Aaron Davidman on stage performing "Wrestling Jerusalem"

San Francisco-based Aaron Davidman was 25 years old when he first visited Israel in 1992. The experience resonated deeply with him, he says, as a progressive American Jew trying to wrap his head around the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. That struggle was the basis of his 2014 play “Wrestling Jerusalem,” a one-man show starring Davidman as 17 different characters from various sides of the conflict. The play, which Davidman wrote, was recently turned into a film and premieres this month at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

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‘Wrestling Jerusalem’ Showcases Multiple Perspectives of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 27 July,2016Michael Krasny

Aaron Davidman, writer and actor starring in the one-man play and film, "Wrestling Jerusalem"


    The only way we can have a solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict is for the dishonest broker the U S is to take their bloody hand out of the conflict , all of the effort made by the U S in the last near 70 years were all make believe and bogus ,it all was fake while tens of thousands of Palestinians ,Israelis ,Egyptians ,Syrians ,and others in the region met a violent death because of the conflict ,so while they claim they wanted to have peace the U S have arming Israel with billions of dollars of the most lethal arms and weapons to Israel which all are used to murder tens of thousands of innocent defenseless civilians including women and children and to destroy hundreds of thousands of thousands of homes towns and cities as Gaza and big part of the west bank are now waste land…


    The fact is the time is not on the side of Israel ,while it may exist in this military garrison state ,that all due to the unconditional and unqualified support for Israel ,that will eventually will end ,and then Israel survivor will only happen if it is accepted by it’s neighbors including the Palestinians…..This always remind me by the story of the man who made a deal with the devil to own more and more land by running from sunrise to sunset ,but then he died running ,so the devil in big laugh told him now the land own you.


    While the creation of Israel started as a noble cause ,the fact is it ended to be a disaster to all countries in the middle east and the whole World and Israel itself ,with 8 major wars ,hundreds of bloody invasions and destruction by Israel toward near all of it’s neighbors ,with the loss of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians ,Palestinians ,Syrians ,and Israeli Jews as well….Something terribly wrong came along where Israel being the noble cause ,it became a dagger that brought death and destruction to all.

  • Another Mike

    So-called New Historians like Benny Morris and Ilan Pappe have made it clear it all started back in 1947. But Mr. Davidman’s approach may make discussing this issue more palatable.


    Very few Americans are aware of the fact that most countries before the creation of Israel had ab extensive Jewish population ,the city of Cairo Egypt alone had near one hundred thousands Egyptian Jews ,they were just like all other Egyptians ,many played big role in the early 1900’s rise of culture and Egyptian movie industry ,In fact many Israelis political figures had family origin from Egypt including one president ,and the well spoken Abba Eban had an Egyptian mother ,all of that totally change after the creation of Israel ,when Egyptian Jews were forced to immigrate to Israel not by Egypt but rather were coerced by the Israeli government ,and many refused to leave and till today Egypt have sizable Jewish population all are just integral part of the Egyptian society….Please watch on line the great video JEWS OF EGYPT

    • BDN

      yeah but how do you really feel about it EIDALM?

      • EIDALM

        Jewish people are integral part of our culture and civilization , my dearest and beautiful professor adviser at Cairo University his name is Joseph Lito was like a second dad for myself.

    • Another Mike

      Many Jews preferred to stay in their birthlands. I like to point out that Tehran has more kosher restaurants than does San Francisco.

      • EIDALM

        Totally agree , many did not too well in Israel which favored German and Russian immigrants ,


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