Check, Please! Bay Area’s sixth season episode 10 (#610) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:

1) La Mexicana Restaurant: | restaurant information + video | reviews |

2) Kabuto Sushi: | restaurant information + video | reviews |

3) Pazzia Restaurant & Pizzeria: | restaurant information + video | reviews |

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Leslie SbroccoMy name is Leslie Sbrocco and I’m the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, I will be sharing my tasting notes about the wine the guests and I drank on set during the taping of the show. I will also share some wine tips with each episode.

2009 Rusack Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County, California $23
This sleek Chardonnay is like a well-designed automobile that glides on the road. Pristine fruit flavors are layered with restrained richness to create a balanced wine that is so easy to sip. As it says on the back label, “For more information on this product, please remove cork and pour.”

2007 Dierberg Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley, California $34
Syrah is a chameleon. It can be a powerhouse fruit-driven red from Australia’s Barossa Valley (dubbed Shiraz) or an earthy, taut wine from its home in the Rhone Valley of France. This stylish wine falls somewhere in the middle. Structured enough to age, it offers alluring dark-berry character and hint of smoky complexity.

Check, Please! Bay Area: La Mexicana, Kabuto Sushi, Pazzia 24 October,2012Wendy Goodfriend

  • sonia

    First I like to tell you how much I enjoy “check, please!” is one of my favorites shows. I like to make a comment on today’s show (La Mexicana,Kabuto sushi,and Pazzia) I didn’t like the way the guest from Pazzia express himself about the others two guests and about the other two restaurants….I know they’re there to give an opinion about the food from the restaurants they visited but I think there is a line between givin an opinion and been an unpolite…I believe he was just trying to make us see his favorite restaurant better than the others two but he just cross the line there 🙁 didn’t like to see that because I watch the show to have an idea where to go eat good food and not to see a “Jerry show”

  • Amanda

    Loved this episode, and hearing about 3 very different restaurants. I liked the three judges and thought they played off each other well. I liked that they didn’t all love everything at each place as it is good to have honest feedback. I’ve been to Kabuto and the portions are small and the service is lacking but the food is amazing. Will definitely try Pazzia and la Mexicana too! Hope all 3 of these reviewers can come back again!

  • Henry

    I concur, for someone to go to a restaurant that has been thriving for that many years there must be a reason. Kevin your nothing more than arrogant and pompous *&^. The idea behind the show is to share favorite dining, open your mind to the same authenticity as your Italian restaurant.

  • jason

    I agree with sonia, the gentlemen with the orange shirt did cross the line. Personally, i feel like he was really disrespectful to the other guest. Is good to be honest but sometimes there are situation where things should not be said. I do not need to go in details but I’m sure most people will understand what I’m saying.

  • Jon

    I love your show but am always disappointed when you have guests like Kevin. Found him to be very rude. We all have opinions but there’s no need to be disrespectful.

  • Ken

    The worst guest behavior I’ve ever seen on CPBA was from Liam Mayclem…..

  • Kevin

    Hello! It’s Kevin here – the guy the people who commented think is rude. I am so surprised that people thought I was rude and disrespectful. I was being honest. I love restaurants (as you can see from my bear size body) and I really wanted to like all the restaurants. And I did point out things I liked about each of the other restaurants – like those great corn tortillas and the friendly owner from La Mexicana and the tasty and beautiful jalapeno dish at Kabuto. But I had to say that I am not a fan of all of that sauce put in at the mexican restaurant and the indifferent service and dirty counter space (with dishes still on it) at Kabuto. Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors as we all have different tastes. So perhaps people who don’t like a little of sauce over their mexican food will agree with me and others will agree with Bill. But I think I got along really well with the other two guests and we even talked a bit after the show. So I am actually a bit sad right now to think someone thinks I am rude as I am a nice person…just need to be honest.

    • E.C.

      “The only way you’d get me there is if I had to go to the dollar tree across the street” Really? You had to say that?
      “The only thing I liked about YOUR restaurant is the food”
      Saying things like this are WHY people said you are rude. It is one thing to have an opinion. Its another to use only your ego when giving it. Honesty? ? It would be wise to start with yourself. Say what you mean but don’t say it mean

    • S in SF

      i just saw a repeat of that episode and i thought i was going to be annoyed, but in the end i thought it was was of the funniest episodes ever. i don’t think the other two guests were upset, and leslie really seemed to be into the spirit of the whole adventure. if i was there and you’d said some of that stuff about my pick, i might have gotten upset, but i’m a people pleasure and always want people to be happy and feel responsible when they’re not. anyway, i enjoyed this episode.

    • Kevin, you were honest and also very funny. That’s the point of the show! Good for you.

  • Opinion8d

    This is a general comment on re-runs.
    When you run a restaurant that has closed since you first ran it, what about adding a crawl or inserting a window before or after noting that fact?

    After hearing all the raves and mouth-watering descriptions, seeing the food and planning to stop in when you’re in the area, what a disappointment to find out the place shut down a year or more ago!

    • Which place? Why don’t you tell us which place is closed now?

  • I haven’t been to La Mexicana, but I live nearby. That neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in the Bay Area. (Take a look at a crime heat map.) One of the guests (the guy who recommended the place) was honest about that, but Leslie jumped in and said “it’s fine.” No, actually, it’s not fine. Especially at night. Visitors from out of town have a right to know whether or not the place is located in an unsafe area, and especially the show should not tell them “it’s fine” when it’s not. Go during the daytime if you think the handmade tortillas are worth it. But frankly, why not find another place? Handmade tortillas are not that hard to find.

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