Kristin Farr

Kristin Farr is KQED's Arts Education Manager. She is the creator and producer of the Emmy Award-winning video series, Art School, which brings audiences into artists' studios to learn about contemporary art, and engages learners with ideas for new ways to get creative. She is also an artist and a contributing editor for Juxtapoz Magazine.

Submit Your Video for A Global Film Project About Character

Why does character matter? What are the skills you need to flourish in the 21st Century? A global “cloud filmmaking” project led by Tiffany Shlain launched with a film about The Science of Character, and she is now gathering entries from students, teachers and communities for a new film, The Adaptable Mind. Use your mobile … Continue reading Submit Your Video for A Global Film Project About Character →

Art + Activism with Sanaz Mazinani

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist with a background in political activism who uses art to inspire dialogue about perceptions of cultural identity. In the latest episode of Art School, she describes her current art practice and the intentions behind her recent installation at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

What’s Your Favorite Dance Move?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed viral videos flying around the Internet featuring dance sensations, trends, and memes like the Harlem shake phenomenon and riffs off of Gangnam Style. Dance crazes have a long history of sweeping the nation, and platforms like YouTube and Facebook foster a worldwide dancing dialogue. Dance crazes are a significant part of American culture and span history, including wildly varying moves, ranging from the 1920’s Charleston to contemporary twerking. What's your signature dance move?

Celebrate National Arts Education Month

March is National Arts Education Month! To honor and celebrate the importance of arts and culture in education, take a look at our special collection of KQED features on exemplary arts education programs around the Bay Area, and spend some time discovering new artists and activities in videos made for students on KQED Art School.

What Could a Superhero Do in Your Community?

What are the real issues in your community that could use a superhero's help? In collaboration with a superhero team like the Justice League, what kind of action could you take to help your neighbors and classmates, or improve your local landscape? Explore the art of Amy Franceschini.

Join us at the Cilker Conference for Arts Education in San Jose

Each year, thanks to the generosity of artist Marion Cilker, San Jose State University and the Santa Clara County Office of Education host two days of inspiration for both pre-service and in-service arts educators. KQED will be there to present a workshop about KQED Art School, and other presenters include SFMOMA, AXIS Dance, and TheaterWorks of Silicon Valley.