BAB bloggers join Leslie Sbrocco on set of This Week in Northern CA

Watch the new Food & Wine segment from This Week in Northern California featuring Leslie Sbrocco, host of Check, Please! Bay Area in conversation with Bay Area Bites bloggers Michael Procopio and Stephanie Rosenbaum. The discussion focuses on restaurants and the recession and underground farmers’ markets and the street food trend.

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Leslie Sbrocco joins Bay Area Bites bloggers on This Week in Northern California 5 May,2010Check, Please! Bay Area

  • Lynn Petra Nelson

    I often enjoy your “check please bay area” Today(sun 2/7) was excellent, and for the first time a restaurant I wasn’t familiar with “Aquarello (sp?) on California St..
    Not in my Zagat book. I need help with the spelling. Not in phone beek.Sorry Im 72 &dyslexic makes for some fun times! I shall try your website again. Thank you all for sharing your marvelous finds ;-), Lynn

  • Kirk Baughman

    We had dinner Sunday night at Hayes street grill. Food was very good. service Class A. The server told us that they do not make 1/2 orders of hot fudge Sundays. He said that your show got the wrong information. So we had a full order. Thought you would like to know. We watch your show and will try to become reviewers. KB

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