Max Garrone

Max Garrone has lived in San Francisco for 15 years. He has worked for and Max has always been deeply interested in food, especially Northern Italian cuisine. The source of the Italian influence comes from his family roots in Piedmont where he frequently travels. Recently he's become obsessed with mezcal and writes the Mezcalistas blog with Susan Coss.
Mezcal bottles. Photo: Susan Coss

Mezcal Primer + Tasting Event in San Francisco

Local SF mezcal blog Mezcalistas and The Bold Italic are hosting a mezcal tasting July 25th to bring the renown Mexican spirit to the United States. In anticipation here's a quick run down of what you need to know about mezcal including the tequila connection and a resolution of some lingering myths.

Gathering, Roasting and Cooking with Chestnuts

My trip to Italy got me thinking about why we don't see chestnuts as publicly available in the Bay Area. I had a minor eureka moment and remembered that years ago the Chronicle had mentioned that you could collect chestnuts somewhere in San Mateo County. Upon my return I took a quick trip down to Skyline Chestnuts and did some gathering. Apparently, the chestnut season is fairly brief. It started mid-October and ends this weekend before Thanksgiving so if you are interested in DIY chestnut collection don't delay!