Jennifer Maiser

"My passion for food began young." I am the editor of the influential website which encourages readers to support local farmers and producers. I began my personal website, Life Begins at 30, in 2003. I have been published in Edible San Francisco and Fine Cooking, write regularly for Bay Area Bites, Serious Eats, and have been quoted in many nationwide publications. Photography is a passion, and I have had photos printed in National Geographic Traveler and Travel + Leisure. I contributed to a Williams-Sonoma cookbook: Cooking from the Farmers' Market, which was released in February 2010. I live in San Francisco, California and can often be found at local farmers markets seeking out the best of what's in season and chatting with farmers.

Amy Goldman: The Heirloom Tomato

When I mentioned to a friend that I was waiting to see a copy of Amy Goldman's book The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table she said she already had a copy. "It's like pornography," she said laughingly. Every page of this book has amazing photography by Victor Schrager, and it is indeed beautiful.

Etsy: Handmade Gifts for Food-Loving Friends

I have a really amazing circle of friends and family. Because of this, I am always on the lookout for great gifts that are easy on the wallet, and that hold to my buying philosophy: buy from mom-and-pop shops over chain superstores whenever possible. While I definitely have some San Francisco stores that I frequent in order to find unique gifts, my obsession lately has been Etsy.

Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold

I had something else planned for my post today, but the truth is that I am completely under the weather. As in having to rest between the kitchen and the bedroom, as in bundled in blankets and fleeces and warm socks. What are your magic remedies when you're not feeling great? Here are some of mine...

La Palma Potato Chips – Breakfast of Champions

As I sat at my desk this morning and noshed on delicious potato chips from La Palma Mexicatessen, I realized that I've taken it for granted that every San Franciscan foodie knows about these delightful treats. Were YOU aware that La Palma sells, arguably, the best potato chips in the city?

Market Day at Ferry Plaza

Saturday morning, market day, is a jumble of visiting with friends, purchasing food for the week, jostlingwith tourists, and talking to farmers. There are some weekends when the amount of energy needed for the market -- including lugging my goods home on the bus -- takes its toll. While on wintry days the market almost feels like a whisper, on summer days the market shouts at the top of its lungs for hours on end. Summer food is amplified, summer crowds are amplified, and even the number of farm booths is amplified.

Restaurant of the Future

This weekend, I attended the Taste3 conference in Napa. Taste is an unusually structured conference focused on food, wine, and art: each speaker has 18 minutes to present on his or her topic, and then we move on to the next speaker. No panels, no audience questions. Just presentation after presentation after presentation. Then we eat (and eat and eat).

Vegas: Lotus of Siam

Lotus of Siam, a Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, has been lauded as the best Thai restaurant in the country by some of the most well-known critics around. It is known for it's excruciating attention to detail with sauces and depth of flavor, its expansive German wine list, and its low-key, unpretentious approach.

SF Restaurants: Pace Yourself

In a world of small plates and share plates, it’s typical that meals are ordered in a way that is atypical of traditional dining. I frankly can’t remember the last time that I was with a group who each ordered a salad, an entree and a dessert without sharing or splitting plates. More typical these … Continue reading SF Restaurants: Pace Yourself →

Food & Wine Cocktails 2008

For the fourth year in a row, Food and Wine magazine has published a book representing new and innovative drinks from around the country. Of approximately 150 drinks listed in Food & Wine Cocktails 2008, 21 are from the San Francisco Bay Area. If you were to try all of these drinks, you would travel … Continue reading Food & Wine Cocktails 2008 →

Event: Farmers Market Cocktail Demonstration

I’m looking forward to the CUESA-hosted Farmers Market Cocktail Demonstration and tasting that will be held on Wednesday, May 14 at the Ferry Building in participation with San Francisco Cocktail Week. The Farmers Market Cocktail Demonstration will feature cocktails using seasonal farmers market ingredients and will have a star line-up of great bartenders from around … Continue reading Event: Farmers Market Cocktail Demonstration →

The Rising Cost of Food, Part 2 of 2

Two weeks ago, I mentioned the rising cost of food around the world. It’s been a hot topic lately, and reports are becoming more grim. Costs are starting to hit home in our supermarkets, and warehouse retail chains are even beginning to restrict volume (20 pound) rice sales due to supply issues. Most sustainable food … Continue reading The Rising Cost of Food, Part 2 of 2 →