Andrea Aust

Andrea is the Senior Manager of Science Education for KQED. In addition to QUEST, she's had the pleasure of coordinating education and outreach for the public television series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures and the four-hour documentary Saving the Bay. Andrea graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Environmental Science and earned her M.A. in Teaching and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of San Francisco. Prior to KQED, she taught, developed, and managed marine science and environmental education programs in Aspen, Catalina Island and the Bay Area. Follow her on Twitter at @KQEDaust.

Bay Area Women in Engineering

It's “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day!” Meet some inspiring women in engineering—right here in the Bay Area. Alishia Ballard, civil engineer Alishia Ballard is a civil engineer with San Francisco Public Works. One of the things she likes most about being an engineer is being able to help people by working

Celebrating Bay Area Black Engineers

It's easy to take modern conveniences like light bulbs, airplanes and smartphones for granted. But we didn't always have these luxuries. From Lewis Latimer, who improved on the light bulb, to Gerald A. Lawson, who brought us the first home gaming console, black engineers have been solving problems that improve

Should We Transition to Driverless Cars?

Featured Media Resource: [VIDEO] “Self-Driving Cars: The Road Ahead” (KQED QUEST)Self-driving cars are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Google, Tesla, Audi and other companies are taking dozens of prototype vehicles onto the road in California and other states. But before they can take off with

Teens Talk about #EngineerThat

The Teen Think Tank at the California Academy of Sciences was hard at work last week reviewing submissions from our #EngineerThat student media challenge. You can view their favorites (and vote for your favorite) here. We wanted to hear the teens' perspectives on being

Top Five Favorites from #EngineerThat

For the past few months, middle school and high school students in California and across the nation created media for KQED's #EngineerThat challenge. Youth were invited to share their ideas for solving a problem at home, school or in their community using engineering. Using our <a target="_self" href=""

How much do candidates’ faces influence voters?

Featured Media Resource: [VIDEO] “How Quickly Do You Judge a Face? ” (Science Friday)By looking at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone's age, gender, race, emotional state and even their trustworthiness. There's evidence that these split-second decisions can affect voters' views of

Building Fun: 5 Civil Engineering Activities for the Classroom

The Next Generation Science Standards require science teachers to integrate engineering into their classes across science disciplines. Many teachers will be doing this for the first time–and we are here to help. Our Engineering Is video series, associated media collections and e-books showcase examples of scientists and engineers

Career Spotlight: Structural Engineer

“One of the things I really love about being an engineer is being able to help people,” explains Alishia Ballard who graduated in 2015 with a degree in civil engineering from San Diego State University. After graduating, she has been interning with San Francisco Public Works in their structural engineering

Career Spotlight: The Planet-Searching Physicist

Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, Elisa Quintana didn't even think about science. She grew up in a household that did not stress the importance of math and science. It was not until community college that she realized she liked math, and ended up transferring to the

Our Engineering Stories of 2015

From $1 microscopes to shape-shifting robots, we covered some pretty awesome engineering stories in 2015. Here's a look back at those stories. Engineering Is Bringing Fish Up from the Deep We began the year diving deep into the ocean and showing how scientists at the California Academy of Sciences engineered a device

Getting Ready to #EngineerThat

Teachers, have you heard about KQED's STEM media challenge #EngineerThat for middle school and high school students? Are you excited to have your students participate, but aren't sure how to get started? Here are some tips to get your students ready to #EngineerThat. Get Inspired Watch one of QUEST's “Engineering

Career Spotlight: Software Engineer

In 2013, Jessica Mong arrived in the Bay Area with $100 in her pocket and a desire to enter the field of software engineering. Fast forward two years, and Jessica is now a software engineer with SurveyMonkey, a tech company that creates and designs custom online surveys. Jessica works