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The Last Great Peach Event?

If the drought persists, this could be the last year not only for the Great Peach Event, but for the Martino family’s fruit farming. The Great Peach Event is Saturday, August 1. Bella Viva Orchards will be offering flats of certified organic yellow peaches at half price for one day only.

Berry Smart

Berry season has started at the farmers market. Do you know a tayberry from a olallieberry?

Raising Minimum Wage: We’re in This Together

On Wednesday, food workers and other low-wage earners around the country rallied to increase the federal minimum wage to $15, which would more than double the current federal rate of $7.25 for untipped and $2.13 for tipped workers. In the Bay Area, where rents have soared by 44% over the last five years, steps are already underway to make this goal a reality.

Making Every Drop of Water Count

It’s true. California produces over half of the country’s fruits and vegetables: roughly 71% of the country’s spinach, 90% of its broccoli, 97% of its plums, and 99% of its walnuts—and that’s just the tip of the fruit (and vegetable) bowl. It’s also true that those crops require billions of gallons of water. But are all farms at fault in this water crisis?

Your #Goatchella Survival Guide

CUESA has assembled a few tips to prepare you for this year’s Goat Festival, taking place on Saturday, April 18. We’ll be doing our best to accommodate increased crowds at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, while prioritizing the comfort and safety of the goats.