James Freeman-owner of Blue Bottle Coffee, Denise Santoro Lincoln - Bay Area Bites blogger, Leslie Sbrocco- host of Check, Please! Bay Area

Food & Wine This Week
San Francisco and San Jose are two of the top 20 caffeinated cities in America, according to The Daily Beast’s online survey. This week, Leslie Sbrocco and her guests discuss the regions’ growing number of small specialty coffee roasters.
Program airs on KQED 9HD on July 30 at 8pm. The segment will be available online July 31.

Denise Santoro Lincoln, Bay Area Bites blogger
James Freeman, owner of Blue Bottle Coffee

Local Bay Area Coffee Roasters: Peet’s and Blue Bottle Coffee

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Bay Area Coffee Roasters: Food & Wine This Week 27 August,2010Wendy Goodfriend

  • John

    Wow, the video is really very informative, I did not know that “San Francisco and San Jose are two of the top 20 caffeinated cities in America” …. So, I think that I belong to these cities now, since I drink a lot of coffee every day…:)


  • Earl Finnegan

    Brooklyn coffee roasters make excellent tasting brews. I don’t think I could ever go back to normal beans.

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