Have I told you about my cranberry habit? Every year, around this time, I buy way too many cranberries. I love the way they look and taste and am always trying to find innovative ways to use cranberries in recipes. Recently, I baked Brie with cranberries and it was so good that I figured, I couldn’t go wrong with a grilled cheese, right?

Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

The video below reveals how I make the Boozy & Baked Cranberry Sauce used in this recipe. But really any real cranberry sauce will work.

Recipe: Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese


  • 2 slices of Italian batard bread (or any you have on hand)
  • 1 ounce of Brie cheese, room temperature
  • Heaping spoonful of Boozy & Baked Cranberry Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of butter, softened


1. I find that the bread makes the sandwich. I really love this Italian batard. It is firm and chewy, soaked up the butter and was just delicious when grilled. You don’t have to use it but you would be wrong if you didn’t. I kid!

Sliced Bread

2. Softened butter works best on a grilled cheese. I always keep a stash of whipped butter in the fridge, just let it sit out and then smear it all over the bread. You only need to butter one side of each slice. This is the side that will also be grilled.

Preparing Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

3. Smear the brie and roasted cranberries onto the side of the bread that is not buttered and sandwich it with another buttered slice. All this butter and cheese is making me hungry!

Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

4. In my opinion, a grilled cheese sandwich is best done in a iron skillet. You don’t need it to be very hot. Turn the stove to a medium-high heat, and once the skillet is warmed, add the sandwich. Let it sit for two minutes and then flip it. It should come out perfect every time!

Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese 21 September,2015Jerry James Stone

  • This looks really great! I love cranberries and brie together!


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