Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Bay Area Style

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Images of hearts and cupids are everywhere. What’s on your agenda for this special day? If you’re still open to ideas, we’ve got some for you.



What’s on the menu for Valentine’s Day? This year, it’s all about salt, sugar, bacon and beer. And chocolate, of course, in every way from molten to heart-shaped. Here’s a pick from our list of delectable local treats.



A box of chocolates and flowers might earn you some points, but you’ll definitely score by making something homemade. And you don’t even have to create something overly complicated. It’s the thought that counts. So here is a heartfelt and handmade recipe for Gooey Baked S’mores. Plop a heart-shaped marshmallow on top of some chocolate and a graham cracker, light it on fire and you are set! It is that easy. And that tasty!



So you don’t have a boo. No biggie. Sure, it’s fun to hold hands and have someone buy you an eclair for no reason and all that jazz. Loving someone else is super. But there’s another form of love that predates loving someone else: the love you have for yourself a.k.a. The Greatest Love of All!  Here are a few ideas of ways to spend your Valentine’s Day. Read it here on KQED Pop.



Conversation hearts and chocolate samplers fill the grocery aisles, your inbox is filled with coupon deals for roses and romantic dates, and your grandmother has yet again asked if you have a “special friend.” Dan Slater, author of Love in the Time of Algorithms visited KQED’s Forum recently. Here’s some advice on how to make sense of the online dating scene.

Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Bay Area Style 12 February,2013kqedguides

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