The first ever Digital Learning Day kicks of on February 1. Billed as “a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology,” the day will call attention to the value of integrating new tools into teaching and learning.

What is the value of integrating digital media and technology?

Well, that’s a trick question. We all know that technology for the sake of technology may be fun or may be a hassle, but it certainly doesn’t guarantee great teaching and learning. Digital media and technology, when integrated into a thoughtful curricular plan can:

  • engage learners
  • illustrate concepts
  • provide real-world connections
  • strengthen understanding for a diversity of learning modalities
  • teach valuable tech skills
  • promote authentic assessment through the authoring and publishing process and so much more.

How can you join the Digital Learning Day celebration?

  • Check out the Digital Learning Day site to get access to resources and participate in the town hall meeting.
  • Challenge yourself to integrate digital media and technology into your classroom today. Or if you are already a seasoned tech integrator, try something new like microblogging with KQED’s Do Now or to help a colleague across the hall.
  • Seek out new media-rich resources from PBS LearningMedia, public media’s robust digital library filled with little bits of everything you might want or need to engage your learners and make real world connections. Search through the collection, save your favorites and share with your colleagues.
  • Join the conversation about innovative uses of technology in education at MindShift, KQED’s blog about the future of learning.
  • Get pointers on integrating media production into your instruction from KQED Education.
Get Ready…Digital Learning Day is Coming! 30 January,2012Robin Mencher

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