Check, Please! Bay Area’s third season episode 5 (#305) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:

1) Anchor Oyster Bar & Seafood Market: | restaurant information | reviews |

2) Lalime’s Restaurant: | restaurant information | reviews |recipe |

3) Indian Aroma: | restaurant information | reviews | [CLOSED]


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Leslie SbroccoMy name is Leslie Sbrocco and I’m the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, I will be sharing my tasting notes about the wine the guests and I drank on set during the taping of the show. Also, in my “What to Sip” suggestions, I choose one restaurant from each show and offer tips for selecting libations to enjoy with your meal.

Wines of the Week: KQED Wine Club

From the KQED Wine Club come our selections poured on this week’s show. Join the club!

Wine of the Week: 2006 A to Z Riesling, Oregon
If you haven’t discovered the joys of sipping Riesling yet, grab a bottle of this wine and prepare to be converted. Aromas of white peaches are followed by juicy, crisp fruit flavors in a wine that makes your mouth water. Serve well-chilled with spicy fare, salads, and even grilled sausage for a taste treat.

What to Sip: Lalime’s:

Lalime’s eclectic menu of Mediterranean-influenced fare layered with local flare is echoed in the classy wine list. This collection of bottles showcases savvy worldwide picks paired with California wines, all offered at respectable — and in many cases — highly affordable prices.

White wine lovers should look to the Italian white collection for deals, including several offerings of Falanghina (a white varietal that’s fruity and fresh) for around $30, and one of my favorite Italian whites, Pieropan’s zesty “Calvarino” from Soave in the northern Italian Veneto region ($57). To truly indulge yourself, order the California classic: a complex Hanzell Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley. Yes, it’s priced at over $100, but it is well worth it.

Unique Spanish reds like the floral, elegant Palacios “Petalos” ($45) from the Bierzo region of northwestern Spain, made with a grape variety named Mencia, is a top pick for those who like Pinot-esque reds. For hearty, rich reds there is an extensive Zinfandel section highlighting various Rosenblum bottlings, one of the best producers of the variety. Also, not to miss in the affordable category is the Torbreck “T-Rex” Shiraz from Australia’s Barossa Valley ($35). Can you say “meat lover’s wine”?!

Check, Please! Bay Area: Season 3: Episode 5 (#305) 21 July,2015Check, Please! Bay Area

  • Ann Amtower

    Dear Check Please!
    I loved this episode! I cannot wait to try all of the restaurants,but especially the Anchor Bar. I really got a kick out of Katie Kronin. I love it when you have people who enjoy food the way this group does on the show!
    Keep up the good work.
    Ann Amtower

  • Cynthia McCarthy

    I really enjoyed this episode! A nice sampling of ethnic cuisine. The guests were interesting – they seemed very honest and lively. I will definitely try these places; thanks!

  • Antoi

    Hmmmm… I haven’t seen you guys in a while, and finally got this episode in my iTunes. I was a bit peeved by the comments of the big guy about Indian Aroma. Mind you, I’ve never been to this restaurant, but his ridiculous over dramatic rant about the piles of flesh served was uncalled for. I can get this type of ranting on Yelp, okay?! Maybe he just doesn’t like Indian food? With critiques that seem better suited for the stage, I don’t know if I can take his raving support of Lalime. This guy was a big turn-off. This show has had some guests in the past that were plain annoying, but after your hiatus for some time, then seeing this show, my subscription may be cancelled. I’m tired of watching food-snobs go to cheaper restaurants then turn up their noses at everything when giving their review. I will say that Katie’s restaurant pick, comments and attitude were delightful.

  • Eric

    II saw your web cast of this show and I have to say that Patrick is a tool. I have been going to India Aroma for years and I have recommended it to many friends. I have not had one person say the things that he said. I agree that he must not like Indian food and therefore gave it a bad review. For the amount of people I have sent there, someone else should have had a similar experience as Patrick. I make sure to follow up with my friends and see how the meal went at what ever place I recommend. None have had this type of experience at this restaurant.
    Last, I have had the Mixed grill and his description was juvenile. He basically insults any one who has enjoyed that dish.
    Where did you get this guy? It sounds like he is a no class food snob. Pick your guests better.
    And no, that guest has not enticed me to sit through another one of your shows.

  • Antoi

    I guess I’m not the only one who hated this episode. This one bugged me enough to discuss with friends who can’t stand this show, which I used to pish-shaw since there was often lively, good-mannered commentary, and a good diverse mix of restaurants to check out. I did unsubscribe with you guys on iTunes, and will just pick up the show on YouTube so it doesn’t take up my hard-drive space — not worth it.

    Perhaps you should do specific shows that focus on cheap eats, ethnic foods, California cuisine, high-end restaurants, taco trucks, etc… At least viewers can get opinions from people who like, and frequent these types of places. Yes, it’s interesting to get the social commentary from all walks of life, but for a food show I really don’t care. I’d be more interested in the opinion of someone who knows food, or works in the food industry, than some drama queen with a bland palate trying to impress the audience with his pricey restaurant pick.

    Switch it up Check Please! I get these kind of cheap shots on Yelp. Not what I expect from KQED.

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