Vi Zahajszky

Vi Zahajszky, originally from Hungary, Boston, and New York, drove across the country to San Francisco a few years ago with her husband Chris and a rescue pup named The Bandit. By day she works at KQED and is involved in the station's new media efforts. By night, her passions lie in vegan food and fashion. Her own blog, plantmade, focuses on vegan and cruelty-free fashion. She is a fashion writer for eco-conscious website One Green Planet, and has contributed to SF vegan lifestyle blog Vegansaurus and San Diego food blog Pizzelles. Currently studying fashion design and pattern-making at Apparel Arts in San Francisco, she has plans to eventually develop a vegan clothing line. You can find her on facebook and on twitter @plantmade.
Keith - Azahar Coffee

Azahar Coffee: Farm Fresh from Colombia

Azahar is a coffee company doing something that no one else is--or probably ever has. Their coffee is “Farm Fresh” from Colombia; they roast their beans only two weeks to two months off the farm, versus other companies, whose beans are up to a year old before they are roasted. Azahar’s focus on quality and freshness is combined with a sustainable business practice (economic, social, and environmental) that also happens to be incredibly beneficial to the farmers with whom they work.

tofu with sauce

DIY Hemp Tofu

A complete source of protein, hemp is a delicious alternative to soy for creating tofu. Nutty, earthy, and creamy all at once, hemp tofu is great for scrambles, stir-fry, seared, or simply drizzled with some sweet soy sauce!

Turkeys Bill and Sierra

Your Bay Area Vegan Thanksgiving Event and Meal Guide

Vegans and vegetarians also love to celebrate Thanksgiving with those closest to them and share a grand meal. What we do differently is not just swap out the meat -- we also thank the animals who make our lives richer, funnier, eye-opening, and loving. Here is a list of events and meal options in the area that are sure to make your veggie Thanksgiving a fabulous one!

Vegan Fashion

The vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle extends beyond food. Compassion for animals and the planet affects what we buy when it comes to everything from body products to furniture to cleaning products to bedding to car interiors. And of course, it affects the clothing we wear.

An Interview with Gracias Madre’s Eva Ackerman

Vi Zahajszky interviews Eva Ackerman, the General Manager of Gracias Madre, a vegan organic Mexican restaurant in the Mission. The restaurant is the "little sister" to Cafe Gratitude, a local raw vegan restaurant and a majority of their produce is grown on the company-owned organic biodynamic farm in Vacaville, Be Love Farm.

A Very Vegan Easter

Easter is coming up, and what better way to prepare than by planning out all the sweet treats you and the children in your life will be devouring? Vegans love Easter candy just as much as the next person, and, luckily, many vegan candy makers are happy to oblige.