Comedy Central's Jon Stewart has called Chicago-style pizza "tomato soup in a bread bowl." Photo: iStockphoto
Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart has called Chicago-style pizza “tomato soup in a bread bowl.” Photo: iStockphoto

Post by Nina Totenberg, The Salt at NPR Food (2/18/2014)

Justice Antonin Scalia and Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, are, gasp, in agreement!

Both have rendered scorching opinions on a major national controversy — pizza. Specifically, Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza.

For months, Stewart and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel have been dueling on the subject, with Stewart ranting that deep-dish pizza “is not pizza.” It is, he said, “tomato soup in a bread bowl … an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats.”

This weekend, Scalia, in Chicago, weighed in, but without reference to rats.

Chicago pizza “is very tasty, but it’s not pizza,” he told the Chicago Sun Times over the weekend.

Back in 2012, the justice told the paper “it should be called a tomato pie.” Explaining the difference meticulously, he noted that real pizza is from Naples, Italy. “It is thin, it is chewy, and crispy, OK?”

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  • Toeknee Toe

    Looks like a pie and smells like spaghetti…The Deep Dish is just another American concoction like American Cheese and the Fortune Cookie.

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