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San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is considering imposing a fee on alcoholic beverages, which would go to pay for programs associated with alcohol abuse. But critics say the fee would burden businesses in already tough economic times.

Host: Michael Krasny


  • Steve Elkins

    A tax redefined as a FEE. It is a tax on the alcohol industry. I work as an ICU nurse at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The majority of our traumas are alcohol related. Taxing the industry in SF does nothing to solve the problem of alcoholism and the over indulgence that taxes our already strained healthcare system. This fee is nothing more than a resource to help bail out this failing California economy. I would rather see night clubs have a mandatory breathalyzer tests issued by a police officer at the exit to ensure our safety. Millions of dollars are spent on the after effect of alcohol, but very little to stop the progression. What’s next? A fee on the beef industry to help fight coronary artery disease and obesity. Steve Elkins Windsor California

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