The following videos are a 5 part series on how to use Audacity. Audacity is a free sound recording and sequencing program that can be downloaded on-line for either Mac or PC. It is great for recording audio for a podcast or creating a more complex soundtrack for a digital story — that includes voice-over, effects, and music, as you can create as many tracks as you like. The program goes hand in hand with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie which are both free video editing programs with limited number of audio tracks.

There are five videos in this series although you can only see one player. The single player hosts all five videos (thank you YouTube playlist). The series starts with part 1: Downloading Audacity. To access the other four videos, you must click pause and then click on the monitor icon at the bottom of the player (it’s located next to cc button).

Audacity Educast Series 22 December,2015Matthew Williams



Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams is a filmmaker and media educator who has recently transplanted to Oakland from Los Angeles. He believes that you are what you eat and feels everyone should have a multitude of dietary options for self-realization. Matthew is the Educational Technologist at KQED.

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