People embrace on the sidewalk in the French Riviera town of Nice on July 15, 2016, after a van drove into a crowd watching a fireworks display.

A truck drove into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France on Thursday night. Early reports estimate the crash killed at least 84 people and injured one hundred more. Forum discusses the latest news on the attack.

Attack in Nice, France Leaves at Least 84 Dead 15 July,2016Mina Kim

Michael Nacht, professor of public policy, UC Berkeley; former assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs
Murad Shishani, expert on militant groups for BBC Arabic
Tom Bergin, correspondent with Reuters


    Who is calling the shots for all of these savage bloody attacks in Niece ,Orlando ,San Bernardino ,,Brussels ,Paris and all of the others hundreds in Iraq ,Syria ,and elsewhere ,why now when we have the rise extreme right wing groups in the U S and in Europe .could be that hidden faces and forces are manuplating those bloody actions to get extremists like Donald Trump or others to take power in the U S and in Europe


    How dare these bloody few ,whose number into into the thousands are able to terrorize the whole World ,with their savage barbaric attacks on innocent civilians ,men .women ,and children….Those save barbarians have no god or religion ,never mind what they call themselves ,they are shame of humanity ,their followers are bunch of misled barbaric idiots who violate all rules and pillars of Islam ,but ISIL leaders are paid agents for unseen dark forces,those who have been promoting regime change of all countries in the middle east ,the NEOCONS who used the American mighty army under GW Bush to commit their bloody genocidal.invasion of Iraq based on lies ,and their puppets Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton to supply money and arms to terrorists to kill Gddafe ,and did the same in Syria to topple Assad which created the whole mess where all three countries are bloody mess ,with millions of people dead and others several millions fleeing their countries for their dear life…..GW Bush as well as Barak obama and Hilary Clinton should all be tried for war crimes ,genocide ,and crimes against humanity,

  • Felix

    ISIS is, like Al Qaèda before it, a creation of the Wahabbis and the Western security apparatus including the CIA.
    But Islam was from the very start a religion of war, not peace, founded by a madman who was not a prophet of any god. So technically the extremists are just following the original plan of Islam.
    But most Muslims have not read the Koran nor the Sunna so they have no idea how insane their religion actually is.


    One way to solve terrorism ,is to educate terrorists that they are misled and lied to by their leaders because their action is totally counter productive where near all of their victims are Muslims ,and they violate all the rules and pillars of Islam including the murder of innocent civilians which totally prohibited by Islam ,as well they put bloody shame on the name of Islam as well creating hate and violence against the 1.6 billion Muslims across the World .and ask them who benefit from their bloody actions ,it is not Muslims ,but rather those who benefit are the enemies of Islam and Muslims ,the Islamophobia merchants ,the bloody regime change promoters ,lead by Frank Gaffny ,Paul Wolfwitz ,William Kristol , Michael Ladeen ,the rest of the warmongers hatemongers bloody NEOCONS….


    We must all request that all nations of the World unite and create special force that can in swift and decisive way lunch war against the bloody terrorist and totally wipe them out in as short time as possible ,we can no longer wait while thousands of innocent people across the World.


    We must all request that all nations of the World unite and create special force that can in swift and decisive way lunch war against the bloody terrorist and totally wipe them out in as short time as possible ,we can no longer wait while thousands of innocent people are murdered across the World.every day….

  • Noelle

    This was the first I heard of terrorism in Bakersfield. 😉

  • Arturo

    The speaker today mentioned the role that incitement plays in inspiring people who otherwise might not do such things to commit horrible, and unspeakable acts. Israel has been dealing with terrorist attacks on civilians by vehicle, knife, shooting, bombs for years, yet the Palestinian Authority (supported financially in large measure by the EU) continues to encourage young people to commit these acts by celebrating those did them. Just a few days ago, MEMRI organization (translates Arabic press) reports that “With Publication Of High School Finals Results, Palestinian Authority Press Notes Deaths Of Students Who Carried Out Stabbing Attacks, Stresses: ‘Dying As A Martyr Is The Path Of Excellence And Superiority’ ” Hatred and killing of innocents won’t end unless people in power and with moral authority stand up and condemn all such acts of barbarism.


Mina Kim

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