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Everett and JonesEverett and JonesEverett and Jones
BBQ Chicken Salad, BBQ Pork Ribs, Sweet Potato Pie

BryanName: Bryan
Occupation: Musician
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Everett & Jones Barbeque
Reviewed Everett & Jones Barbeque: Sunday, October 9, 2005

It’s no secret — it’s the very best barbeque in the Bay Area and possibly the world. No joke! We arrived at a good time this evening, and we lucked out and got seated quickly, which doesn’t happen all the time. There have been many occasions in the past when I’ve had to wait for quite a while. First off, it was LOUD! Really LOUD! It definitely has a party atmosphere. Hip-Hop and R&B music was piped in, across the bar on either side a football game was blaring from two TVs, and the place was packed. It has a very down-home southern vibe — like you’re eating in a big barn with all of your friends and neighbors. I like the fact that it is a very diverse crowd with people from all walks of life. Saturday nights they have live Jazz and Blues.

We started with some drinks. I had a Saucy Sistah Ale, which is a local, brewed special for E&J. I didn’t ask who made it, but I found it to be very refreshing and not too heavy, like some microbrews can be. My girlfriend ordered a margarita that was on the “too sweet” side. Our server was a very friendly young man, casual but not unprofessional. He was very prompt and polite.

We decided to split the #3 Combo of pork ribs and beef brisket. This is a lot of food even for two. I have to say, this time I was a bit disappointed. The ribs were a little over-cooked and crunchy on the ends. E&J’s consistency can be a bit off sometimes but that never stops me from going, because a bad day at E&J is better than the best day at most places! The beef was excellent. It was tender and juicy and the smoky flavor was not overpowering. Their BBQ sauce is outstanding, and we always order the medium with the hot on the side. Sometimes the hot can be too hot, again with the consistency! For our sides, we chose the greens, beans, and candied yams. The greens, I believe, are a mix of collard and mustard greens, boiled for days with ham hocks. I always give ’em a good solid coating of Crystal red pepper sauce — mmm-mmm. The beans are quite good as well: they are a cross between those sweet syrupy beans and Texas style chili. They are sweet enough to be served with the BBQ, but I like the earthiness of the cumin and chilies. The candied yams were a bit too sweet for my taste.

After washin’ the whole thing down with another beer, I swear I was too full to order dessert. Another solid outing to E&J. My bass player is gonna be bent outta shape that I didn’t invite him this time; he is like a madman when it comes to this place. I bet he’d eat there every day if he could — what a kook!

TonyaName: Tonya
Occupation: Owner of Women’s Clothing Boutique
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: 1550 Hyde Cafe & Wine Bar
Reviewed Everett & Jones Barbeque: Sunday, October 2, 2005

You get a family atmosphere at Everett & Jones: high ceilings, sports TV, large tables and lots of space. While waiting to be seated (no reservations), you can check out the gift display (t-shirts, E&J mugs), and go over the straightforward menu of barbecued meats and sides.

Expect generous helping of barbecue, and mostly sweet flavors; sauces are sweet, potato salad is made with sweet dill, and desserts…well, you know. Still, the meats are tender, the portions are generous, and your family will love the fun, happy atmosphere.

MarkName: Mark
Occupation: Art & Antique Dealer
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Lark Creek Inn
Reviewed Everett & Jones Barbeque: Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Being raised in the Midwest, I love good barbeque. So, when I heard about Everett & Jones, I invited my brother to join me to experience some down-home, finger-licking, lip-smacking BBQ food. We were sorely disappointed. I should have known something was off when I called the restaurant to make a reservation. When my first call was answered and I was immediately put on hold. I stayed on hold for almost ten minutes, which, on the phone, seems like ten hours, until I finally hung up and redialed the number only to get a busy signal. The next day I called again and a very confused-sounding person answered. When I requested a reservation he wasn’t sure how to take one, he put me on hold twice, and then finally took my name and my reservation for two people at 7:30 on Wednesday night. I also took his name and thanked him for his help. The day of the dinner a close friend called and asked if she could join us, so I said sure and promptly called the restaurant to change the reservation to a party of three. Good thing I did, because when the person at the restaurant checked the books, she said there was no reservation for me under that name for tonight. I gave her the name of the person who took the reservation, she put me on hold and when she came back on she said they would seat my party of three for this evening. This phone fiasco was the foreshadowing of things to come.

The restaurant is located a few blocks from Jack London Square and has large windows and an outdoor eating area surrounding the front and side of the building. It is brightly lit and has a lively, colorful interior with all kinds of memorabilia strewn about. It was abuzz with people. As you approach, your mouth starts to water as you inhale the smoky, sweet smell of BBQ. When we entered there were two long pew-like benches where people were seated, waiting for a table. At the end of the benches was the host’s stand, where there was a clipboard with a name list attached to it, but no host. People were clamoring to put their name on the waiting list, but there was no pen. The frantic search began through everyone’s pockets and purses for a writing instrument. We were not quite sure what to do — put our names on the list, or pray that this time we actually did have a reservation. Finally, a completely deadpan-faced, lifeless girl stood behind the host stand. Upon seeing my confused look, she blurted out, “What do you want?” I said I had a 7:30 reservation for three under my name. She pulled out what looked to be a torn piece of toilet paper with infinitesimal writing on it from her pant pocket, examined it, then grabbed three menus, and barked, “Over here.” Some people waiting for tables glared at us as we were seated at a table directly behind one of the long benches. She tossed our menus on the tables and left, and we all said in unison, “That was odd.”

As we were looking over our menus, we realized that hair and hat brims of some of the people who were seated on the “waiting bench” were dangling over the edge of our table, in particular, a beautiful long ponytail on a well-dressed woman. We spotted another table that had just emptied in the corner and asked the hostess as she passed if we could move to that table. She sighed and said, “Yeah,” and so we did.

The tables are covered with varying colored, checkered cloths, which are then covered with clear plastic (BBQ can get a bit messy). The silverware is piled into copper teakettles at the end of the table, and next to the silverware sat a brightly-colored mini watering can, which held a little bunch of feathery plant greens and a single dead flower. When I say dead, I mean completely shriveled, brown as dirt, can’t tell what it was when it was alive, Addams Family dead flower! I felt compelled to pick it up to try and figure out what it was in its former life and concluded it had been a sunflower. I looked around and saw that each table was adorned with the same pathetic arrangement. Suspended from the ceiling were large umbrella canopies, and interspersed between them and scattered throughout the dining room and the bar, were television sets.

The menu is fairly basic and set up in a multiple-choice format. There is BBQ chicken, ribs, links, and brisket, and a selection of sides to choose from: coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, greens, etc. If you order a dinner of one item or a combo to two or three items, you choose two sides and get a cornbread muffin. We sat at the table a good ten minutes before the person we assumed was our waiter came to us. I say “assumed” because he did not utter a word, he just pulled out his order book and stared at us. There was no “Hello,” no “Have any questions?” Just a blank, emotionless stare. So, we started ordering to see if we could evoke a response. We ordered two plates of chicken and ribs and one plate of the three-meat combo: chicken, ribs, and brisket. He suddenly mumbled, “Mild, medium or hot?” We assumed he meant the BBQ sauce. We had the three-meat combo with hot sauce and the rest with medium. He then said, “Sides?” and we ordered coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad. Finally, he mumbled, “Drinks?” and we ordered a pitcher of beer and a lemonade. While still writing, he turned and left. The busboy brought us water, which came in jelly jars with a lemon slice, which was a nice touch.

When our food arrived, it was brought to us by the stone-faced hostess, who barked out, “Chicken and ribs!” We said, “Yes,” and she set the plate on the table. Then she barked out “Ribs,” and we said it wasn’t ours and that we had ordered another plate of chicken and ribs. She glared at us and in an even louder voice she yelled “RIBS!!!” We again politely stated we had chicken and ribs. She then raised the plate to her eyes, and said, “Oh, this is chicken and ribs” set it on the table and left, after which my friend stated, “That girl is downright surly.” Another, friendlier person brought out the triple combo and all our sides. After she left, we realized we had no napkins and we could not get anyone’s attention, so I got up, went to the serving station, grabbed a pile of paper napkins and brought them back to the table.

The portions are more than generous, but I could now see why the “surly” hostess could not discern what was on the plate; it was all drowning in BBQ sauce. You could barely tell a piece of chicken from a rib. So here’s the rundown of the meal: the ribs were tender, but a bit fatty for my taste. The chicken, once some of the sauce was removed, was burnt black on the outside, but the meat was still juicy. The medium sauce was tasty and tangy, though there was way too much on the plate. On the other hand, the combo of three meats with hot sauce was almost inedible to me. The sauce was basically the medium sauce with a jar, no kidding, a jar of red chili pepper flakes thrown into the mix. Thousands of pepper seeds were suspended in the sauce, which completely obliterated your mouth. This use of heat was obviously for shock value and certainly not to enhance the food. I can handle hot, but this was ridiculous. The sides were all forgettable: cement potato salad, wet and limp coleslaw, and OK baked beans. The cornbread muffins were fine.

We ordered two desserts, which were individual sized pies, one pecan and one sweet potato. They were one of the best parts of the meal with tender crusts and flavorful centers. When the waiter gave me the bill to sign at the end of our meal, he uttered, “Got a pen?” We had come full circle, searching for another pen as we did when we entered.

This place is a service nightmare. Unfriendly, uncaring, rude people, who act as though this job is a punishment, are handling the food you are about to eat, NO THANKS. There is a general lack of care and pride in this dining establishment, which is evident in the apathetic people who work there. The food is mediocre at best, so why bother? Everett & Jones Barbeque doesn’t hit the bull’s-eye — it doesn’t even hit the dartboard!

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  • patrick

    I agree with Mark. THE SERVICE SUX. I think the meat may be poor quality and
    is hidden amoungs the gallon of sauce you recieve.
    Forget about takeout. You will wait just as long. There are many other good BBQ places like Bo’s in Moraga. Better food without the ‘tood.
    Parking in the area also sux. The only 3 places worthy of my gold card in this area are SCOTTS, KINKADES and YOSHI’S.
    Bryan should stick to fast food.

  • Larry

    I really wanted to like this E&J location myself, after all, great barbecue in a really pleasant location. However, on each occasion the service has ranged from aggressively indifferent to glacially slow to downright surly.

    I’ve been a server and FOTH manager and can make a lot of allowances, but it seems that whoever runs this place just doesn’t get it.

    My rec? Get take out from any of the other properly run locations and avoid this one like the plague.


  • misterscary999

    Wow- I literally JUST ATE THERE when I watched the program on KQED! Service can be a trouble spot for the restaurant- our server attempted to memorize our entire party’s order. Had she taken the time to write our orders down with a pen, we wouldn’t have had to ask her SEVERAL times for our food and beverages!

    Our table had the BBQ BEEF BRISKET and the FULL SLAB of PORK RIBS. The brisket was good. It wasn’t great because some of the thin slices that were heaped on my plate were fairly fatty, and other slices were charred and overcooked. Beware, the hot sauce is just that- HOT!

    The pork ribs also looked good. My fellow diners assured me that they were tender and flavorful, but I noticed that the ribs did look a little dried out as if they were sitting out for awhile. Freshly prepared ribs are succulent and glistening- these ribs just looked plain dull to me.

    After finally getting the side orders right from our pen-less server, our first reaction was how MINISCULE the portions were. My sides of SWEET POTATOES and GREENS came in a tiny dish which couldn’t have held more than an ice cream scoop’s worth of food. The sweet potatoes were good- nice consistancy and flavor. The greens were loaded with salt pork and they were quite flavorful. Also arriving with my order was a sole corn muffin. A single 1 inch tall soda can diameter corn muffin. Would it kill them to bump up the portions of the side dishes? I would’ve been happier if they doubled the amount!

    The bottom line is this- E&J is a good East Bay BBQ place. It’s not, however, a great one. That and buy pens and order pads for your servers!

  • Sham

    I have to agree with Mark as well- I had eaten there once before the review on the show- and had a mediocre experience. I thought they might have been having an off day so I decided to give it another chance after seeing the show. But alas, it wound up being one of my worst dining experiences ever. First, the meal itself took about an hour to get on the table. Second, the waitress, while she was friendly, had to be asked 3-4 times each time before we got what we ordered (drinks, cornbread and the check). Can you believe the cornbread was brought to us AFTER we finished our meal? which by the way it wasn’t worth waiting for. And my friend and I had both ordered the chicken but his had a piece of a link in it! Talk about unappetizing if thats not what you’re expecting.
    Before we even finished eating, the busboy started clearning the table which we had to help him with. If I wanted to clean up after myself, I would have eaten at home!
    So all in all, I gave E&J another chance, but it was my last. Neither the food, nor the service is worth making the trip to Oakland for.

  • Faidah

    There are no “off” days at E & J’s, its like that everyday. Service sucks big, but…the food does, too. People only go there because there is no place else to go….bad food is bad food…Ernie Good’s (Pinole), the only place to go is closed…just drive a little further to Hayward and to to Carmen’s.

  • Lorena

    Cliff’s Barbeque on Bayshore is definitely the best yet that I’ve had in the bay area. Alabama style, sauce not too sweet. (Still sweeter than the Tennessee and Kansas barbeque that I really enjoy, but nothing like E & J.) Mostly a take-out joint, only three-ish tables. Try the Alabama slab, hush puppies, and greens especially.

  • T Berk

    I haven’t been to the Jack London location but have been many times to the place on San Pablo Av and University in Berkeley. (It’s right behind a video outlet who shall remain nameless.)

    I was impressed with the original review, including the barking, and based on what I heard I thought to give E&J another try.

    One thing I wanted to say was though there are many, many Bar-B-Q places around, (including Doug’s Bar-B-Q under the freeway near Emeryville and FLINTS if you want real good brisket) but Everett & Jones isn’t a place I would go to expecting Service to be any kind of draw.

    The fact that they are attempting the inclusion of entertainment, a good idea considering the location, seems to make for a daunting task.

    If you are expecting White Linen service, lighten up, if you are running the joint: there is room for improvement, eh?


  • Sergé

    The Emperor has no clothes! It’s about time someone exposed E&J’s Jack London Restaurant for the fraud that it is. The food never elicpses mediocre and the service seems almost intentionally rude and dismissive. Nobody is expecting “white linen” service – how about just take the order and bring the food in a timely and accurate fashion? If they’re going for an “Edsel Ford Fung” experience, they’re missing the humor element. The takeout location on SPA @ University is far better. Doug’s in Emeryville is a good spot and their 3-way lunch combo is the bargain of the century. It’s too bad that Flints (on Shattuck) fell off the map – that place couldn’t be touched!

  • Barbara Stewart

    I love good barbeque, however, I had the worst restaurant experience in my life there. The ribs were cold and had hardly any meat on them. That was not the worst part, though. They allowed this homeless woman to walk through the restaurant with a cup of coffee in her hand that she was sloshing all over the place. Then she went over to a couple with a small child and threw the coffee in the child’s face!!! If that was not enough to ruin my appetite, the people at the table next to us saw it and laughed and high fived each other. I could not believe it! DON’T GO THERE!

  • James Edison

    Sadly, the poor comments seen here are all too true. E&J has had some decent moments, but it’s on the downswing again. Service is slow, indifferent, and unapologetic. They just don’t care, and it shows in the food. The ribs have been very good on occasion, but the last few times they were very fatty, and undercooked (and therefore rubbery). Doug’s is a much better choice, or KC in Berkeley. The comments above make other good suggestions, such as Bo’s.

    I want to like this place, but I’ve given up. I’ve had my last meal there.

  • Temi

    If you are in San Jose there are three good locations for BBQ. #1Texas Smokehouse located on the Capitol Expressway/Story Road 408-926-2829. You are given Texas size helpings. If something is not right, the owners Larry/Teresa will make it good. Sometimes there are lines out the door so you need to call in advance. There is a park around the corner with tables if you would like that type of a setting. There are also tables inside of the business.—–#2 is located on Old Oakland Road—-and #3 is All Star BBQ. By the way, if you should try the Smokehouse tell them that Temi sent you!

  • TiMarie

    I have been sadly missing my E&J’s since I’ve been disabled. This was our favorite lunch place whenever we were totally stressed out at work. Basically, we went there ALOT!!! It was never a place we went to expecting service and a smile. We actually got a both of them, but unless we had at least 2 hours for lunch, we would never get out of there.

    I never had anything but spectacular meals there. Also, I never got served in under 40 minutes and never once did we ever get everything we ordered on the first two tries. Silverware was basically hunting all the tables and stealing their buckets to have enough silver for the table. We always ordered 1 or 2 slabs depending on the number of us. The sides, while being small, are fantastic. I have to admit, it was my first experience with greens, so all I can say is that I love them. Don’t know how they should be cooked but they are great, as are the yams and beans. The medium sauce is absolutely that. Medium hot, medium sweet and fantastic.

    The owners that I met and dealt with were a charming pleasant woman and her daughter. Always helpful and always sweet. Their staff, with the exception of maybe one or two women are indifferent at best and downright obnoxious at worst. Fortunately, whenever we came in, the same superlative woman always waited on us.

    I miss Everett and Jones and just begged the husband to drive across the bay to bring me home a slab. I may be bed bound but my sense of appetite is still strong as ever. If anything could get me well, I know it will be their BBQ! Ok, so I miss it like crazy but it was the best part of working in the east bay.

    Lastly, for what it’s worth, the drive in fast food E&J just completely sucked. The BBQ ribs did not even remotely resemble the food served at the Jack London location. And for what its worth, they might as well just give up completely on their corn muffins. They are NOT good and a plain piece of white bread is far superior.

  • Alta

    The Berkeley location is perfect. The Jack London one is a tourist trap. If you hate the Berkeley location just quit eating BBQ.

  • Omnivoracious

    Never been NOT DISAPPOINTED by E&J. They seem to be riding on a now-underserved (ever deserved?) reputation.

  • Matt

    I took my wife and son there now 3 times in the past 2 months. I am so glad I did not read these reviews before going. Clearly, our Bay Area cuisine has conditioned some into believing every meal should come a la Boulevard or the French Laundry. Our total bill for a family of 3 is never more than $40 including a beer or two. Folks, it’s a BBQ joint and if you’ve ever been to Texas, just think of Dick’s Last Resort. The food is fabulous and, again, if you’re grown accustomed to meats that have no fat or “sauce on the side”, don’t bother with this joint.

    We will continue to go and enjoy….I go to spend the time with my family, not to have a nice chat with the wait staff.

  • Fred

    What a shame! From about 1982 to 1988 I would stop at the Berkely location at least once a week. The best ribs and sauce, and relatively good service. Evidently the mention in Jeremiah Tower’s cookbook did them in. The thought they could live off that comment forever. I now live in Sacramento and after being burned (in more ways than one) at the Oakland location I figured there was a good chance Oakland might be unique. Boy was I wrong! I took two people to lunch there after telling them for months what great ribs and sauce. What learned was that Sacramento was probably where the Oakland people got their bad training, only Sacramento has raised bad service to an art form. Worse, the place wasn’t very clean, floors, tables, chairs, restroom everything, at that was at lunch. I repeat, what a shame.

  • Tina

    I definitely agree with others in recommending that you should opt for the Berkeley location on San Pablo off University (behind a giant pet store). Although eating in is barely an option (think small bar with picnic tables next to the sidewalk), it’s a great place to get quick takeout. The service seems to beat Oakland and Sacramento – I wouldn’t know and am not eager to try.

  • James

    I had the worse experience ever. I stopped in at the Fruitvale location and placed an order for two large pork rib dinners. I asked for baked beans for both of my side dishes on one order and all potato salad for the second order. I asked if they had sliced beef and of course they did not well anyway the baked bean order was for my aunt who is disabled and allergic to mayonase. I got home a 20 min drive in the rain to find no beans. On her plate was corn on the cob and Potato Salad. My plate had all potato salad but the potatos were raw. I could not eat it. The sauce was kinda blazay and the meat could have been cooked a little more as well. I’m so angry because I tiped them and they could have told me they had no baked beans I would have understood as I grew up in a Bar-B-Q pit.

  • Jaimie

    Thank goodness someone finally came out and exposed Everett & Jones for being such a terrible restaurant! It is a shame this is what Oakland offers to “tourists” and locals alike in a prime real estate location. How do they continue staying in business?

  • Jasmine L. Cox

    On, February 10, 2007, I was present at one of your location on Fruitvale, Oakland, California. First of all I have heard so many good things about your food, I just wanted to see if it was all that. I must say the food was horrible. The chicken was tough and the sauce was horrible and cold. The baked bean were dry. I must say it was one the the worst meals that I have ever had. I personally think you should take the time and visit your locations of business to ensure that they are conducting business and taking care of the customer.

    Jasmine L. Cox

  • Bill

    I quit going to E&J a long time ago. Life is too short for bad food AND bad service. My #1 place for great BBQ is Southern Heritage in Fremont. Tucked in the shopping center near the bowling alley around 5 corners. It’s not fast food, and Solomon tells you that right up front. Always worth waiting and driving for. I turned a co-worker on to this place and he drives from Palo Alto to get Southern Heritage. My #2 pick would have to be KC’s on San Pablo in Berkeley, a very close second and a great atmosphere to eat BBQ.

  • John

    I was in Oakland about two weeks ago looking for a place to eat on the way to the airport and stopped into E & J to grab a bite, mostly because there was really nowhere else to go and also because they said it was the “Bay’s Best BBQ”.

    Now, I live in the South and love good BBQ – this certainly wasn’t the best or even close to it. The Service was OK but it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and the place was empty.

    Moral of the story – if you want real great BBQ you’re going to have to go south of the Mason-Dixon line.

  • Robin

    Today, I went to Everett & Jones BBQ in Oakland, at The Jack London Square location. No need to go into the intricate details. Mark, the art and antique dealer took care of that. He nailed it dead on. I did like the ambiance and like Bryan, the musician stated, it was like being in a big barn surrounded with people having a good time with jazz music playing in the background. Now its time to place our order. My friend and I got the dinner ribs with yams and greens as our sides. Oh, yeah, our waitress was very soft spoken. Polite, but quiet. We waited about 20 minutes or more for our meal. All the while, I’m thinking to myself, I hope the food is worth the wait. I did order the the “house beer” Saucy Sistah Ale. Tasted pretty good. No complaints there. Finally, our dinner arrived. The yams were great! Just like granma used to make. The greens were good, seasoned very well. Now the ribs, that’s a whole different story. They didn’t taste awful, but they could have been much better. As a matter of fact, MY ribs are better than the ones we were served today. They were fatty and tough! They arrived cold and luke warm. It was like the sauce heated the ribs just enough to make them partially luke warm. And the ribs were drowning in the sauce. I order mild sauce which turned out to be regular. No spicyness whatsoever. My friend order the hot sauce which the waitress warned him, “hot is very hot.” NOT! Regular ol’ sauce too. We were very disappointed in the ribs. Oh, yeah, someone mentioned, “can you believe we received our cornbread after the meal?! Yes, I can believe it, cause it happen to my friend and I. Just as we were leaving our waitress handed our muffins in a bag. C’mon now, you know you have to have cornbread with your greens. That’s a southern eating law. (smile) We also had the sock-it-to-me cake for dessert. It was just ok. That ends our meal at E&J. If, that wasn’t enough, after we gave the waitress the money to pay the bill, it took forever to get our change!!! geez
    The owners need to read these reviews and makes some serious changes. Sad to say, I will not return to E&J for food. Maybe drinks, but not Food!!

  • Jack

    I can’t speak for the “E and J” in Jack London Square, but the location in Hayward is pretty good. 9 times out of 10 the food is great. It’s a hole in the wall, not a very big place so your best bet is take-out; but you can eat in the restaurant. The service is ok, you have to raise your voice to get what you want. Why? Because you have to order through bullet-proof glass, but it’s not so bad. I’m very close to this location, so it’s not a huge deal for me to jump in the car, and 15-20 minutes later I’m home eating excellent barbecue.

    If you’re nearby and jonesing for ‘cues, stop by here.

  • Tracy Castle

    I just returned from Oakland (visited 3/12 – 3/19/2008) after a 5 year absence. One of the first places I had to stop at was Everett & Jones! Having resided in Huntsville, Alabama for nearly 6 years where all of the BBQ is “pulled” (read, in some cases, looks like it’s already been chewed!); the chicken undercooked; pork sandwiches are served with slaw on top; and the sauce is see-through and vinegar-based (YUCK!!!!!!!!!), I was overjoyed to come home to real BBQ! I was raised in Oakland from the time I was 3 years old. Growing up there was a joy because of all of the great food! I have eaten E&J’s in Hayward and all of E&J’s locations in Oakland (Fruitvale and San Pablo) save the Coliseum and Jack London, and was pleasantly surprised to see the one located in Berkeley across the parking lot from the West Branch (?) of the Berkeley Library. All I could do was contain myself as I placed my order. I, my best friend Charlotte, and her son got beef sandwiches while my daughter ordered a rib sandwich. You would have never seen a happier group of people!!!!!!!!!!!! Our server was pleasant and the service was prompt. The potato salad side wasn’t skimpy at all. So what are all of you negative people talking about??? I begged our server to PLEASE, PLEASE COME TO HUNTSVILLE to show Southerners what real BBQ is all about. Maybe they’ll actually open a chain here before I leave!
    As a side issue, I had pork buns from Oakland’s Chinatown (restaurants here in Bama don’t bake them), a super burrito from Casa Vallarta on Park Blvd. and E.18th, and shrimp cocktails at the Berkeley Marina (I presently have to drive 6 hours to get to a beach).

    Life offers some simple pleasures such as great food and I found my taste buds again in the East Bay. Boy have I missed home!!!

  • Ny

    You people are off your rockers, simply put.

    E&J has its bad nights like everyother restraunt in the world.
    Like a previous critic said, their bad nights can be better than mosts good nights.

    To be concise, you can’t expect the service of a “five star” bourgoise (sp) restraunt from a bbq joint.

    The food is great. There’s not one bbq joint in California that compares.

  • Brooklyn

    Why all the negative comments stating “This is the worst Bar B Q in the Bay Area”?
    I disagree. E&J have good bar b q. I enjoy the beef brisket. I love the Jack london location although my favorite is the one in Berkley. Every restaraunt has it’s bad nights. E&J (Jack London location) bartenders are the best. So polite and they interact with the crowd. Favorite side dish are.. the greens and yams. cant go wrong with that. I would recommend any visitor to visit E&J. Obvioulsy some celebrities enjoy eating there also such as John Madden, Jaime Foxx, The Oakland Raiders, Bill Clinton and Whoppi Goldberg. If you dont believe me just look at the menues to read their comments.

  • Nathaniel

    I think the competition can stop with the bad reviews on this site now. I’ve eaten at every single Everett and Jones restaurant and I opened the one on Fruitvale! Like every restaurant they have had their bad days. Unlike every restaurant, their recipes are top notch. I’ve had the links made fresh that day. Un… believable. I’ve had pork ribs so sweet and succulent that, full, I wanted to go back and get some more. The service has always been what the service has been. I got about the same service at Flints too. Whatever. Give me my food. Take my money. Love you. Bye. Occasionally I’ll get someone who’s in a great mood and has the giggles. It’s usually a happier purchase but the food doesn’t taste any better one way or the other.
    I have NEVER received anything cold. Usually the portions are about right. I’m a big guy and I get full here from a single order. I have had the occasion of ribs that were a little dry. I think this happens on really busy days.

    The sauce? You need your head examined if you can’t LOVE the sauce. It sells in stores! I’ve bought it and wowed my friends.

    No… this is one great restaurant… with a tood.

  • Jane

    I agree with all the reviews about the lousy service at #38. A question to the readers — What style is their BBQ? Is it Oakland BBQ? The only other place I’ve had this stuff is at Flint’s. What I love is the LINKS!!! Is there any place I can buy this for my own backyard BBQ?

  • Nihira

    Flint’s ? My mom used to eat at Flint’s when she was younger. I wouldn’t say it’s “Oakland” style, it’s just good eatin to me. I’ve been all over the place trying bbq and none of it seems to compare. I love E&J’s links, Ribs, Chicken, everything! I was so sad to see the one in Sacramento close, ‘cos now I have to venture into Oakland for good bbq. Sacramento BBQ sucks, heed my warning!

  • Jason

    If you want some very soild bbq…in a simple place…Go to Great American BBQ in Alameda…They have really good bbq, great portions, and good attitudes. Everett and Jones is overpriced and overwhelmed.

  • katherine perkins

    I Love the chicken dark meat with medium sauce…but the way the management treats it’s employees left a bad taste in my mouth..if you keep your ears open you will hear how they curse and carry on. my girlfriend and I were dining on our lunch and she found a long hair in the corn bread. Yikes!

  • Pat Ruelas

    I especially love the chicken dinners at Everett and Jones at Fruitvale – Shirley and her staff are a blessing in our community! Keep up the good work and the Great food!

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