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Do Now

What do you love about science? Why is it interesting to you?


There are numerous fields of science–everything from astronomy to biology to physics to climate science. And there are new fields of science, like nanotechnology, that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Scientists can study tiny particles or huge ecosystems. They may use telescopes, microscopes, SCUBA gear or rock climbing gear. They may work in a laboratory, in a submersible, on a spaceship or in the jungle. They may study something down the street or on the other side of the world.

How do scientists get interested in doing science? Why do they do what they do? There is excitement in making discoveries and solving problems, in looking at data and finding patterns that answer questions. Some scientists want to make the world a better place for humans by finding cures to diseases, creating technological solutions or making our lives safer and more efficient. Some are interested in exploring the unknown and figuring out how things work. Other scientists seek answers to how humans are impacting the earth. Most all scientists are interested in sharing their knowledge with others.

What about science most interests you? What do you love about science?


KQED QUEST Why I Do Science: Stephen Palumbi – October 9, 2012
Stephen Palumbi, Director of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, is one of the world’s leading authorities on tropical corals and the pressures they face from climate change – namely, warmer and more acidic oceans.

To respond to the Do Now, you can comment below or tweet your response. Be sure to begin your tweet with@KQEDedspace and end it with #DoNow62

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More Resources

PBS NOVA – The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers
Get to know dozens of scientists and engineers with surprising secret lives.

KQED QUEST – Why I Do Science: Danielle Reed – November 15, 2011
Geneticist Danielle Reed has been working in taste science for decades but says some of the most exciting – and definitive — discoveries have been recent.

  • I love science and seeing new things

  • Allegra Rotondo

    I’m slightly indifferent about science, but I’m aware that it IS everywhere. We’re all made of science, and the Earth is science. Everything is science. That’s what makes it quite interesting.

  • Ja’ Lynn Smith

    What i like about science is that we do lots of projects and we learn about new things.I LOVE SCIENCE!#KQEDdonow#mscenterhistoryclass

    • Aracely

      I like science because I get to learn things that I didn’t know about before. I find the labs that we do in science interesting. #KQEDdonow #MsCenterhistoryclass

  • Rossaun Bowser

    Science is ok because the labs we do in class.Science is not my favorite subject but its my second favorite.Science help me find out but stuff i don’t know about.

  • A’Shari Jackson

    Science is okay. The thing I like about it is the labs and experiments. It can be a lot of fun when we have hands on activities. Science had helped me in a lot of things. I can be able to compare different subjects to it in different cases. And it has helped me in all of my classes. #KQED #MSCENTERHISTORYCLASS

  • Moises

    I think that science is okay and I think it is fun to me

  • Shani Jones

    science is not very interesting. I don’t “love” science but i do enjoy it because i get to explore different areas of the world, that i don’t get to pay attention to, in a fun and interesting way. #KQEDdonows #Mscenterhistoryclass (:

  • Nicole Winston-Sandefur

    I really like science because it shows you all kinds of under water life and physical science. I’m thinking that my favorite thing about science in science class is doing different labs.#KQEDDoNow #MsCenterHistoryclass

  • Lauryn Boyd

    One thing I like about Science is learning about different things in our world !

  • Camille

    I am interested in science because I love the unknown in science, and being able to figure out new thing. I love science because you are always learning and you get to share what you learned with everyone.

  • Tigris Truasia

    I don’t like science b/c its too confusing

  • Odell Davis

    The the thing I like about science is chemistry. I like chemistry because I like to see how chemicals react with each other

  • Lyndsey

    The technological aspect of science interests me most. I love that in science you can discover things that no one has ever discovered before.

  • akil stewart

    i have a love for science because i like to be hands on with the things i do in class, i like to discover new things in he env , i just like to have all the knowledge in my head to tell people

  • Tyshaun

    Im interested in science because it is life and it evolves.

  • Richard johnson-gainey

    i love to learn about science because it’s fun to me. i find interesting about science is how the body work and the systems of the body.

    • Saadiqah

      I agree that is why I like anatomy and biology are my favorite science classes.

  • Tyler Valentino

    Science is the study of everything, so i think there is something for everyone to love. I love to learn about animals and how they think. There is so much we dont know about the natural world we live in.

  • Ashley

    I love science because it’s interesting and it deals with real life stuffs and living things that are here on this earth with us. I also love it because I love experimenting new things.

    • Saadiqah

      Yea I totally agree science is very intersting and hands on subject to learn things.

  • Brenda Alejo

    I thinks that science is okay but it really fun to know about living things and understanding about it

  • Britney

    Whats interest me the most about science is the new discoveries that people find about about the world , body , environment ect. . However I don’t love science :/

  • Justyce

    Yes I am interested in science because I like finding out new and interesting things. I like doing hands-on activities related to science.

  • Taylor Campbell

    I love science because you learn a lot of stuff about life and the labs are pretty cool. Its intresting because it make you kind of want to try it at home.

  • Isadora M.

    I like science because it allows us to know more about the world.

  • Tommy Rodriguez

    I like science because you learn new things. Every topic is interesting specially when it comes to outside work. Its fun

  • Science isn’t my favorite subject but it is fun to learn because of the experiment’s

  • izaiahhill

    i like the experiment in science science rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aramonii

    I like science because it allows us to know more about the world and it have stuff to do with living and other interesting things.

  • Mackinzie Castillo

    I love science for the thrill of discovery. It’s interesting to me because I was always around it as a child.

  • Mohammed

    I love science and I value it more because it is fun knowing things and data that your friends may not know. Its good to be smart so you can find things that less complicate people’s lives

  • Bertagnole

    I love science because it explains how the universe works and solves all the world’s problems. It is interesting because science has contributed to every technological advancement humans have made.

  • oscar

    I personally love science. Since I was a kid I always loved learning how things are formed by cells and how organisms interact in many different situations but mostly compute, robotic and rocket science

  • Austin Davison

    i enjoyed the experience and talk about scientists.

  • Vivian

    Whats interest me the most about science are the new discoveries in the unknown realms. Finding excitement & answering curious minds.

  • i like seeing new thing a you can find out about it #kqed # Ms center history class

  • i really don’t think science is fun i think it is boring because there is nothing really exciting about science

  • I really enjoy science. I like to find out interesting facts that shock my mind.

  • I love science it is very interesting because all of the experiments we do and how we learn so much in hardly anytime. Science really shows how the world works and it lows us to understand why we live and how we live! #KQED Do Now #MsCenter History Class

  • To me science is OK because you get to discover and learn new things.


  • Xochtl H-G

    Science is very close to being my favorite subject. Science as a subject, put basically, explains how the world works and functions, from human anatomy to the way stars die, and I find that absolutely fascinating. #KQEDDoNow #MsCenterHistoryClass

  • What I like about science is how we get to eat some of the experiments #KQED DO NOW #Ms Center History class

  • Kierra

    One of my favorite class is Science and I like Science because it is something important to learn about and know different things about our life and how it works! Science is pretty cool because you learn about what is in your body and more it is fun and interesting:)



  • The thing I love about science is the study of it and how it works and how its applied to just about everything..The science behind the universe aswell, as mentos & coke is fascinationg…etc. I enjoy nuclear science the most though because of the potential to harness energy out of atoms..I just love science, I enjoy learning it and doing it, especially stoichiometry

  • The thing I enjoy the most about science is the way it works with just about everything, and the study of it..One of my favorite activities I did in science, chemistry to be exact was stoichiometry; I loved doing it because I enjoyed doing math and science, by putting both of them together for me atleast, was the best of both worlds. I jus love science

  • Ja’Lynn Smith

    I think students drop out because of the work is to hard for them or something
    #KQEDDonow #mscenterhistoryclass

  • alice

    I love science as a way to discover new things in the world around me.

  • Rachel

    I love that there is so much to learn and that you can be creative in better understanding science concepts!

  • Tom

    I like science because it reminds me of how much there is to know in our world. Science makes sense of so much of our world.

  • Geoffrey

    I am indifferent towards science. It is interesting when there are new breakthroughs but I’m not interested in how they work.

  • nelsonmassengale

    Science is a beautiful thing that has progressed the human race to how far it is today. If the human race was a race then science would be the car we drive to get us to the destination. Science is an ongoing practice that will never be forgotten because it truly lets us know who we are.

  • breona eskridge

    Science is interesting to me because its not just one science , there are all types of sciences out in the world. The one that most grabs my attention is forensic science.

  • aria

    i dont necessarily love science but i do like it because i think its pretty interesting to know about things that are in everyday life like bacteria and like stuff about the body..things like that

  • Kevin L

    Science is cool because it gives you a deeper understanding of everything around you. It gives you new perspective and ways of looking at everything. New breakthroughs create new technologies that can potentially improve people’s way of life.

  • Shainah Alcorn

    What I love about science and you can study so many varieties such as you deal with different types of chemicals, learning about body functions and etc. However learning about science is good to know and having it in your life too.

  • Courtney Young

    I think science is absolutly amazing.Sienctist can tell you why ,and how we grow.They can give you drugs to make you grow.Siencetist are able to tell us everything about every part of our body and animals bodies.I think all science is beautiful .I think science is part of life.In myopinion we could not survive witout science

  • Courtney Y1 (West Jeff)

    .. I think science is absolutly amazing.Sienctist can tell you why ,and how we grow.They can give you drugs to make you grow.Siencetist are able to tell us everything about every part of our body and animals bodies.I think all science is beautiful .I think science is part of life.In myopinion we could not survive witout science

  • Lia Lacy

    I love how science seems to be infinite and also leads to new discoveries. Finding reason behind the “unexplainable”. Science has evolved and lead to new technologies, medicines, astronomical explorations, etc. I don’t always like science but I respect it

  • Since i was a little boy i always found myself interested with science, from mixing chemicals to simple projects like the Egg Drop have always intrigued me. Some might find science stressful because of the all the writing involved; but to me observing wasn’t fully accomplished if my work was not written.

  • River

    I love how science explains the unknown and answers some questions that man has asked for centuries. Its interesting because your never done learning because there is so much more to discover.

  • Miriam

    I love how we can use it to prove things, the theories, the experiments, and the cool ways to explain things

  • Aabid Jamshed

    Science is everywhere in today’s world, whether in the form of physics, chemistry, or biology. But why should it be appreciated? What reasons do we have to like it?

    Science is all those seemingly complex yet surprisingly obvious equations and symbols that help 630 ton jets taxi off the runway and soar into the air or help ensure that bridges and tunnels won’t collapse even under the toughest of natural disasters. It drives cars and makes them crash safe. When you go to the hospital or take medications, science is healing you or even saving your life. It has played a vital role in the development of the human race, making us who we are. So, in the end, the real question is, what reason do we have not to like it? Science is, in short, awesome.

  • Safaa Jamshed

    The reason I love science is because we can use it to prove ideas and figure things out. Without science, we would not know how to cure illnesses or do other important things. Recently, I visited the Google Science fair and I saw the amazing things that young scientists were doing around the world. They were discovering amazing things that people hadn’t known before. Science is all around us, all the time. Almost everything we do on a daily basis has to do with science. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, everything is related to science. Science is a truly amazing thing.
    Ms. Chen’s Student


Andrea Aust

Andrea is the Senior Manager of Science Education for KQED. In addition to QUEST, she's had the pleasure of coordinating education and outreach for the public television series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures and the four-hour documentary Saving the Bay. Andrea graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Environmental Science and earned her M.A. in Teaching and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of San Francisco. Prior to KQED, she taught, developed, and managed marine science and environmental education programs in Aspen, Catalina Island and the Bay Area. Follow her on Twitter at @KQEDaust.

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