On Wednesday, May 26, 2010 guests joined KQED for Check, Please! Bay Area “Taste & Sip,” a unique food and wine experience celebrating the fifth season of the award-winning KQED Public Television series Check, Please! Bay Area. Guests tasted food from fifteen restaurants featured on the show, plus enjoyed fine wines for sipping.


Check, Please! Taste & Sip Event Slideshow 15 July,2010Wendy Goodfriend

  • Barbara

    Leslie: We’ve been long-time viewers, now looking at your website today for the first time, trying to search “East Bay”, expecting to get a list of all the East Bay spots you’ve ever covered. It’s a mess! Please put together lists covering all your seasons, all your episodes – and allow searches by location, price, type of food, etc. I’m sure lots of people want to search the same way, rather than just by season or episode.

  • Barbara if you use the black navigation strip at the top of the page and mouseover “restaurant info” you will see that “east bay” is a category that you can click on and search east bay restaurants. You can also use the navigation to search episodes by season and cuisine type as well.

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