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Photos by Wendy Goodfriend

When I started to think about putting together a celebratory Mother’s Day brunch menu (or any brunch menu for that matter), I first consider how many people I’m having over and how many dishes I am willing to prepare early in the day. At the very least, I like to serve a fun drink (whether alcoholic or non), a “main” course which is generally savory, and something a little bit sweet and bread-y. Also, you want to strike a balance between dishes that can be (mostly) prepared in advance and some that might need some last-minute attention.

This Mother’s Day menu, which weighs heavily on springtime produce, has something for everyone: a fruity cocktail, a yummy vegetarian frittata, a hearty savory bread pudding, some little muffins, a glammed-up potato dish (everyone loves potatoes), and a fruit component that can act like dessert. Now I just need to get someone to make this for me on Mother’s Day!

Springtime Strawberry-lemon mini muffins. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Springtime Strawberry-lemon mini muffins
Springtime Frittata with Asparagus, Leeks, and Herbs. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Springtime Frittata with Asparagus, Leeks, and Herbs
Brûléed Grapefruit with Vanilla Yogurt. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Brûléed Grapefruit with Vanilla Yogurt
Serving of the Savory Sausage, Roasted Pepper, and Thyme Bread Pudding. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Serving of the Savory Sausage, Roasted Pepper, and Thyme Bread Pudding
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Fancy Ranch Dressing. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Fancy Ranch Dressing
Fresh Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Fresh Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail
Bay Area Bites Mother’s Day Brunch Menu: 6 Springtime Recipes 6 May,2016Kim Laidlaw

  • Mary Rose

    Just took the strawberry-lemon muffins out of the oven…yum! Thanks for sharing.


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