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Holy LandHoly LandHoly Land

Holy LandHoly LandHoly Land

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677 Rand Street (at Cheney Avenue)
Oakland, CA 94610
Parking: Free lot

Phone: 510-272-0535
Website: holylandrestaurant.com

Restaurant Owner: Miri Levy
Executive Chef: Miri Levy

Type of Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Israeli/Jewish/Kosher
Signature Dishes: Falafel, Couscous, Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes, Hummus, Shawarma
Vegetarian Options: 3+ items
Alcohol Served: Beer and wine
Corkage Fee: None
Bottle Limit: None

Restaurant Hours:
Monday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Friday: 11:00am-1 hour before sunset
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm

Meals Served: Lunch, dinner
Take-Out: Yes
Delivery: No
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 15% gratuity, w/o alcohol): Under $15
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 15% gratuity, w/o alcohol): Under $15
Payment Options: Cash, Visa, MasterCard
Accept Reservations: Yes
Need Reservations: No

Accommodations for Children: Kid-friendly
Dining Style: Casual
Disabled Access: Yes (no, to restrooms)
Restaurant Size: Small (under 30 seats)
Accommodate Groups (10+): Yes
Private Dining Room: No
Tables with Scenic Views: No
Outdoor Dining: Yes
Entertainment: No

Holy Land: Restaurant Info 23 July,2015Check, Please! Bay Area

  • Jacqueline

    Holy Land: I went there on a Wednesday at lunch time. (Around early noon time.) The owner was not there. I had very poor customer service. The man at the counter had no food suggestions for me and seemed more eager to help the other dinners. I paid 7.88 for an over cooked potato pancake and an over cooked potato stuffed wrap. I am still hungry and very disappoint in this restaurant. I love to try new place from the show especial ones in the east bay, but this was not a good suggestion.

  • ann

    Check Please put a SF address for Holy Land, but I think they mentioned the Oakland location is the reviewer’s favorite.

  • Molly Kenefick

    Jacqueline, I am sorry you had a bad experience. I have to think you’re exaggerating, but maybe you caught my favorite spot on a bad day. I guess that could have happened.

    Anyway, I am writing in to support my favorite little restaurant. Every Friday without fail, I and the other dog walkers who work with me go to lunch at Holy Land. We LOVE this place. I’ve never been to Israel, but my colleagues Jack and Justine lived there and they swear the food is better here than in the real holy land!

    The falafel is to die for. The baba ganoush is amazing as is the hummus. The hot sauce is excellent, and everyone who’s tried it agrees that the lemonade is killer! They use a whole lemon and a bunch of mint. It may not be fancy, but the food is amazing and if it were fancy, it probably wouldn’t fit into our weekly budget.

    The owner, Miri, is a lovely person, and so are the two guys who work there. We look forward to Fridays, which we call “Falafel Fridays,” because we take a long hike with a dozen or so dogs in Redwood Regional Park and then we all meet at Holy Land for lunch. We’d have it no other way.

    Hope to see you there. Unless it’s cold or wet, we’ll be the ones in dirty jeans sitting outside with a couple tired dogs under the table.

  • Gregg

    The food and service is very unpredictable at Holy Land. Sometimes wonderful, sometimes wondering why you go back.

  • Ramona

    My husband and I went there and was pleasantly surprised. Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. The lemonade was fantastic. Loved the minty and robust lemon flavor–truly unique. The owner came over to our table and made small talk. She was warm and gracious. The guys cooking in the back were not as warm but helpful none the less when we asked for suggestions. We will be going back for more!

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