Over the summer, a group of bay area educators participated in a media production workshop, Digital Self-Portraits at KQED. The workshop began with an inspirational day of art-making and viewing at SFMOMA and Zeum. After learning more from curator Julie Charles about contemporary portrait artists (including Robert Arneson and Janine Antoni), the group headed over to ZEUM (soon to be reopened as the Childrens’ Creativity Museum) for some hands-on fun with stop-motion animation. After the field trip, teachers learned about cinematography and story board techniques, then spent two weeks producing a short, autobiographical films to be used as inspiration for self portraiture projects in the classroom.

Each film was creative, and each teacher interpreted the idea of self portraiture in a unique way. Take a moment and view two of theses excellent films produced by art teachers Sharon Ernst and Paul Cartier.

“This is a Self-Portrait”
A film by Sharon Ernst

with naration from Sharon Ernst on Vimeo.

“So Far”
A film by Paul Cartier

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Kristin Farr

Kristin Farr is KQED's Arts Education Manager. She is the creator and producer of the Emmy Award-winning video series, Art School, which brings audiences into artists' studios to learn about contemporary art, and engages learners with ideas for new ways to get creative. She is also an artist and a contributing editor for Juxtapoz Magazine.

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