Check, Please! Bay Area’s third season episode 4 (#304) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:

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2) The Yellow Submarine: | restaurant information | reviews |

3) The Slanted Door: | restaurant information | reviews |

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Leslie SbroccoMy name is Leslie Sbrocco and I’m the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, I will be sharing my tasting notes about the wine the guests and I drank on set during the taping of the show. Also, in my “What to Sip” suggestions, I choose one restaurant from each show and offer tips for selecting libations to enjoy with your meal.

Wines of the Week: KQED Wine Club

From the KQED Wine Club come our selections poured on this week’s show.

2003 Château Curson, Crozes-Hermitage, France
Hailing from the northern Rhone region of France, the small appellation of Crozes-Hermitage usually plays stepsister to its famous neighboring region, Hermitage. What you find in Crozes, however, is affordability married with character. This Syrah-based wine from the warm 2003 vintage showcases a deep, ripe, red berry fruitiness with a touch of earthy aromas and a white pepper kick.

What to Sip: Cyrus
The hype around Healdsburg’s Cyrus restaurant, one of the country’s leading culinary destinations, is truly deserved. The experience is elegant without being pretentious. The food is exciting without being precious. And, the wine list is adventurous and classy, without being pompous. Sommelier Jim Rollston has compiled an extensive, 40-plus page wine list with a special focus on Sonoma, Italy and France. Reading it is a pleasure that any wine lover will relish. My suggestion is to put yourself in Jim’s hands, and try the wine pairing menu to complement the meal. His pairings are simply sublime.

If you want to go it alone, start by exploring the half bottle selections. A half bottle will serve about 2-3 glasses, so you can enjoy various wines with the different tasting course menus. When the caviar cart calls, reach for a half bottle of the Bollinger Special Cuvee ($68). Then look to Alsace for a food-friendly half bottle of Riesling from Domaine Weinbach ($60). If you want a small bottle of red to complete the meal, the Copain Syrah from California ($60) will work with richer meat dishes.

For those who simply like to drink a bottle of wine or are with a larger group, don’t-miss bottles on the list include some of my dream wines. If money is no object (and for many dining at Cyrus, it isn’t), an amazing older vintage of world-class Champagne, Krug Clos du Mesnil will set you back $1,200. A 1978 Chateau de Beaucastel for $425. Italian superstars like Brunello di Montalcino 1995 from Soldera will tip the scales at more than $1,000. Collectors and drinkers of Burgundies could spend an entire meal just thumbing through the stunning array of white and red Burgundies.

Trying to save a few dollars? Jim also has many selections to choose from that are surprisingly affordable. The Skylark Pinot Blanc from Mendocino is only $40 and the Barbera d’Alba from Bartolo Mascarello is $67.

Bottom line is, no matter what you order, you’ll be assured the wine is of the highest quality. Everything at Cyrus is.

Check, Please! Bay Area: Season 3: Episode 4 (#304) 16 September,2015Check, Please! Bay Area

  • Herbert Mager

    My wife and I always watch Check Please Bay Area and usually enjoy the show very much. But we were put off by the choice of the very expensive Cyrus for a review, especially as its two foodey/winey cheerleaders on the show clearly are not “regular Bay Area residents” when it comes to dining out. For us the value of the show is to learn about restaurants that “regular Bay Area residents” really can patronize.

  • Doug N

    I’ve been to Cyrus, and it’s an excellent restaurant. But, Carrie doesn’t do the restaurant any justice by being (as the other person commented) a “foodey/winey cheerleader”. She came across as a person equating expensive/fancy with quality dining but unable to explain why the experience was great. Furthermore, her comments about the less than spectacular NYC restaurants demonstrates a lack of worldly dining experiences. I’m a Bay Area native but I will admit NYC has some spectacular restaurants. But, this makes Check Please Bay Area interesting, it has all different types of people and different viewpoints and opinions.

  • Mark Zborowski

    A few years ago we made reservations for a special family dinner, and looked forward to what had been anticipated as a very special restaurant When we arrived and were escorted to our table, after the Chef was notified, and explained that one of our party had a garlic allergy, the resulting treatment was not acceptable for a 2-star establishment. The lady waiting on our table looked very concerned, almost to the point of fear, and proceeded to call over the Matri’D. Once he arrived, he informed us in no uncertain terms that we should have contacted the Chef two weeks in advance to arrange a special dinner. And to top it off, it was going to be a struggle to prepare any meal on such short notice. I have lived on 4 continents and had my share of marvelous dinning experiences, but the audacity of this establishment is at the top of my list. We rate the excellence of a restaurant on how well the wait staff and Chef handle our simple request. And I can say with certainty, that every fine dining establishment that we have been at it in the past 10 years has never blinked an eye, and immediately offered to guide my wife through the menu or consult with the Chef to accommodate her needs. There are many other great dinning choices in Healdsburg (Ravenous) that will give you better service, just as fantastic food and will fill you with wine country hospitality.

  • This episode of Check Please was a riot, going from Cryus ($120 bare minimum per person) to Yellow Submarine ($6 for a sandwich). I like good food but I can’t see myself eating at Cyrus until I win the lottery. Interesting that the reviewer said after a few drinks she forgot about money…she either has deep pockets or a credit card hangover.

    Glad to see that Check Please is back for a new season. The first thing my wife noticed was Leslie Sbrocco’s longer hair, which looks great. Now we finally know when it is a new show or a repeat by looking at the length of her locks!

  • Gladys C Gilliland

    What happened to Check Please? It was not on Friday night, May 30th. We are regulars and missed it.
    Gladys C Gilliland

  • laura

    It’s not just you Gladys, I’ve noticed that new episodes of Check Please have been missing for 3 weeks. I’m curious to know what’s going on.

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