fuss about Obama care and yet it has not even been put into action yet. now their trying to extend the dept limit a little longer, what happens when the dept limit it too high and unmanageable, are they going to put it off too. and they are talking about cuts on things, what is going to be next the more school funding. if their going to cut any thing it might as well be their pay check but that will never happen because the government in my opinion is quite corrupt. the government would be in less debt if they stop giving money to other countries.

  • Jacky

    I would blame The House and The Senate. They have discussed this spending bill more than 2 weeks, but they still cannot come up with an answer to solve this problem. I think they should stay up to discuss a plan until they come up with a perfect solution for this problem. The government cannot be closed for that long, it is affecting a lot of people. I can see the plan is going back and forth between The House and The Senate in

  • Christopher Boyd

    I feel like the republicans are the people who should be blamed. They are the ones who just don’t like Obama Care. The fact that Obama care was passed they now are so mad that they are going to make it dificult to get anything done. I think that the republicans should stop being a pain just because they did not get there way.

  • Gerank Fok

    Matthew Green has compared the government shutdown to sibling fight at the dinner table and I have to agree with him. Congress is acting like a bunch of children and they REALLY need to wisen up! While they squander away, federal workers are taking hits from unemployment, and other US citizens are restricted from going to national monuments, museums, etc.

  • Kai Sugioka-Stone

    I believe that the Congressmen are to blame for this, because they are the ones who shut it down. Think back to when you were a kid, how you would argue with your siblings over the salt/pepper at the dinner table, well, the people at the table are people like Obama and Congress, but Congress didn’t get what they wanted, so they threw a fit and shut it that the government is shut down, this would probably be a good time to make the President realize how bad our oil rigs are for the environment.

  • Luca S.

    You can’t just blame republicans or democrats. I would blame the House and the Senate because they could not agree on a budget which caused the government to shut down. If the House and Senate cant agree, then why blame the president. Because of this shutdown, thousands of people are going to be affected by it. For example, people wont be able to visit the national parks during this shutdown. There are also many other ways it will affect people but there are too many.

  • Drake H

    It is shocking that I found out most of my information from Jon Stewart but regardless, what does the house think it is accomplishing by not funding healthcare. In my opinion it is holding almost one million people hostage of their jobs. As Stewart says, “It was not deemed unconstitutional.” What it means is this bill made it through our democratic system and should be funded. Not funding this bill is the same thing as not funding any other government program like the FDA. Although it is not as important as defense, it definitely comes right after it. The senate needs to recognize our legal system instead of holding our country hostage.

  • Caroline H.

    I think that both the house and senate are responsible for the government shutdown, but I think that the house is more to blame than senate because the house is saying that “The American people don’t want the government shut down, and they don’t want Obamacare.” when The Affordable Care Act was already voted on and has been used for the past 4 years. But, i think that both are to blame because they are both being stubborn about the budget and won’t even think about negotiating. If either of them wanted to stop the government shutdown they would’ve tried to negotiate with the other and make a decision.

  • Rudi S. S.

    Lynn’s English 9 Class

    I am not going to pint any fingers because I believe that is wrong and against my point.

    However In my opinion Shutting down the government was the wrong and unjust way to settle this disagreement.

    I have 2 cousins and an aunt and an uncle who work for the park service and are currently unable to work and get pay because of this problem; yet the government is still paying for the politicians that created this problem in the first place? I think that the politician’s pay should be the first cut to make not on millions of jobs around the country. Also the fact that the government is still ordering strikes in foreign countries is absurd to me; the United States has pissed/killed off enough people.

    A much better way to settle this would be to just vote, we are supposed to be a democracy right? And even if the government has turned more into a oligarchy there are much better ways than this downright stupid plan.

    My resources are:

  • Fletcher S.

    Why are the republicans doing this, they really are holding the government hostage. This is getting them nowhere, and is making them (no surprise) less popular in the polls. What also bothers me is that we’re funding the military, but not NASA, which at this moment has a rover on Mars, which is doing absolutely nothing and has a radioisotope which is decaying. It’s decaying slowly but it is decaying and will not produce energy once it has decayed.

  • Jessica Nguyen

    My main concern about the government shut-down is if the
    House and Senate will even agree on a spending plan. This is the question we
    all have to consider when thinking about this situation. But the government
    cannot remain out of service for it will cause extreme disorders among American
    citizens and the economy. So, when will it be up and running again? Nobody is
    sure. But I believe the main causes of this problem are the House and Senate. The
    government’s job is to keep the country running but treating this problem by shutting
    everything down is doing the exact opposite. 800,000 workers are being
    furloughed simply because of the two parties’ inability to compromise and agree
    with a budget. Both parties should set aside their differences and come to a
    mutual agreement for the people of America. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that
    simple when dealing with the government. The House is bringing up a law that has been signed back in 2009 and looked at it, deciding that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional. The way the republicans tell their side, all they wish for is for Obama to meet them halfway. They state that the democrats have compromised on nothing. Jon Stewart from the video Jon Stewart’s Rockin’ Shutdown Eve, says, “nobody’s saying it’s a good law, nobody’s saying it’s a bad law, but it’s the law.” He says that there is no bridge for the divides because it’s a law. All in all, something good better
    come out of this shutdown; they need to hurry up and sort things out. Too many
    people are out of their jobs and the National Parks need us.

  • Sandy Evsanaa

    I feel like the people who are to blame for this is the republicans and democrats. I understand why the republicans want to change the obamacare and the democrats being the so called liberals ones should listen to them. But the republicans shouldn’t be opposing obamacare. What they should be doing is sitting down and talking to each other on why and how they could change the healthcare system of America so that maybe outside countries will look at us and say “Wow, they’re sane for once. ”

  • austin

    The only reason the republicans shut down the government is so they can defund the affordable care act.Mean while, every day Americans are suffering because they aren’t getting government subsidies on which they depend. These Republicans are in danger of losing their seats in the House come next election cycle. In the New York Times article by Jonathan Weisman and Jeremy Peters posted on Sept. 30th,,California Representative Devin Nunes had this to say: “You have this group that keeps saying somehow if you’re not with them, you’re for Obamacare, If you’re not with exactly their plan, exactly what they want to do,
    then you’re somehow for Obamacare, and it’s just getting a little old.
    “It’s moronic to shut down the government over this.”
    Moronic indeed Mr. Nunes.

  • Kobe Hutchinson

    Well ya know, this is how i describe it: BULL SHRIMP. This has gotten out of hand, and this didn’t have to happen, citizens need to figure out that what the republicans want screws them over no matter what, and that the democrats need to do what they want to do, sorry for my language but grow some balls, please. And congress needs to make up their mind. If the republicans in congress want something done, they do it, even if its pure crap, But the democrats know what the right thing to do is, and they dont have the marbles to do it. The Affordable care act is a positive thing, too bad it doesnt stuff someones pocket………………

  • Daniel Bautista

    This is very angering, and very stupid on the House’s Republicans part. (No offense to anybody who is Republican. Especially my grandparents if they ever happen to see this.)

    Politically speaking, this is a ‘childish-reaction’ to Obamacare on the part of the Republican. There are thousands upon millions of not just people, but also town economies and even some state economies that depend deeply on the results of government funded services and businesses. Many of these things that have just been SHOT OUT OF THE SKY by the government shutdown.
    The group behind this were being backed by those who didn’t want to have ObamaCare passed. Yet, after this “little” stunt, where will those who backed them during this be? Those people will be joined with the very groups that backed ObamaCare. This is not a move one takes to challenge a single bill, (Or whatever was used to verify and ‘crown’ the Healthcare agreement.) This is something that will affect the entire country, especially the people who started the shutdown. Yes, it is ‘impressive’ that they actually managed this, but they’ll soon find that they to swallowed the poison. Their actions are not going to just affect the country, but also affect them. Thats most likely when the shutdown will “Shut-up.”

    Sorry if this came off a little bit harsh, I’m just very angry right now.

  • Daysia Adams

    So when all of this stuff came out about the government shutdown I really was interested to know why the shutdown actually happened. When I did my own research reading all of the CBS and NBC articles I still found myself confused . In my English 10 class we were required to watch the above video and use the resources beneath it to find more information about it . The resource that came in handy for me the most was . I guess I could say that it helped me understand the whole government situation way more than any other resource. This was because of this stated question in the article , ” Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings at the dinner table and your mom warned that if you couldn’t get along then no one got dessert? ” This quote helped me understand in my further reading of the article that this whole government situation is easier than it sounds . I took that quote as being that the house and the senate are having a hard time in agreeing with the budget and the bills that are under contemplation so in the end if they can’t seem to agree on the same things being put into place, therefore nothing will be put in to place and we are left to suffer. I believe the blame game isn’t necessary because both parts play a huge role in this government shutdown. Many people are losing there jobs with absolutely no income coming in because of a disagreement between the house and the senate? I do agree with Daniel Bautista’s comment towards this being a childish response to the president of the united states , Barack Obama , introducing Obamacare. This whole government shutdown is not just some little argument between the government as a whole but it really is causing a huge impact in the whole entire country. In the end, all of this government shutdown will backlash if it already isn’t. When jobs decrease , income is gone, and people start doing other bad things to get it . Meaning that this will cause violence in our communities to grow. I really am finding myself concerned about the spending plan and how they are going to agree on this , but they need to hurry up and figure it out .I find this government shutdown pretty impressive because I mean how do you pull off doing something like this and managing absolutely nothing while the entire country is having to deal with these absolutely insane and childish decisions being brought on by the people who are said to be ” in charge ” of our country . There are plenty of businesses and towns that do depend highly on government services and the decisions being brought on by the government that are having to be shut down because of these stupid decisions that our government is choosing to make in spite of the people and the needs of the people. In the end , this whole government shut down will have a huge impact on all of house and senate representatives. No one is happy about this situation with the government , I mean i’m sure other countries are looking at our country who not to mention already is drowning in debt, as an unorganized nation. Who can run on a nation with an inactive government ? Now I feel like the representative of the government , house ,state, and senate, need to be held responsible for all of these lost jobs and groups of people who are having to cope with not having an income. They need to get there act together and come to a conclusion on a solution and not only agree, but come to grips with the fact that we are already a struggling and starving nation , and disagreements that are leading to shut downs like this that are impacting thousands of peoples lives and lifestyles is just unacceptable. Some things to happen to resolve all of this and it needs to happen QUICK. There needs to be and extent to the power that the government is given. Full power being taken on by the government has by no means proven to be helpful to our country. ” Like P.J. O’Rourke said , ” Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

  • Lily K.

    This whole government shutdown is a ridiculous waste of time. After looking at the government shutdown timeline, I found that the House and the Senate have been dragging out the shutdown by passing bills on who should get how much funding while the government is down. They’re not spending the majority of their time finding a good middle point where both parties are at least somewhat content with a bill concerning Obamacare. The House and the Senate need to finish what they’ve started, and finish it soon.

  • Kyle L.

    It was the Democrats fault the
    government shutdown. Since most Democrats support the Obama-care, beef built up between the 2 parties. The Democrats decided on passing this
    law, while the Republicans didn’t want it. They are burning cash and can no longer fix the problem.

  • Allen Z

    For Lynn’s Class

    First off,”A government shutdown this week is interrupting services and jeopardizing the paychecks of more than 800,000 federal workers.”(

    The government shutdown was everyone’s faults included together but the House and the Senate had the most participation in the past days by passing even more bills and more cash when there is no point in wasting more money. All the money being used for this disagreement has been growing an growing not to mention the people forced to be home without pay. They should just find a compromise and finish this fast.

    Source 3

  • Jordan Yu

    Lynn K. English
    I think that both republicans and democrats are to blame because neither of them came to an agreement in time. They are being ignorant by not compromising. I find shutting down the government is needless and affects practically everyone. I don’t think it’s fair that all “non-essential” federal employees have to stay home. On a PBS article it says the government shut-down will affect “national parks, museums and monuments close, and anyone relying on government services like unemployment and veteran’s benefits or government loans could see their payments delayed or cut. But not everyone has to stay home. The president, Congress, FAA air traffic controllers and employees, ‘deemed to perform emergency work involving saving lives or protecting property, including military service, law enforcement, or direct provision of medical care,’ continue to work.”

    48 Ways a Government Shutdown Will Screw You Over

    (PBS article) Need-to-Know: Government Shutdown!

  • Camille

    I think that more than one group is to blame for the government shut down. In my opinion, Obama is definitely doing too much with Obama Care, it doesn’t seem like a majority of the people support it, and I don’t think there is enough money to fund it. That being said, I believe most of the problem is due to the Senate and the House. The house doesn’t want to pass the budget for Obama care, which I understand arguing about and making an issue, but not after the due date for the budget. So many people will be effected by this (as I read about on and even more as time goes on. Obama obviously isn’t going to compromise with them on this issue, so they need to act responsibly for the people of the United States. The Affordable Care Act has been named constitutional, so there isn’t much else to say. The president wants Obama Care and that is that, there isn’t any more time to be stubborn. I hope the House and Senate will come to their senses, start worrying about the people who they are supposed to be serving, grow up, and do some real work. Like Harry Reid said, it’s time to stop playing political games.

  • Matthew C

    Everyone involved in this is to be blamed for all the issues starting. The House and the Senate, the Democrats, and the Republicans. Obama Care might be too much which is probably what has ignited all the problems happening, and some support it, but some disagree with it, so this is what is causing everything, which is nonsense.

  • Justin Stewart

    The government is shut down because the house of representatives refuses to acknowledge ObamaCare as covered in the country’s budget. The reason behind this is that President Obama wishes to implement a new part of ObamaCare, which the house deems a waste of money, and not worth adding to the budget. Therefore, since the house and congress cannot reach an agreement, the government is by definition, at a stalemate, which means that BOTH groups are responsible for the shutdown.

  • Liona L.

    In my opinion, Obama, the House Republicans, and the Senate Democrats are all to be blamed for the government shut down. Ted Cruz, a new Senator in Congress and also a Republican, along with Senator Mike Lee decided that the government can have the budget money only if they do not spend it on Obama Care. Not only did they do that, they also had House Speaker John Boehner to include many anti-Obama Care amendments into the current spending bill. The house passed the bill and then goes to the Senate who rejected the idea of anything anti- Obama Care. The bill went back to the House, who passed it again and then the bill went to the Senate, who stopped it again. Both the House and the Senate must find middle ground. The House Republicans do not approve of Obama Care, like Mr. Boehner says, “Our message to the United States Senate is real simple: The American people don’t want the government shut down, and they don’t want Obamacare.” However, the Senate Democrats are for Obama Care, like Mr. Reid says, “I want to be absolutely crystal clear: Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead, dead.” They must find a way to sort this out as soon as possible, the government shut down affects other’s daily lives in many ways. With 368 Nation Park Services sites closed, many tourists and visitors must change their plans. Those who are planning to have a trip out of America, you would see delays in passport processing. People would still have to keep paying taxes. Furloughed workers would eventually get paid. The House and the Senate must hurry and find middle ground for the better of our nation.


  • Brendan M

    I think that the people to blame are the House and the Senate for not coming to a mutual agreement on the issue, instead of causing such an explosive and destructive out come. I understand that each side had it’s own reasons for shutting down the government, but if they actually worked for a common goal, the shutdown could have been over by now, or have never even happened in the first place. They should just work to end the shutdown now, for it has gone on way too long, and too many people are being affected because of this one act by the House and Senate.


  • Ameena. H

    I think it is the house and the senates fault for the government shutdown. The house and senate are both being strong minded which prevents them to coming to an agreement. The house and senate both say that they didn’t want the government to shutdown, so they should stop being so stubborn and be more open minded to negotiate. They have been discussing the spending bill for more than two weeks and still haven’t came up with a solution. With the government being shutdown it is affecting many peoples lives. For example people are being forced to stay home without pay, or tourists will not be able to go to national parks while the duration of the shutdown. And many others are being affected which are listed By Tim Murphy. How much longer will this government shutdown go on for!

    • Michale Richie

      Shockingly, the Government shutdown will go on for as long as it takes for the Democrats and Republicans to end this stalemate. And I agree with you that many people’s lives are being affected by the shutdown, but also keep in mind that the president and government officials will still receive their paychecks. Based on the website I read, which talked about who will be the most affected by the shutdown, talked about the different types of people who would suffer the most by the meltdown. What shocks me most, is that Sick and College students can suffer due to the lack of government funding.

      • Kody B

        I agree with you both, and for the same reasons. Obama should just negotiate. He needs He needs to put the nation first and hear what his options are to help the nation in this situation. People are losing they’re jobs and not getting paid. This needs to be fixed quickly.

  • Gavin Maxwell

    “The Republican-controlled House has passed a spending bill that maintains spending levels, but does not fund the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare” Why not just fund Obamacare!? People need this I know families whose children have died because they could not afford health care. Does the majority not understand that this could save not only Democratic voters but Republicans voters as well, this could save hundreds of thousands of people. And think of it this way if this budget had happened earlier Breaking Bad never would have happened.

    • Billy C.

      Not Heisenberg!

  • Billy C.

    I don’t like the question that this Do Now asks. Who is to Blame for the Government Shutdown? Strictly speaking, because the Constitution endows Congress with the Power of the Purse, they are responsible for initiating the Government Shutdown. But why does it matter?
    Author Matthew Green describes the Government Shutdown;
    “Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings at the dinner table and your mom warned that if you couldn’t get along then no one got dessert? That, in a nutshell, is essentially what’s going on with the federal government shutdown…”
    I agree. At this point no one gets what they want and all groups are contributing to the prolonging of this Government Shutdown. What should happen now? Compromise as at least it gets us somewhere.
    Side Note: I’m not very fond of the party system. It shouldn’t be called party.
    “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissention, which in different ages & countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders & miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security & repose in the absolute power of an Individual: and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.” — George Washington, September 19, 1796

  • Adam Orla-Bukowski

    Even though both Parties are not compromising, I really feel that the Republicans have more blame than the democrats. They’ve been fighting the Affordable Care Act since it was first proposed. Congress has heard over 48 attempts to repeal it, all from Republicans. Yet, it remains a law. So, even though its has remained a law, Republican Congressmen and women decided that they wouldn’t allow it. So, they shut down the government. If they could just realize that it is going to stay a law, then maybe they could stop with this ridiculous temper tantrum that is hurting our nation. As much as they want to blame Obama for this, they are the ones who decided to take the government hostage. Obama didn’t force them to do this. No one did. They just did it on their own, and that sickens me. Democrats aren’t completely innocent either, as they should be trying to reason with the Republicans. Democrats have tried to compromise, and Republicans have said no. Republicans have tried to compromise, and Democrats have said no. Frankly, a bunch of brain dead monkeys could be doing a better job right now. Overall, I think that Republicans need to stop wasting the time and money of the American people, and do what the country wants. I hope my point was made clear.

  • Alfonso Haro

    The person to blame is the house of republican because they wouldn’t want to fund the obama care. This is why because they think that the money they will be a waste on obama care so they shut down the government. That the republicans should think and stop what they are doing and so they won’t lose more money.

  • Ryan Kelley-Cahill

    The Republicans! They’ll disagree with everything… If the Senate agrees to “Meet them in the middle” then they’d just keep throwing up roadblocks to stop anything actually productive from happening. I mean, if you can’t get your way, don’t shut down the entire government and wait for everyone else to just let you do whatever you want. They aren’t getting what they want… how sad… I say that when your approval rating is less than the amount of people that believe in Bigfoot ( you should probably just quit before you totally mess up…(Too late) It isn’t a unbiased source of information but Jon Stewart show a lot of real and ridiculous things that they actually do… (He’s not making it up) [–shutdown-eve ] What should happen now is for all of the ridiculous, in-the-way, point-less republicans to just leave office and let people that actually represent Americans lead our country. (Not all Republicans are ridiculous and anti-innovators, just a lot of them are) But, that won’t happen. They’ll do whatever they can to hold onto their power till their last breath. So, the simple solution is that Obama enacts some sort of emergency funding order and overrides the House. This could be done through the Judicial branch of our government. Bottom line, the House majority just needs to move on and get over it and stop trying to bring everyone else down with them.

  • Lynn ACLC

    ACLC learners: I am seeing very insightful and thoughtful responses here to this topic. I am impressed by the way in which you are delving into this very complicated issue, helping to explain the issue and your ideas clearly and the way some of you are making very personal connections about folks you know who have felt the financial impact of the government shutdown. You can respond to my response here, write your own stand alone response, or respond to others. Keep it coming!

  • Jalen Castrejon

    The President and the Senate are just doing what is best for the citizens of this country. The republicans think that the citizens do not want anything to do with the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare and that the signing of the spending bill will just add more debt tho the country. House speaker John Boehner said,“Our message to the United States Senate is real simple: The American people don’t want the government shut down, and they don’t want Obamacare.” The thing that the House and other republicans have to understand is that the Affordable Care Act was put in place so that all people are covered which should be a basic necessity in this country anyway. Just look at the staggering 44 million people in this country who do not have health care, and 30% of those people are young adults. The republicans just want to wipe away the Affordable Care Act since it will just do more harm to the country/economy but this will still leave the 44 million people uncovered. The republicans have to realize that this is the hand we have been dealt, and we cannot just pretend that this is not happening and just move forward with the spending bill.

  • Michael P.

    I believe both the Senate and Congress are to blame
    for the government shutdown. The
    Democratic Senate is not willing to accept a spending bill that does not fund
    the ACA or Obamacare. Yet the Republicans in Congress refuse to fund the budget
    plan already passed by senate. Interestingly, Representative John Boehner is
    angry at Obama for a medical device tax that is costing the U.S. tens of
    thousands of jobs. But due to the government shutdown, roughly 800,000 workers
    are not being paid. However, the Democratic Senate is also very stubborn,
    refusing to negotiate and waiting until the Republicans in Congress are willing
    to pass the budget plan. The budget plan proposed by the Senate should be
    approved, since Obamacare is necessary for the health of our citizens.

  • Jake Nations

    My opinion is that the people to blame is the Legislative branch and their fight over Obama Care and how it isn’t “Constitutional” or it is. They are designed in the government to keep things afloat and not let it drop or shutdown. Basically the republicans took their 70% of the money two pass 2 bills and are wasting money and time. Instead using it on obama care.

  • Ellie L

    I believe that the senate and the house are to blame for this shut down. The job of the government is to listen to America and make the decisions that will benefit the people. This ridiculous sulking is not helping anyone. They should be working towards a compromise instead of furloughing people trying to do their jobs.

  • Dimitri

    I don’t believe that its the House’s fault for doing what they think is right. They believe that raising the debt ceiling is bad and it is, but the democrats continue to push forward trying to fund policies that don’t have that money in a ~$15 trillion deficit. The furloughs are an unfortunate problem that is a result of the government shutdown.

  • Jake Ng

    The Senate and Congress both are at fault here. Republics in Congress just have to pass a reasonable bill to spend money, yet they refuse to fund ACA or Obamacare because they find it unconstitutional, which in my opinion makes absolutely no sense at all. The Democratic Senate is not going to accept a bill without the funding of ACA included. At this rate its going to be an never ending cycle. The Democrats are refusing to negotiate and the Republicans in Congress refuse to change the bill. While this non-sense is going on in the government, 800,000 people basically lost their jobs, while some go to work without pay, other cannot work and do no receive paychecks. However. these “essential” workers that caused this mess are getting paid. What kind of logic is that?

  • Sayuri F.

    In this situation it is hardly a question of who’s fault it is rather than who’s fault it isn’t. It shouldn’t matter so much as to who’s fault it is than who is working to fix it. In my opinion, the blame being passed around and the contempt between the senate and the house is what started this dispute in the first place. People refusing to collaborate and attempt to understand. But I digress. The Republican House could certainly do with some understanding of what democracy really means in this country. Obamacare having been approved so many times is what should really be opening everyone’s eyes to the real probem: congress’s astonishing inefficiency at coming to rational decisions. Another viewpoint I agree with comes from a comment on my source video: : “I think it’s a little funny that the Democrats can at least explain their side, but all Republicans keep saying is “No. Very bad.” I mean, do you actually understand Obamacare? Have you looked into it? The government passed it 40 times. The majority wanted it each time. Isn’t that what democracy is? Or is it wrong because you don’t get what you want?”

  • Tina T.

    I think that the house and the senate
    are the blame for the government shutdown because they are supposed to help
    keep the government moving and not shutting down. I think this should
    have not even happen in the first place because it harmed the citizen’s jobs
    and life. They can’t continue to work and that is a big problem because they
    can’t pay their bills. Even though Obamacare is needed to help citizens, it’s
    not helping them because some of them don’t have obamacare and it could affect them.
    The democratic senate and republicans won’t help fund obamacare which is sad. Like
    what the house republican, Mr. Boehner said “Our message to the United States Senate is
    real simple: The American people don’t want the government shut down, and they
    don’t want Obamacare.” And when Mr. Reid who
    is the senate said “I want to be absolutely crystal clear: Any bill that defunds Obamacare
    is dead, dead.” They really don’t want to
    fund obamacare and thinks it’s a bad health plan for Americans. So now I think
    they should come up with an agreement to end the government shutdown and so
    that everyone would have a pay.


    • Jackie C.

      I agree, this government shutdown should have never happened in the first place and is effecting many American Citizens tremendously. I think the house republicans are being unreasonable. Many of the house republicans are calling the affordable care act unconstitutional. However, 9 pre cogs met and decided Obama care is not unconstitutional. Obama care was passed a few years ago and created law. So why are the House republicans retaliating now? This bill was already passed so why should Obama have to meet the republicans half way? “Bridge divide trying time is over. Nobody is say it’s a good law or a bad law, but it’s a law. Are you familiar about how the world works?” says John Stewart on the Daily Show.

  • Reginald mosley-moon

    I blame a small group in congress (Tea Party) because they are big whiny babies who do not want to see the A.C.A. continue to help Americans. I think the President should help figure out a solution to this but the small group in congress needs to be responsible and not stall progress by refusing to pass a budget because of the A.C.A.

  • Bethany Kharrazi

    I think that the Republicans and Tea Party are responsible for the government shutdown. I think that it is ridiculous how they tied in ObamaCare, ACA, with the expired government funding to twist the laws around. They are threatening to defund to government becuase they dont want the ACA to proceed. By doing this they are not respecting the governmental process in passing laws. If the Congress, President, and Senate sign a bill agreeing on funding, the government would be back up and running.


  • Megan L

    Like many others I also believe that the House and the Senate are at fault for not being able to come to an agreement. But if I really have to point a finger at one side it would definitely be on the House. If they had only allowed the Affordable Care Act to pass then this government shutdown would not have even taken place in the first place. The House states that the ACA is bad for America yet they do not give concrete evidence on how. I do not understand why the House would not pass the ACA when even Clinton had agreed to this act. Now because of the government shutdown 800,000 people are basically jobless thanks to the House and Senate for being stubborn about compromising.


  • Henry Zhu

    I think the government really needs to cut their spending, after all the budget deficit and national debt is what led to the whole crisis. I agree with the Republicans that ObamaCare seems unnecessary. Why spend all that money when it could be used for something more important, like the wages of NASA and the EPA. There are more important things like education and cancer research which the healthcare money could be spent on. One of the resources described the fight in Congress as “Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings at the dinner table and your mom warned that if you couldn’t get along then no one got dessert?” It’s a pretty funny analogy because they do seem very immature because they can’t compromise at all and don’t see the consequences of their actions. The other day I heard on the news someone saying “They can’t bully us into cutting ObamaCare” or something along those lines. Well, I think it is time to cut the healthcare! Also I find it very wrong that congressmen/woman are still being paid even though more important government agencies like the EPA and NASA aren’t I think they should be required to work without wages, and that’ll teach them a lesson. I also think we should cut the wages of Congress because they it isn’t “necessary” to pay them so much. I don’t understand how they define “necessary” because the environment and scientific research is a lot more “necessary” then as the post described them as “kids fighting”.


  • Avery Andrews

    I think that while the entirety of Congress is supposed to be passing budgets, the government shutdown is the Republican Party’s fault. Because of their majority, whey are basically forcing there way through the rules because they disagree with a plan that is already favored by the nation. And that is what Republicans always seem to do. If they don;t get there way, they throw a hissy fit until they do. They’re putting the entire nation in a bind because they didn’t get there way, which is quite frankly, extremely immature and selfish. I think that Congress should also stand under Prop 25 because it would make government shutdowns like this far less desired because it would dock the House’s pay.

  • Andrew Ortega

    i blame the white house and the senate. The only reason they government shut down is because people are disagreeing because people cant offord it. I dont think that the government shut down because of obama i think its because of the house

  • Sofia

    We should blame the House. The Senate already passed the budget and now its just stuck in the House. If the House passes the budget, everything will be good and fine.

  • Winnie Zhou

    In my opinion, I agree with many people that it’s very irresponsible for both the Senate and the House to make this government shutdown happen. I mean, seriously, it’s been 13 days already! If they need to negotiate, hurry up! This government shutdown has caused too many people to stay home and not work. Many people are relying for this Affordable Care Act to stay in the budget, so I really hope they can resolve somehow someway without dragging this any longer.

  • Gabriel Llamas

    I agree with the comments that congress should not be paid and that the shutdown is not becuase of Obamacare but becuase the House and Senate could not agree on a deal. And I don’t agree that Obamacare is the first step towards communism. Canada has a government run health care system and it is not a communist country.

    • jiahao S

      I agree that congress should not be paid also the shutdown is not because of Obamacare.

  • Christian Deering

    I would blame the Republican party because they won’t fund the Affordable Care Act but the democrats are also to blame for not making an effort to try and come to a comprmise

    • Sara Sc

      I agree with you that the Republicans are to blame. It seems to me as if they are just acting like little kids that got their candy taken from them. I can understand your view point about Democrats being partially to blame, and I only slightly disagree. From looking at interviews in the news and some of these links I was provided with, what it seems like is that Republicans made some very unreasonable offers that the Democrats just couldn’t let fly. The Republicans have been saying that they have been very flexible, but have they really? I mean, they just practically sat on the floor and had a tantrum so you couldn’t get to work on time, literally, a lot of people just don’t have jobs any more. As Steven Colbert said: “F.D.A. workers have been furloughed and for some reason, my milk is bubbling now…” ( ) First off, yeah okay, haha funny, but at the same time, that is someones job, they don’t get paid and they can’t do their job to its fullest extent. Mr. Obama has been working his butt off trying to convince the Republicans not to shut down anything, but nooooo! “Haha silly president we don’t want your funny little health care plan because people might actually like it!” – Me imitating a republican senator. Can we stop with nonsense and reboot this godforsaken country back up again, this time better? Why can’t we just be more like Canada?

  • Clare R

    To me, it seems that the Tea Party portion of the Republican Party is the main cause behind the government shutdown. I don’t think that one small group of people should do this to express their opinions. They should reach a compromise on the budget, because right now all they’re doing is creating havoc, What they are doing could classify as blackmail, and they are trying to force what they want in a very stubborn and childish way. It seems that Obama has his views on the issue too, and does not agree with what has been happening. “‘You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job,’ Mr. Obama said in the White House briefing room as the clock ticked to midnight,” is what Jonathon Weisman and Jeremy W. Peters’ article states. I really think they aren’t making the right decisions. Because of the shutdown, many people have to be furloughed and lots of businesses are temporarily closing. I think they should all get their act together and settle on a a smart and thought out conclusion.


  • Martin G.

    I believe its the house and the senate’s fault.Just because they
    can’t come out with a mutual agreement, people don’t get paid and still
    have to work. Some parks and monuments are being closed down, and that’s
    not write. But i think they should do what ever is needed to get the
    government back on. If they do, some people can finally start getting
    paid for their jobs.


  • Glen Taggart

    I think both sides really need to do some compromising here. This is a perfect example of why our partisan system doesn’t work well. The Republicans seem to have a subset taking a very extremist view and refusing to compromise at all, while much of the part follows along due to “loyalty”. Loyalty is silly in politics. We don’t need decisions based on “loyalty”, we need congress to make decisions based upon taking in information and synthesizing it into what they deem to be best, and then compromising from that opinion.

    I draw these conclusions from this article, everything I have experienced, seen, heard, and read in my life and this article:

  • Rowan SS

    I believe that the house of representives is at fault for this government shutdown. I think one of the main reason for this shut down is because it is being held as a threat so that people can try and use it as leverage to get what they want. Everyone need to stop being selfish and just work towards what the people want, which is for the tho cement shut down to be over. This shutdown is affecting so many jobs and people and should be over.

  • David Ayarra

    Well, this government shutdown happened because the Republicans (Drake Heyes) don`t want to fund Obama care, I can agree that Obama care is not the brightest idea, especially when you have to pay a fine for not using your own money. Although Obama care is not a smart idea, it has already been voted on, and the Republicans wish to have it their own way, I have to admit that it is he fault of both parties, but most of the fault goes to the Republican party.

  • Dianna Urzua

    Who is to blame for the government shutdown? Did several groups of people contribute to it? What should happen now? OR respond to someone else’s comment.

    Many democrats, especially President Obama are trying hard to keep the Obama care for the people.“Of all the responsibilities the Constitution endows to Congress, two should be fairly simple: to pass the Budget and to pay America’s bills.” saib by President While half of the congress are trying to help American citizens, the republicans are disagreeing. In this case we should blame both democrats and the republicans because it was an foolish decision made by the government. With the type of economy the government should not pay around. It has been effecting many people for example; at least 800,000 are not being payed, college students won’t be able to get grants and the centers for disease for control and prevention will be lacking funds so for anybody who gets sirverly sick they won’t be able to get a vaccination.

  • Breanna Dean

    Honestly i think that there shouldn’t be any blame on the government shutdown. The decisions all in the hands of the house and senate. The saddest thing is that we as the people of this country cant do much about it . People are out of work and struggling because they don’t have any income coming in. Best believe that crime rates are about to grow in our communities because when people are broke they start doing bad things to get what they need to provide for their families. Another thing is that the longer the government is shutdown, the more issues will rise. The government will really regret having it shutdown for even this long there’s no good impact because of it . YES there is a disagreement going on but it doesn’t take that much to find balance and agree in the areas that are needed. The voice of the people needs to be heard and at the moment its hard because there’s nothing we are a country can do to change this government shutdown only the people in the inside can control all of whats happening . What needs to happen is that they need to find some way to agree on the bills being passed and the budgets real quick before people start really taking it to the extreme and start more problems .

  • Tino M.

    Well obviously the house and Senate are to blame. The house is doing this because they know Obama Care and the ACA is working. It was even CREATED BY REPUBLICANS! ROMNEY HIMSELF CREATED THE DAMN THING IN MASSACHUSETTS WHEN HE WAS GOVERNOR! He passed the Massachusetts health care reform which is essentially the “Obama Care” of Massachusetts, but it wasn’t until the democrats and Obama found out that it was a good idea so then the passed it for the entire country as “Obama care”. Guess what? It works! it’s helping the democrats beneficially in a number of ways and of course the republicans don’t like it so then they make up all this BS and want to make the democrats look bad. Even a poll was done by the CNN showing 46% of people are putting the blame on republicans, 36 percent saying the president would be more responsible and 13 percent blaming both the GOP and President Obama. So what does that tell you? If you don’t believe me, look up Massachusetts health care reform and read the wiki page.

  • Guillermo Ruiz

    Our government was founded on the general idea of majority rule nut this government shut has proven that this is not true. In order for the government to restore faith into Americans they have to prove that we have the power of our country because this is the idea our country was founded on. This video shows that there is only a small group of conservative tea party activists forcing the government to shut down if they would stop being so childish and let almost million Americans get back to their job by starting the government up again we could avoid something way worse than what has already happened.

  • Skylar Herrera-Ross

    After watching the video and visiting two additional sources (political deadlock drags as effects of shutdown are felt and Jon Stewart’s rockin’ shutdown eve), I have come to a conclusion that indeed it is the Democrats and the Republicans fault for not figuring this out, but if the Republicans hadn’t kept on trying to negotiate-this wouldn’t have happened! If they hadn’t kept on trying to cut our healthcare (which is the law) and if we didn’t have such an unrealistic government spending limit we would not be in this position right now.

  • Devin H.

    I think that both the House and Senate are responsible for
    the government shutdown. The article above states that the House attempted to
    pass a spending bill that didn’t support Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, but the Democratic Senate did not pass it because it didn’t fund these acts.
    The two sides seem not to be cooperating with each other and will not make a compromise.
    As for our current situation, I feel the two sides should make a compromise and
    end the government shutdown, before the US defaults which would further hurt the

  • Michelle Dwyer

    The government shouldn’t have shutdown because there is really no point in it

  • Jeremiah

    I agree with Preston K. the house should listen to the people we want Obama Care.

  • Tallulah Blue Cauchie-Chop

    This government shutdown is the most stupid thing that the government has
    ever down. People are losing their jobs. People were depending on the
    Obama Health Care and are being without Health Care. The only people
    we can blame are the House and the Senate who are being completely
    selfish and immature. The governments main job is to make sure
    everything is in place and there was other things then the Obama Care
    that were not. The house and the senate need to get their stuff
    together because america will soon enough be shut down too.

  • Tallulah Blue Cauchie-Chop

    This government shutdown is the most stupid thing that the government has
    ever down. People are losing their jobs. People were depending on the
    Obama Health Care and are being without Health Care. The only people
    we can blame are the House and the Senate who are being completely
    selfish and immature. The governments main job is to make sure
    everything is in place and there was other things then the Obama Care
    that were not. The house and the senate need to get their stuff
    together because America will soon enough be shut down too.

  • Kyasia T.

    I think it’s the senate and the white houses fault for the government shutdown because their the ones that have the most control of everything and it’s really affecting a lot of people .I think Obamacare is a really good plan for medicare although they don’t want it to go through.I think if they really wanted to come to an agreement they would have by now but they haven’t

  • Mia Gerson

    Lynn’s ACLC Class 9th Grade: we do need health care because if we don’t i mean what if someone has a mental disability and they don’t have health care to take care of the doctors appointment and if we need check up’s and we don’t need health care what do we do then? I think we do need Obama Care because some of us doesn’t have enough money for regular Health Care

  • Mia Gerson

    I think the one to blame isn’t the white house or Obama because Obamas being generous enough for people who doesn’t have health care so people who doesn’t have health care then how can they go to the doctors with out paying a million dollars? I mean most of the money would go to the government and most of it will pay for the employe’s pay check.

  • Caitlyn

    @KQEDedspaceAs Obama said “I will have the government shut down if Obama care doesn’t get passed” #DoNowShutdown

  • Austyn Mikolon

    I do blame the government for the shutdown. If both parties would just not but heads all the time befouled get this shout down over with. If your going to blame someone for the shoutdwn just don’t blame Obama blame everyone that up in Washington. What I think they should try to agree on one thing and that is to reopen the government. Especially with the opposing debt sealing.

  • Mallory

    We can’t repeat our past! All women or girls should have the right of education, where’s the equality? Without education we wouldn’t be anywhere, or discover anything, were simply holding ourselves back from uncovering new discoveries by forbidding others the education necessary for actions like this!

  • Eli Solomon

    There is no question that the government did not need to shutdown. There is no question that the shutdown is hurting the american people. There is also no question that this was done, very purposefully, by one party. And not just one party, one subset of a party. The Tea Party. This tiny subset of the Republican party decided that they didn’t like the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Obamacare was passed by both houses of congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and even the american people showed support of President Obama by re-electing him on that premise. Despite this all, however, the members of the Tea Party, saying Obamacare is illegal, and will hurt the american people, put delaying Obamacare into their Continuing Resolution. Essentially, they wouldn’t pass a budget bill without delaying Obamacare, an unrelated issue. Then, when Democrats and President Obama say they won’t negotiate, the Tea Party says that THEY are causing the problems. The Tea Party is holding the american people hostage to their own opinions, and wasting millions of dollars in the process. What needs to happen now, is simple. John Boehner needs to put a continuing resolution up for a vote, one that doesn’t interfere with standing law, and we need to get the government working again. That’s simply all there is to it.

    PS: I know this has already happened, and sorry this is a bit late.

  • eli.park

    I think the government shutdown is a bit extreme.The republicans chose to shut down just about the entire united states government because they do not agree with the affordable health care act the obama wants to push forward,ObamaCare.I think the government is being selfish and just thinking about themselfs and not the citezens of the unites states of america.Regardless of what happens the government is still getting paid.Dont agree with it at all.

  • Cristiana maddison

    I agree 100% that Obama care is not to blame for the government shut down , it may have played a roll but i don’t believe that it was the entire reason why the government shut down. I find it very unprofessional for both the senate and the house to drag out the government shut down for this long . i feel like the main reason that the government was shut down for this long is because many people in charge of the government in their opinion did not like or agree with Obama care and in my eyes that very childish and it looks like they are throwing a little fit. and to be that’s not fair because many people have to still collect their money and feed their family’s and many people couldn’t because of the shut down.

  • Brittney Herron

    I think we cant blame Obama i think they just need to come an agreement.



Maxine Einhorn

Maxine Einhorn is from London and has lived in the Bay Area for 12 years. She has worked in adult education in London,UK, for over twenty years as a tenured instructor and department manager. She has an MA in Film and TV from University of London and has taught, moderated and appraised academic work in film studies and media literacy at undergraduate and college level. She runs the ESL/ Post Secondary project at KQED which offers media-rich resources for and created by ESL educators.

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