Bay Area Bites Thanksgiving Menu

Bay Area Bites shares a Thanksgiving Menu with creative yet traditional recipes along with related posts to cooking guides, advice, and safety tips to have a delicious and stress-free holiday meal.

Deconstructed Turkey: A Succulent Alternative to a Thanksgiving Classic
Perhaps it is unthinkable to sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner without the ceremony of bringing a whole golden brown bird to the table and carving it to applause. But if it’s succulent flavor you are after, you really can’t go wrong with this version.

Deconstructed Turkey. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Deconstructed Turkey.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Oh-So-Decadent Wild Mushroom Gravy
Generally, I make my gravy at the last minute, using drippings from the turkey along with the turkey stock I’ve bubbled away for hours and the shredded meat from the neck. But I thought I’d switch it up and offer a new option: wild mushroom gravy. This is a simple but chunky gravy, full of the deep richness of mushrooms.

Wild Mushroom Gravy. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Wild Mushroom Gravy

Thanksgiving Recipe: An Elevated Version of Classic Sage and Chestnut Stuffing
Kim Laidlaw shares her elevated version of classic stuffing baked alongside the bird with the addition of creamy chestnuts, fresh sage, a leek and some sherry.

Sage and Chestnut Stuffing. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Sage and Chestnut Stuffing.

Thanksgiving Side Dish: The Sweet-Tart Tang of Braised Red Cabbage
Kim Laidlaw shares her special holiday version of braised red cabbage which is great alongside turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, providing the perfect sweet-tart counterpoint.

Braised Red Cabbage. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Braised Red Cabbage

A Healthy Holiday Recipe: A Zillion Ways with Winter Greens
Here’s a basic recipe for greens that includes a lot of ideas for embellishments. You can change it each and every time depending on your tastes, what you have on hand, or how crazy you want to get.

Sauteed Winter Greens with Add-Ins. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Sauteed Winter Greens with Add-Ins

British-Style Roasties: A Whole New Potato
These roasted potatoes are classic in the UK but unbeknownst to most Americans, so I’m going to introduce you. Meet the crispy, creamy, decadent rock stars of the potato world.

British-Style Roasties. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: British-Style Roasties

All-American Dessert Recipe: Classic Apple Pie for Thanksgiving
It’s not Thanksgiving without apple pie. Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen shares step-by-step instructions for this holiday classic, better than you’ve ever made before.

Classic Apple Pie. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Classic Apple Pie

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe: (Better than) Pumpkin Pie
Fight your fear of pie-ing! Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen takes you through a photographic step-by-step to make Better than Pumpkin Pie, the Thanksgiving classic made with fresh roasted squash. Plus, learn her secret shortcut for a no-fail, splendidly flaky all-butter crust.

(Better than) Pumpkin Pie. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: (Better than) Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Dessert: Yeehaw and Buttermilk Pie with Fresh Cranberry Compote
Buttermilk Pie? What? It sounds weird, but apparently it has a cult-like following in the longhorn state. It’s essentially a simple buttermilk and brown sugar custard pie, often flavored with a bit of vanilla and sometimes citrus zest. Kim Laidlaw decided to take it upon herself to come up with the ultimate version for the holidays.

Buttermilk Pie with Fresh Cranberry Compote. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Recipe: Buttermilk Pie with Fresh Cranberry Compote

Brussels Sprout Latke Recipe
My affinity for Brussels sprouts is not a secret. I recently shared a skewered and roasted recipe for Balsamic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pine Nuts and Parmesan. So when it came time to experiment with latkes I could not resist including this favorite seasonal ingredient into the mix.

Brussels Sprouts Latkes. Photo: Jerry James Stone
Recipe: Brussels Sprouts Latkes

Curried Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple Yogurt
This recipe is ridiculous. Ridiculously good! If you have not tried the combo of curry, maple and sweet potato…you are missing out. Make these latkes for a festive and unique way to celebrate Thanksgivukkah!

Curried Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple Yogurt. Photo: Jerry James Stone
Recipe: Curried Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple Yogurt
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