Andrea Kissack

Andrea describes herself as madly in love with wine, the growing, making and drinking of it and actively pursues all three activities. She is a Senior Editor and host with KQED's science and environment multimedia series, QUEST. She has covered a number of wine-related stories during her career including: how some children of Mexican vineyard laborers are now vintners, the impact of climate change on Napa wineries and the dizzying array of eco-wine choices. When she is not working, Andrea often finds herself cycling through vineyards not just in California but along the Croatian coast and Germany's Rhine River, high in Portugal's Douro Valley and through the wine lands of South Africa's Western cape. Of course, one eventually has to get off their bike and experience the regional tastes in this case, dry eastern reds, cool crisp Rieslings, aged Tawny Port and lush, acidic Chenin Blancs. Anyone thirsty?
7 local Bay Area wines under $20. Photo: Andrea Kissack

7 Sips: Local Summer Wines Under $20

There are so many good summer wines but not to overwhelm, here are 7 that caught my fancy this summer. You can sip them by the pool (um, not allowed at city pools), drink with a summer salad or pair with foods hot off the grill. You should also be able to find these wines without having to make a trip to the winery. Have a favorite local summer wine? Tell us.


Top 5 Local Wines that Made the Cut at Pinot Days

Pinotphiles turned up in droves to taste their favorite grape at San Francisco's Pinot Days. I went in search of local, undiscovered gems and found several which I have narrowed down to five, all south of fifty bucks (often the bottom line for a really good bottle of Pinot).

Andrea sorting grapes

What I Did At Wine Camp

Grape harvest is in full production and so are a number of Crush Camps, or harvest experiences, that give vinophiles a chance to do hands on winemaking.

Pop the Corks! Napa Valley’s Wine Harvest is Finally Underway

It's a day that wine growers, wine makers and wine drinkers all look forward to. This year the wait for that day was longer than usual. Cool summer temperatures pushed back the beginning of harvest by nearly two weeks. I visited one of the first wineries in Napa Valley to start picking grapes this year, Mumm Napa Winery.