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Sol Food has become a San Rafael culinary treasure. If you mention eating out in Marin, it’s bound to come up. In my circles, anyway. There are many reasons for this: incredible Puerto Rican beans, salads, plantains, local meats, housemade hot sauce and limeade. I could go on. Sol Food is also open late which is a rarity in Marin. So not that I needed convincing, but I was excited to check out La Bodega, their new little annex right next door that boasts a seamless take-out and pick-up service along with a few special items you won’t find at the other two locations. Currently, they’re renovating their larger corner spot, so the pick-up annex is handling a lot of spill-over. There are lines, there is bustle, but they’re all handling it remarkably well.

la bodega
Market items at La Bodega

The first difference you’ll notice upon walking into La Bodega is the little display of grocery items you can purchase: hot sauce, interesting olives, beans, and plantain chips. They also have their normal selection of beverages, including coconut waters, Fizzie Lizzie’s and a few sodas.

beverages at La Bodega
Beverages at La Bodega

But one of the reasons to sneak into the new annex now is for the whole free-range roasted chicken or ribs that you can’t get at the other locations. According to a few of the servers, they’re going to continue to do a few distinct dishes at their new mid-block location to draw in more folks who might go to the reliable corner spot instead.

la bodega menu
Menus at La Bodega

So when it comes right down to it:

The upside: Quick. Same, reliable (and lovable) menu.
The downside: No seating; lines.

La Bodega
Address: Map
903 Lincoln Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 451-4765
Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 8am-12pm; Fri. 8am-2am

Sol Food’s La Bodega 24 March,2011Megan Gordon

  • Nice piece, Megan. Sol Food is definitely a cult destination in Marin. They even had a PR person out front of their original spot (under quick plumbing renovation, as mentioned) to “answer any questions” and make sure there wasn’t an uproar.

    Guess it’s proof that Marin needs another dozen (or two) great restaurants.

  • Nice review Megan!


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