Maria Finn

Maria Finn lives on a floating houseboat in Sausalito, where she grows a rooftop container garden, despite the salty winds. She’s the author of the book, “A Little Piece of Earth, How to Grow Your Own Food in Small Spaces” (Rizzoli, 2010), and the memoir, “Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home” (Algonquin Books, 2010) , which is in development for a television series with Fox Studios. Her novel-in-progress, “Sea Legs and Fish Nets,” loosely based on her experiences working on an all female fishing boat in Alaska, is a finalist for the Pen/Bellwether Prize, founded by Barbara Kingsolver for novels that address issues of social justice. She writes for Sunset Magazine, Afar Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @mariafinn.
Heirlooms at Expo

Heirloom, Heritage, Hybrid and GMOs

The second annual National Heirloom Exposition took place in Santa Rosa on September 10-12. It was a celebration of the imperfect, the unexpected, and many people attending it learned that sometimes the most blemished fruit has the sweetest flavor. There were squash with warts, spiky cucumbers and “Cannibal” tomatoes. A display showed off Hopi Blue corn, Rainbow Inca corn, and Seneca Blue Bear Dance corn. Genetically modified corn, well, it was not welcome at the table.

1. Kirk Lombard demonstrates the cast at his Saturday morning Coastal Fishing/Foraging Tour.

Foraging For Fish in the San Francisco Bay

If all commercial fishermen used the methods of Kirk Lombard, sustainability would be a non-issue. He goes for lesser know species using the most sporting methods possible. He hand-tosses a net, Hawaiian style, for smelt, he poke-poles for monkeyface eel, and catches red crab with a fishing pole and snare. He shares his maritime adventures and knowledge of the bays edible intertidal zone in his “Sea Forager Tours.”