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California voters have until Monday to register or to change party
affiliation for the June 7 presidential primary. The primary contest
has sparked a sharp increase in new voter registrations,
especially among Democrats, Latinos and youth, and the newly
registered are expected to number more than two million by
Monday’s deadline. We discuss the implication of these
registration trends and how and where to register if you’ve
moved, changed your name or have just become eligible to vote.

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  • Noelle

    I have to commend KPFA radio’s public service announcements of the past few weeks about how to properly register for Democratic primary presidential election.

  • Livegreen

    The necessity of reform is a separate issue from saying the system is rigged. There are minimum standards that have been in place since before Mr. Sanders was running for President, so it’s not just about him. At the same time reforms might indeed be necessary. Let’s stick to the facts and not politicize everything immediately.

  • Robert Thomas

    I don’t quite understand what’s the problem. Is it confusing to register to vote in California, choosing “No Party Preference”? NPP voters can request a presidential primary election ballot for either the American Independent Party, the Democratic Party or the Libertarian Party (Republicans refuse to allow NPP registrants their primary ballot). I saw instructions for this at my polling place, during the last election. It was pretty clear.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Is there much incidence of fraudulent voter registration in California? i.e. People who are ineligible to vote, yet submit the paperwork. What kind of protections exist, if any?

    After all, we all know, there is no requirement to submit proof of citizenship. Maybe I’m wrong about this (and I welcome any comments), so I have attached the form here:

    As a follow up – what is the penalty for fraudulent voter registration in California?

    • Sar Wash

      No. There has not been any voter fraud in California.

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