Shuna Fish Lydon

Shuna fish Lydon was whisked and baked in San Francisco but served and eaten in New York City. She's had a 16 year tumultuous love affair with professional cooking and has BFA in photography from CCAC. Working with and for some of the best chefs in NYC and California, Shuna's resume reads like the who's who of cooking today. She identifies as a fruit-inspired pastry chef and calls the many local farmers' markets her muse. Currently "at large," Shuna spends her time teaching baking and knife skills classes, consulting at local restaurants and writing for a number of outlets about deliciousness.

Restaurant Eloise Pairs NYC with Sebastopol

Luckily for us, two Prune chef alums, Ginevra Iverson and Eric Korsh have recently migrated West to Sebastopol and opened Eloise, in fact. After getting ahold of the news on EaterSF some time ago, I knew I would make the drive, and who I would take. My friend DB said, after looking at the menu for the first time, "Yeah, but the problem is we're going to need to order everything on there. I will not be able to choose."

Pie Off 2008

A few years ago I met a fellow who talked some very big words about pie. He seemed to think he knew a lot. He said he had this friend, Aligator, who organized a pie competition every year, and, if I was lucky, I might get to attend. Through veils of secrecy and language written … Continue reading Pie Off 2008 →

Gourmet Magazine, In Print, Goes Online!

About 16 years ago, right before I began cooking professionally, I met with a chef who gave me some advice about the path I was about to take. She said I had two choices: culinary school or just get into kitchens and learn from the bottom up. Behind curtain number two was a short list … Continue reading Gourmet Magazine, In Print, Goes Online! →

Cooking For People Undergoing Chemo & Radiation

Writing about food and baking and cooking means celebrating joy. But there are many whose bodies and minds fight for and with daily sustenance. Whether it be because of one’s class or struggles with weight, food can often be seen as the enemy. For an alcoholic whose disease is sparked into action by alcohol, becoming … Continue reading Cooking For People Undergoing Chemo & Radiation →

Samovar Tea Lounge

Sometimes it seems if you’re not up on the latest, newest restaurant, or are lagging behind while chasing San Francisco’s food wordsmiths about what’s happening right now, you might miss what’s incredible. In the Bay Area you could miss The Dish everyone’s talking about if you’re not in 30 places on one night. So many … Continue reading Samovar Tea Lounge →

Chefs as Writers: What Does It Mean To Be Both?

As we inch towards the ledge that is 2008 I am taking a lot of time for reflection. I’m thinking about transition and change and how we never know exactly where we’ll land and how we’ll feel about arriving there, even though we think, with all our planning and list-making and contriving, we can control … Continue reading Chefs as Writers: What Does It Mean To Be Both? →

Menu for Hope: Just 2 Days Left…

You have until tomorrow, Friday December 21st, to donate to Menu for Hope, and bid on any number of priceless prizes donated by food bloggers all over the world. As you already know, Ms. Pim of Chez Pim has organized this impressive fund raising event for the past four years. This year she’s picked The … Continue reading Menu for Hope: Just 2 Days Left… →

Monterey Market: Always Worth A Visit!

If you love produce as much as I do you know that living in the East Bay is better than living in San Francisco. I realize I could start a riot here, but I’ve lived in 3 out of four directions of the peninsula, in various neighborhoods and cities, and no matter where I was, … Continue reading Monterey Market: Always Worth A Visit! →

Waitstaff Needed. The Mandatory Service Industry Draft

I have a radical idea. It’s edgy. Cutting edge, perhaps. Or you could say I’ve fallen off the edge. Being in the restaurant business means every one I know wants to tell me their latest eating-out stories. They want my ear, they want to run something by me. They whisper me close and want to … Continue reading Waitstaff Needed. The Mandatory Service Industry Draft →

Hot Cocoa & Hot Chocolate

Happy November! Happy cool weather, foggy evenings, cozy couch lounging, flannel sheets, soft scarves, cashmere sweaters, one pot meals, soup and stock simmering in the kitchen, and hot cocoa for breakfast. People often ask me what the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate is. I like to think the answer is something akin to … Continue reading Hot Cocoa & Hot Chocolate →

Opening A Restaurant in San Francisco. {Part One}

Opening a restaurant in San Francisco is not easy, especially right now, but not for the reasons why it was so difficult in the 90’s or five years ago. It can be said, opening a restaurant at all, in any city, is difficult. But because I have cooked professionally in other American cities, have seen … Continue reading Opening A Restaurant in San Francisco. {Part One} →

Chocolate Adventure Recipe Contest Ideas

Last week Tutti Foodie, Scharffen Berger, and Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper joined forces and unveiled The Chocolate Adventure Recipe Contest with a number of events at local restaurants featuring pastry chefs and chocolate. On Monday August 13 I went to Campton Place to see what Boris Portnoy {pastry chef of Campton Place, the restaurant) might … Continue reading Chocolate Adventure Recipe Contest Ideas →

Slideluckpotshow in San Francisco!

This past weekend many of my favorite activities came together under one roof for one night only in San Francisco. On Saturday August 12, from 7 – 9 PM Slideluckpotshow brought handmade food, art, artists, friendliness, beautiful thought-provoking images, eating new things, seeing old friends and making new ones, giddy excitement at the spontaneousness of … Continue reading Slideluckpotshow in San Francisco! →

Peach Advice.

Love is in the air: peaches are here, and all is right with the world. Yes, my sunglasses are rose- tinted, why do you ask? I’ve been on the road, taking my show with me. First NYC, then Portland and most recently, Chicago. It’s been fun, educational, hot, and delicious, but I’ve missed being home. … Continue reading Peach Advice. →