Elaine Wu

Elaine spent over 11 years working in television and radio as a producer, writer and correspondent for MTV Asia, KPIX/CBS 5, and radio stations like KSAN and KTCT in San Francisco. After leaving broadcasting, she began working for financial software giant, Intuit, where she managed their customer word-of-mouth programs and then spearheaded their internal social media communication strategies. She’s also managed external communications for BlogHer, the largest community of women bloggers online, and is currently the director of corporate communications at Rocket Fuel, a digital advertising technology startup in Silicon Valley. Her personal blog, VirgoBlue , was started in 2007 as a way to express her love of food as she explores the culinary delights of the Bay Area and beyond.
Keys to the Kitchen by Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp’s “Keys to the Kitchen” for more adventurous cooking and eating

Aida Mollenkamp, former editor of CHOW and star of both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, wants to provide the home cook with a go-to kitchen resource. That is why she wrote her new book “Keys to the Kitchen.” Marketed as a cookbook, it’s much more than that. In the book, she breaks the cooking process down to one simple equation: Quality Ingredients (The Set-Up) + Kitchen Skills (The How-To) + Technique (The Recipes) + Cooking Method (The Riff) = GOOD FOOD

Ramen Parlor Spicy Pork with Soft Shell Crab and Black Garlic

Ramen Roundup Part 2

Elaine Wu continues her quest for exceptional ramen in the Bay Area and profiles four more places on the Peninsula and in the South Bay.

Bushido Okonomiyaki

Searching for Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a dish that’s described many different ways: a savory pancake, Japanese pizza, or an Asian frittata.There may be tons of Japanese restaurants in the Bay Area, but I realized that most of them don’t serve okonomiyaki. So I was thankful to find these two restaurants that serve good renditions of the dish.

Fancy Food Show - Moscone Center

Bay Area Favorites at the 2012 Fancy Food Show

It’s no secret that we're spoiled here in the Bay Area due to an abundance of artisanal, locally produced gourmet specialty foods. So, it's not a surprise that while attending this year's massive Fancy Food Show at San Francisco’s Moscone Center many of the favorite products I tasted were produced by Bay Area purveyors. Here are my top six recommendations.

Cuisinett interior

Cuisinett: French Cuisine Gets Casual

French food tends to have the stereotype of being pretentious, formal, and expensive. But the owner of the newly opened Cuisinett in San Carlos, Geofforey Raby, and former Executive Chef of Menlo Park’s shuttered Marche, Guillaume Bienaime, want you to believe otherwise.

Garlic Pork Ramen with corn from Dojo Ramen

Ramen Roundup

Elaine Wu visits a few Bay Area spots where you can find three distinctly different versions of authentic Japanese soup noodles, and finds out why ramen is Japan's favorite comfort food.