Rachael Myrow

From KQED’s Silicon Valley Bureau in San Jose, Rachael Myrow covers arts and culture in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. This follows more than seven years hosting KQED's California Report, broadcast on NPR affiliates throughout the state. She still guest hosts for The California Report and Forum, and files for NPR and PRI’s The World. Before KQED, she worked in Los Angeles for Marketplace and KPCC.

BBQ with the Oakland Fire Department

You may have to seek out the Oakland Fire Department's corner of the People’s Choice category at the 2nd annual Bay Area BBQ Championship. But having tasted what Station 12 is bringing, I recommend looking for it, and saving some space. Recipes included.

A Taste of Laos in East Oakland

In the heart of East Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood, a handful of Mien refugees are growing vegetables from the home country at Peralta Hacienda Historical Park. It's a sunny microcosm of California's rich and complicated past and present, and when the crops are ready for harvest, the public will be invited to join in the feast that follows.

Last Hurrah for Foie Gras

Unless something surprising happens, Californians will no longer see foie gras on restaurant menus starting July 1. A 2004 state bill enacted the ban, championed by then state Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, who told KQED's Forum he doesn't profess to be an expert on foie gras. He just wants to stop the force feeding of birds. "I don't know why chefs can't make something that tastes like foie gras that doesn't mean they have to torture birds to do it."