Meghan Laslocky

Meghan Laslocky is a writer, editor, and producer who lives in San Francisco. She aspires to one day be a person who: Shops every week at the farmers' market and always has fresh romanescu on hand; eats only politically correct meat from cows that voted for Obama; never ever has to buy canned chicken stock because she always has oodles of it in a fabulously well-organized freezer. In the meantime, she shops at Trader Joe's in the off hours, heartily enjoys corn-fed beef that is likely campaigning for McCain, tries to feel better about herself by buying canned chicken stock that is labeled as organic or free range, and produces web sites for KQED, including videos like this about the hot 'n' heavy last dark hours of the kind of squid that become fried calamari. As she writes this bio, she is eating Dilettante chocolate covered bing cherries and drinking Cline Pinot Gris. Be advised: they do not "go." Her work has been published by and the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, where she did not study with Michael Pollan, much as she likes him.

It’s Easy Being Green on Halloween

Two Halloweens ago, I bashed baby costumes, and heaped quite specific vitriol on the infamous Martha Stewart lobster baby costume. Little did I know that a year later, I'd be knocked up (the planned kind of knocked up), and that two years later (meaning now), I'd lie awake at night lactating and plotting my baby's first truly public embarrassment: his 2009 Halloween costume.

The Infantivore’s Dilemma

Tough times call for tough decisions. The California unemployment rate now stands at over 12 percent, and I've been underemployed since April. My cup of beans and rice runneth under, so I'm taking a cue from all those folks who have told me Henry is so cute they could just eat him. In short, I have a modest proposal.

Interview with Aaron Woolf, Director of "King Corn"

“King Corn“ is a new film that premiered in the Bay Area this past weekend. In it, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis –best friends from college — plant an acre of corn in Iowa and attempt to track its path into the food chain. I caught up with director Aaron Woolf, whom I knew of … Continue reading Interview with Aaron Woolf, Director of "King Corn" →

Son of Scary Food

Since I always start my posts with a warning, here goes: Don’t read this if you have an aversion to Sarah Silverman or food that resembles body parts or if you worship the ground that Martha Stewart stencils. I mean it. Move along now. Okay, for those of you who can hack it, my assignment … Continue reading Son of Scary Food →

Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup

It’s that time of the month. The freezer is overflowing, and I’ve had it. Given that there are two post-roast chicken carcasses under the frozen mango and buffalo burgers, and to the left of the kaffir lime leaves, I’ve got what I need to deploy my famous three-step method for making space in the freezer:1. … Continue reading Shiksa Matzo Ball Soup →

Experimenting with the "Flavor Savor Pack": The Juicy Lube-Motion Lotion Taste-Off

Remember in my last post, I told you that I’ll always preamble with warning? This time, the warning is: Do not read this if you have never wondered what Motion Lotion — yeah, I mean that kind of Motion and that kind of Lotion — tastes like. But before we get to the lube groove, … Continue reading Experimenting with the "Flavor Savor Pack": The Juicy Lube-Motion Lotion Taste-Off →

The Food-For-Sex Scandal: A Sampling of Good Vibrations’ Gastronomic Pleasures

My Bay Area Bites posts, dear reader, will often be preambled by a warning. In this case, stop reading now if you have never wondered what edible underwear taste like and you don’t want to know. Ditto for revulsion to the very idea of honey, coconut, peppermint, strawberry and chocolate ever gracing your nether regions … Continue reading The Food-For-Sex Scandal: A Sampling of Good Vibrations’ Gastronomic Pleasures →

Scary Food

I’m a white girl writing about the scariest foods I could find at Ranch 99, the Asian supermarket in Richmond. Prepare yourself: what follows is not politically correct. But before we get into the nitty gritty, let me make myself clear: I think of myself as an equal opportunity eater, someone whose palate is endlessly … Continue reading Scary Food →