Last week, students from all over the nation debated about Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) through the KQED Do Now project. They were asked if health care should be a basic human right, and whether all people, regardless of wealth, should have access to quality health care.

This topic was prominent in the news last week as open enrollment in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace, popularly known as Obamacare, begins October 1. This will allow citizens to shop for the most affordable health care plan in their area by choosing between an assortment of private and public insurance options. Last week, Congress was also in a heated debate on whether to cut funding for Obamacare in the new spending plan for the next fiscal year. Since the Obamacare was first introduced, the ACA has been highly controversial, with supporters saying it is a major step towards universal health care, and detractors saying it is a major government overreach.

Amongst young folks, the discussion went back and forth on the issue. We received over 1,500 responses from students. Many chose to articulate their ideas through the representation of internet memes.

Here’s a look at just a few that present some students’ arguments about Obamacare through meme generation.

Many felt that all people should have a right to health care no matter what.


Some felt that the government is not justified to make us pay or pay a fine.

Some felt that it would be great to have free or even affordable health care but felt that tax payers shouldn’t have to pay more more taxes. An interesting counter point to that was a meme that expressed how the government should rethink its priorities and spend money differently.

Some felt that the government is not equipped to manage a national health care plan.

PBS NewsHour Extra posted a roundup on their Student Voices blog. Check out the discussion there as well.

To view the entire conversation, you can revisit the Do Now about The Affordable Care Act, scroll down and view student responses including the comments section.

We Have a Right to Health Care…But Who Will Foot the Bill? 8 March,2017Matthew Williams



Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams is a filmmaker and media educator who has recently transplanted to Oakland from Los Angeles. He believes that you are what you eat and feels everyone should have a multitude of dietary options for self-realization. Matthew is the Educational Technologist at KQED.

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