Cowgirl Creamery plant in Petaluma
QUEST Producer Sheraz Sadiq looks at the video monitor as cameraman Blake McHugh films racks of St. Pat cheese at the Cowgirl Creamery plant in Petaluma.

The Science & Art of Cheese
Cheese. It comes in more than 2,000 varieties — hard, soft, fresh and aged — and it’s been with us for thousands of years. Take a journey to Cowgirl Creamery in West Marin to learn how artisan cheese is made and how scientists are putting cheese under the microscope to gain new insights about this incredible, edible food.

The Terroir of Cheese
“Terroir” is a French word that has historically been used to describe the geographical features such as climate, soil and topography that lend unique flavor characteristics to a wine. Now this term is being applied to artisan cheese, underscoring the importance of location in the production of award-winning, handmade cheese. Watch this QUEST web extra to learn more about the role of terroir in artisan cheese.

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QUEST Producer’s Notes: The Science & Art of Cheese by Sheraz Sadiq

QUEST: The Science & Art of Cheese + The Terroir of Cheese 21 May,2011Wendy Goodfriend


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