Check, Please! Bay Area’s fifth season episode 3 (#503) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:

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2) Patio Filipino: | restaurant information + video | reviews |

3) Sam’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant: | restaurant information + video | reviews |

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Leslie SbroccoMy name is Leslie Sbrocco and I’m the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, I will be sharing my tasting notes about the wine the guests and I drank on set during the taping of the show.

Wines of the Week: KQED Wine Club
Our guests enjoyed these two delicious offerings from the KQED Wine Club.

2007 Schloss Gobelsburg “Gobelsburger” Gruner Veltliner, Langenlois Osterreich, Austria
Gruner Veltliner is Austria’s signature wine. Dry, fresh and zesty with great acid, this lemon-lime-scented white pairs beautifully with fresh-from-the-garden fare.

2006 Bruni Poggo d’Elsa, Cabernet — Sangiovese, Maremma , Toscana, Italy
With a rustic character and dark-berry fruit flavors, this sip of Italy is an ideal pairing for sausage pizza.

Check, Please! Bay Area Season 5: Episode 3 (503) 12 April,2011Wendy Goodfriend

  • RBMag

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with either Ms. Smith or Ms. Nurse Reyes. I am even sorry you had them on the air. My friend and I found them very disgusting particularly Ms. Nurse. Maybe, they shud try eating bland food for awhile rather than have all the dishes – sweet and spicy. I’m a 68 year old filipino, and I was raised to eat whatever was placed in front of me. I feel that eating dishes that has been covered with too many accoutrements may spoil your taste buds and you finally realize, something plan and simple as bland food will cleanse one’s taste bud which is good for a change. I just wonder if Ms. Smith and Ms Nurse unscrew the cap of a salt shaker to get a better taste of their unbland food. I find it an insult for them to degrade Sam’s Grill’s cuisine. I find SG’s dishes as good as any filipino/pakistanian or any other ethic dishes out there. It’s delight to dine at the restaurant that personifies the old San Francisco. Nix on Ms. Smith and Mr. Reyes.

  • LOliviaRogers

    Wow, I am really amazed and disappointed/disgusted at the tone of most of the remarks posted up to May 20!!! They smack of overt racism and classism…shame on ALL of you except one. I saw this episode and did find the obvious differences in the preferences and tastes of the guests amusing and interesting. I dine in both worlds so I ‘get’ the distinctions that caused such diverse reactions. All 3 guests had an interesting and real perspective and THAT is what this show is about. The rascist/classist candor with which some commenters say that some of the guests “obviously didn’t belong” in Sam’s Grill is just plain nasty. Maybe true…since virtually all the shots of Sam’s clearly shows its dominant clientele are old, affluent white guys. I personally thought the “Sam’s Grill” guest’s quiet horror about Lahore Karahi’s Tenderloin neighborhood revealing and boring: he obviously lives a very well edited life that indulges him in personal fear when going to ‘those’ neighborhoods. But this is SF and we pride ourselves on appreciation of this very diversity. So let’s consign the nastiness to the compost bin folks.

  • SF Gastro-Fan

    Wow! What a mean-spirited post! You found two of the guests “very disgusting”? I agree that JR Reyes was too cutting and snide, and sometimes down-right rude, but this horrible comment is worse than anything Mr. Reyes said.

    Further, I found Liz Smith to be the most thoughtful of the three. She was engaging with the host and other guests, yet was able to state her opinion without being rude. (RBMag, take note.) I didn’t find her comments degrading at all. She’s right. Our restaurants in SF are among the best in the world. The bar is very high here. Having fresh food is the minimum standard, not the culinary finish line. I thought Ms. Smith was merely encouraging SG to raise their game, so to speak, an improve the flavor of their dishes. She had many nice things to about the place.

    In sum, RBMag, keep your shrill and intolerant comments to yourself! I am sorry YOU were allowed to post them here.

  • Tom Gee

    Hmmm. RBMag. Sounds like somebody got all cuddled up in their “anti-diversity, extra-judgmental, let’s all think the way I do or else” Snuggie and started clacking away on the keyboard without really thinking. First, the show is about opinions, not necessarily the people expressing them. Personal attacks (especially anonymous Internet ones) just make people look small. Secondly, it’s about opinions ABOUT FOOD. No lives are at stake. If you don’t agree or think someone was unfair, then just say that and let it go. The thing that KQED figured out a long time ago is that it takes all kinds to make a world and people have lots of differing opinions. And that’s the beauty of it. See? I was also taught to eat whatever was put in front of me. EXCEPT when I’m going out and paying for what I’m eating! Then I have some say as to whether or not I liked it or care to eat it again. That’s all JR and Liz were doing. I don’t think it was intended to be personal. No body was “degrading” anyone. If people can’t stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen or off this show. I love Check Please and I loved this episode – they disagreed without being disagreeable. Check it out sometime. Also, JR Reyes is a Mr. not a Ms. And spellcheck is a handy invention.

  • Denny Sechrest

    I thought that the three restaurants were interesting however, these should have not been reviewed together as they are so very different. As for the comments about Sam’s Grill from Ms. Smith or Ms. Reyes were completely out of line and as well as snide as mentioned above. I have been to India about 20 times as well as the Philippines 15-20 times. I love both cultures as well as their culture, people, and food. I have not been to the other restaurants and cannot comment about them. The comments from Mr. Filter were absolutely spot on! The Petrale Sole (as well as all the fresh fish) with Creamed Spinich is superb! Sam’s is an outstanding classy restaurant with wonderful dishes and service. It appeared that Ms. Smith and Mr. Reyes were looking for something to be wrong as well as get in a barb about a classy restaurant that has been there longer than all but one other restaurant in San Francisco. Ms. Smith take note, you’re not sure why this place has been there that long? I guess that the public has figured this out and you clearly have not, the public usually votes with their feet and wallet which is why they have been there so long. As for Mr. Reyes, you didn’t get any bread? you see other people getting served bread why didn’t you ask? once again looking for a problem instead of being objective (he was very condesending). I believe that as I mentioned above both Ms. Smith and Mr. Reyes were looking for a problem with Sam’s. Once again, this is not about the two other restaurants as I have not been to either one and they may be very outstanding.

  • Penny

    Some people just dont get it. There is nothing better, or cooler than Sam’s. You must arrive by 11 if you want a booth, which is what you need for a long, long lunch. Sand dabs, steamed clams…the BEST bread in SF !!!! Always a bowl of lemons on your white table cloth. If I were stranded on an island it would have to be the fried eggplant with tarter sauce.

  • M

    Ive lived in the T.L. six years by myself, Im short, female, don’t weigh that much and it’s silly to fear a neighborhood! ? ? ?
    What was said above about that stuffy old man’s comments are spot on!! TIRED! BORING!
    The only thing to fear is fear itself. All I can say is DO NOT BE AFFRAID TO EAT AT LAHORE KARAHI!!!! Be affraid you might never experience this food! Gudu (owner) is the most woOonderful person! The Chikar Choley :o) is his signature dish, made the way it’s done in his hometown. You can NOT get it anywhere else in the city like his!!!
    GO GO GO Call in your order then pick it UP!!! If your too chicken then eat the chicken . . . Tikka

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