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The Bay Area beer scene is booming with a burst in craft breweries and beer gardens popping up all over the Bay Area. In this hour we talk about the latest trends, the increased popularity of new varieties such as sour beer and tips for home brewing.

Raising a Pint to the Bay Area Beer Scene 1 June,2016Amanda Stupi

Nicole Erny, Oakland-based Master Cicerone
Justin Crossley, founder, The Brewing Network; founder, Hop Grenade Tap House in Concord
Sean Paxton, writer, chef and founder, Home Brew Chef, a website focused on beer cuisine


    The ancient Egyptians brew beer for over 5000 years ,you can see images of beer breweries on their extensive murals and paintings ,they even left behind their reciepe , so while the elites drank wine ,all the Egyptians commoners drank and enjoyed drinking beer, some writing shows that whether it was a soldier or school kid ,both enjoyed their lunch which consisted of chunk of bread and a jug of beer,,,,Wow ,it sound real good.specially on hot day….Currently Egypt have one of the best beer in the world called Stella beer,

  • Noelle

    Umunhum Brewing(founded originally as San Jose Cooperative Brewery and Pub) is California’s first cooperative brewery. We are seeking new members to help develop our democratic business. Our first beer is Hismen Sii Pale Ale, available now! We list our activities on Meetup:
    Join us, see: http://umunhumbrewing.com/

  • Robert Thomas

    It’s a rare week when only a single peon to either a brewery or a distillery is featured either at National Public Radio proper or at Marketplace, from APM or at The World, from PRI – very often there are two. It’s surprised me that this enthusiasm hasn’t attained a higher profile at Forum, so I shouldn’t complain about it here; it’s fine, really.

    Public Radio has become a booster for alcoholic beverage consumption.

    I believe that the modern concern about the prevalence of sucrose, invert sugar, corn syrup and glucose in the American diet is well-placed. It certainly has a high profile in Public Broadcasting. As a person who’s mostly eliminated such saccharides from my own menu, I have a little trouble not sounding like a sugar-scold when among friends and relations – so I keep my lip zipped.

    But I also notice the following: the damage I’ve seen, over my life, that has been the result of even “moderate”, habitual (and it’s always habitual, whether this is admitted or not) alcohol consumption has FAR outpaced the problems due to sugar consumption. This destruction – to relationships between partners and between generations and to financial stability and to every aspect of life – seems less apparent to me now; I see that this isn’t because alcohol has become less of a problem but rather that over time, I’ve eliminated alcohol drinkers from my circle of friends and those who imbibe among my relations have departed from my life, either by Trailways or by casket.

    • pastramiboy

      wow-you are usually the most even keeled broad minded commenter here-and yet you seem to be tarring all drinkers with the same brush. Do you believe it is impossible to drink in moderation, and not screw up your life?

  • ibisko

    yes, in these days of resistant bacteria , going to get my microbiology advice from the brewer versus the ER doc. Why ,we have alcohol, who needs pharma? Much of taste is subjective, cultural and physiologic. How about some statistics? tests results after the second beer.

  • Reid

    Several callers asked about English styles; one caller asked about a Mild, and another, I believe, about Extra Special Bitter. I believe Magnolia was mentioned and there was a passing reference to Freewheel in Redwood City, but I’d like to give them another shout out. Freewheel *specializes* in cask ales (“real ale”), and all of their beers are quite good. Many of them are low alcohol content for those who prefer a more drinkable beer, and they serve all of their beers in Imperial pints.

    • Noelle


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